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I Looking Sex Date Lets chat and link up this weekend

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Lets chat and link up this weekend

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I'm. Do cheaters,liars,emotionally unhealthy people turn your stomach. If you are up for it, message me back with the Brookings college name in the heading.

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This was one heck of a week here at The War Zone.

We had an exclusive update on the FXa procurement initiative that has materialized exactly as we said it. We also exposed what is appearing more and more like a genuine highly-secretive superweapon that Russia was testing in the s.

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In between, we talked about yellow submarinessecret MiG adversary weekenfpocket-sized dronesand much more. This is a weekend open discussion post for the best commenting crew on the net, in which we can chat about all the stuff that went on this week that we didn't get to.

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In other words, literally an off-topic thread. We can talk about Pro Publica's incredibly in-depth piece on the Navy's tragic ship collisions: Once again, this is an entirely open exercise, so let's enjoy some pointed debate and have some laughs.

It's a place to catch up on what people are up to, and to share what you've been doing. If you are interested let us know! G2G Chat Director, Supervisor - Laura Bozzay. G2G Integrators Project Coordinator I have added you to the trusted list for "All About the Weekend Chat"as you requested. Thank you, David ~ Integrators Project. How would you describe an ideal weekend? Do you have two days for weekend or one day and a half? Is that enough? Don't you think that three days would be much better? Why do we need weekends? Do you prefer relaxing weekends doing nothing or active ones? What are your plans for this weekend? What did you do last weekend? Chat Rooms. Chat. Jul 14,  · Turn up on the weekend Turn up on the weekend Turn up on the weekend Cold beer, fresh deer All in the bed of my truck Ride home down 11 With a real nice haul Cause you know my boys can hunt Wash.

By Tyler Rogoway February 8, Still, there were many subjects we didn't get to. But it's not too late.

Welcome to Bunker Talk! Or we can all marvel at Qatar's new Rafales' paint scheme: Giving Dan Crenshaw proper attention for his insanely on point eyepatch game is also a must: Then again, tjis this Tornado flyby is all that really matters: Let's get after it!

Don't forget to sign up. The exotic capability may have been a countermeasure intended to blind American early warning satellites from detecting a first strike launch. We have new details about the FX and the USAF's motivation for making a dramatic institutional shift to procure the proven fighters.

We get our closest and most dramatic look yet of the Night Stalkers in action during their high-profile cnat over Southern California. For more than a decade, the unit flew enemy aircraft against America's best fighters from a secretive and desolate base near Tonopah, Nevada. Even the service's smallest units will soon have the ability to scout ahead and see into hard to reach spaces from behind cover.