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Help my wife have a bi experiance I Am Searching Real Dating

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Help my wife have a bi experiance

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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I'm happily married to my wife, we've been together for 21years. She's the mother of our 3 adult kids, she's my best friend, she's my rock and she really is the love of my life.

I still find my wife very attractive and I love her deeply.

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We don't have sex very often, barely once every couple of months, I'm just not interested, I think because I have "performance issues" sometimes.

For around the last 15 years, at times, I have desired and fantasized about being intimate with another man.

My wife doesn't know this, I don't think she'd take it well. I have only recently decided to explore these urges in a safe, discrete way.

I've had one encounter with a man, we didn't do everything I'd like to try, but we both enjoyed it, even though my "performance Help my wife have a bi experiance made an appearance. I feel guilty doing this behind my wifes back, but male intimacy is something that she obviously can't provide and I feel exxperiance something I need to explore, for me. I don't know if I should talk about this with her. experiancs

I don't plan on starting a relationship, just to explore "getting off" with another man. Is it wrong for me to not tell her, keep it a secret and once I've "scratched the itch", go on as if nothing has happened?

My Husband Coming Out As Bisexual Changed My Lifefor the Better - The Good Men Project

I guess I'm trying to justify it by thinking that it's curiosity and purely physical, just like using a sex toy, except it's a Fuck me in Norfolk man.

I'm going bj be blunt. I felt really sad reading your posts because You've already cheated on your wife without even giving her the chance to be open minded. I think the fact that you have chosen to act and then keep it Help my wife have a bi experiance secret from your wife shows that being with another man means more to you than just an experiment.

Help my wife have a bi experiance

You've already chosen to move from a difficult discussion where she probably will feel hurt and angry To a difficult discussion where she is going to learn you have cheated and lied and not respected her enough to talk about it first. You know your wife. For me if my husband came to me first I would consider our options. I wouldn't like it. But I would consider it if it was what he needed Free sex chat China see of we could Help my wife have a bi experiance up with something to make our marriage work.

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And if I couldn't then we move on amicably. But once there is distrust I'm gone and being amicable is out. You said you bl gone very far.

Ok so your wife is going to be furious.

But isn't it better to sit her down now than to talk later once you've had sex with someone else and she's freaking out about STDs and whether you've come home to sleep with her after being with someone else?

Our imaginations are the worst of all. If you give her nothing when she finds out it is not going to be a good situation for either of you Help my wife have a bi experiance she will think the absolute worst. I hope you don't feel judged by me. I don't think badly of you for wanting to experiment I think it is quite normal for exprriance lot of people.

I just feel sad because you have a wife you clearly love and the way you go about this situation is going to affect whether you have support or are isolated. And that is important. I think it would be wrong if I wasn't judged to a certain degree.

By putting this out there, I am setting myself up to be judged, I expect Help my wife have a bi experiance and I accept it. I'm certainly not offended by your comments, if I can't handle peoples opinions, then I shouldn't be on here, and it should be me that gets ripped into.

I was hoping for responses like, "It can't be cheating if it's just sexual and not emotional with another man", or, "What your wife doesn't know, won't hurt her", which I know is all wrong.

My wife is an amazing woman and I owe her the respect and decency to be up front and honest at the very least. I love her too much to pursue these desires without Help my wife have a bi experiance with her, but I just don't know if I can yet. So I don't think I should act on them anymore at this stage. First off to flat out admit you wanted people to help you justify doing what you already knew was wrong. Then to admit you're not ready to talk to her. You're talking about a pretty Huizhou women for sex discussion.

One that can potentially end your marriage and even friendship. So yeah I do understand your reluctance. But to decide for yourself that what you're doing isn't ok by YOUR own standards.

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That's hard to do. I don't feel good about your initial post. I felt a bit yuck about how you wrote you love your wife but weren't showing her Single rich women Lipari or respect with your actions.

If it helps at all from my POV I think it is easier as a woman to accept the idea of my husband needing something I am unable to give than it would be if he wanted another woman. Help my wife have a bi experiance don't know how your wife will react.

Help my wife have a bi experiance

But I really do hope you can find a way to maintain a relationship or even a friendship. I've tried to justify experiancd, but I have quickly realised what I already knew - This is so wrong in so many ways.

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I have deleted and closed the apps I was chatting to other men on. I have shut off all contact with guys I was looking at meeting. I knew I was being an idiot, I know men that cheat and I think they are scum for doing it.

I can't undo my one encounter that I did have, I wish I could. Help my wife have a bi experiance decided not to tell her about that one, call me a gutless coward if you like, but I made a huge mistake, I know she'd be really hurt, and I'll be honest, I'm scared if I did tell her, I'd be out the door.

So thanks once again for your honesty, it's exactly what I needed. We are all human. We're allowed to stuff up sometimes.

But part of me wonders is this a stuff up for you? Or something you feel you need? Your sexuality is what it is.

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If you are bisexual it is probably an issue your wife needs to know about because it Help my wife have a bi experiance going Traders Salinas cute girl just be wished away. I can't wish myself attracted to women It just doesn't work that way I suppose. What about asking your wife about fantasties and fetishes?

There are lists you can download that suggest pretty much everything. I printed one once for my husband and it was surprising for exoeriance of us to see what sort of things were yes, nos and maybes.

We made it a bit of a game who can shock the other more.

Isn't it creepy to know one's partner is a bisexual husband or wife? your partner is bisexual and how you can help yourself and your partner . Connect with couples who have managed to wade through similar experiences. It is very difficult to maintain a loving relationship at home with my wife. the support and freedom to allow him or her the chance to experience intimacy with that just heterosexuals and non-heterosexuals, or gay, straight, bi and transgender. We weren't just waiting for you to come along and help us make up our minds. As a bi woman, being in a same-sex couple doesn't make us a lesbian, any Being bi usually means having the capacity to both love and feel.

For example if he looked embarressed I would show him an option I was embarrassed about so he didn't feel so vulnerable. It was as a couple one of the best things we have done. It might give you an idea of the kind of reception your wife would ahve you regarding your curiousity.

Help my wife have a bi experiance I Look Sex Contacts

You don't know unless you ask. Maybe she would agree. B hope you can find a way to make this Fuck Lisbon ohio because it shows clearly that your wife is very important to you.

Hi Kiwiozzie, thanks for your reply and you do love your wife so maybe there are some other options the two of can think about. A 21 year old marriage means the two of you have been through so much together, both good and disappointing, but you're still together and love each other, so that means the world.

We are now Help my wife have a bi experiance the process of divorcing amicably. I care enough to wish him to live a true life and Beautiful couple ready adult dating Athens be content.

He is still suffering immense guilt but is seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist to help him adjust. I still love him and wish to remain friends as does he. I believe if your love for each other Help my wife have a bi experiance based on friendship you will survive.

Heop your wife may grieve for your marriage but you dxperiance it to yourself to live a life of experiancf. Otherwise I see Hot horney wants hookers sex but heartache and distress for you. A psychologist will be able to point you in the right wifee and help your wife adjust as well.

Life is not a dress rehearsal-go Help my wife have a bi experiance it with honesty and those that matter will respect you for it. I wish you strength and faith that while you may have a difficult road ahead you are not alone. I am always here if you need help on how to approach your wife. We still remain committed to each other.

You need to come clean for your own mental health. All the best for this new stage in your life. To be bluntly honest which you say you like I grew increasingly sad with how the conversation went. So my two bobs worth. Ruby2 is spot on in her statement: