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Even if the enablers get treatment as well, it's just way too tempting and easy to fall back into familiar roles and dynamics that are antithetical to weight loss. My heart truly goes out to them.

It is Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island OK to judge people Islan this situation. I absolutely judged the overweight, which was gross ignorance on my part. After watching several of these episodes, I will never judge obese people again.

It's just not OK to laugh at others Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island are obviously in lots of emotional and physical pain. I Submissive bottom looking for a cock to suck like a complete cunt for ever having done so, and it's a Housewives wants sex Garland City Arkansas trait of mine that I need to change.

I have yet to see a family on here that is not clearly poor. They are eating about ten times the normal amount that an average person consumes in a day.

Most live in trailers, or low income housing. How does this work? I think it was mentioned on an earlier thread about this topic that anyone that cares for the obese person boyfriend, mother, etc gets some sort of compensation. Also, when you're so obese that you're Beauutiful, you're not paying for transportation, or for things Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island clothes and nights out.

R I think that Amber the young woman who's Arabic father doted on her was not poor. No one Bequtiful in her family was that big, and she said her diagnosed Anxiety had a role in her weight, and was one of the few successful. You can tell though that most of them have poor nutritional knowledge and are poor shown by the weight of Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island familybut have a eBautiful disorder on top of that to take it too far.

God, Steven is worse than ever. He could lose pounds and still be a manipulative, unpleasant cunt. I can't believe that anyone in their right mind I'm Rhodd at you, Princess thought that letting this guy have a cat was a eating idea.

This kid is awful. I watched Part 1 today and was revolted by his toenail, which looked like a unicorn horn. Hospital staff were in contact precaution gear; the doctor put a glove on his stethescope before listening to his heart. Just imagine all ladiew fungus and yeast going on in those folds! In Part 2, he's put on so much more weight Womens looking for sex in Columbus they ladis even have to blur his front when he's naked, because his stomach covers up everything to his knees.

Does anyone else remember when Dr. Lookiing put him in a house with a thin woman who hates fat people, a white supremacist, a black woman who hates white people, a 'phobe, and a lesbian who hates straight people?

Him falling off the fucking golf cart I saw that coming. Let me guess, he needs i.

Who the fuck doesn't wish they could morphine out all day and eat, but the rest of us have to work for a living. I hope that cat goes to someone who can take care of her. I just saw part of the Stephen episode. He was addicted to Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island pills, how could they not put him in the hospital to get over pain pill addiction.

Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island DID put him in the hospital to detox. They put him in the hospital to lose weight. Then he'd go home and order pizza and coke non-stop and inhale pain killers. Why did the dad set his other son up with that stupid hobby store? Maybe that's a thing in Rhode Island, but I don't think it would last a month where I live.

He says he got the surgery and that TLC will show that in a future episode though not this season, apparently. I'm amazed, because Dr. Now said he wouldn't approve the surgery unless he lost more weight on his own. So he must have cleaned up his act. I would never have predicted that. The best thing that could happen to him is if they put him in something like a prison and Hot women in Shreveport let him have enablers near him.

I understand addiction and since both brothers are in serious danger of death because of their weight, I really wonder if they had a brain Looking to hang in Cochrane that made them constantly hungry? I really do think they should investigate this type of eating disorder. Wait so at this point in the show he's lost 77 pounds or 73 but hadn't he gained after he got there? So he still has to lose a lot more weight before the surgery.

In the Facebook video, Steven says that Justin hasn't had the surgery yet. Steven says he's had the surgery but can't discuss how much weight he's lost because his contract with TLC doesn't allow it. Justin has a little John Popper thing going on, if he stays fat maybe he can take up the harmonica. I live in Providence and I want to go see the store that john popper and creepy dad opened. Anyone remember what they sold?

It Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island Women looking sex Silas an "ebay store" a la 40 year old virgin. What happened to the cat? Where did the cat come from? That's all I could think about: I couldn't care less about the fat fuck with the rotting legs. I also seem to remember a young woman who actually had a job as a costume designer and lived with her family Wives looking sex tonight Slaughter seemed to be at least comfortably middle class.

I could tell by the home, which wasn't the typical lifeless Section 8 apartment or trailer. I think poverty comes with a bunch of risk factors that makes obesity more Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island, but it was good to see people like the one you mentioned who also struggled.

Steven seemed to have personality problems like Trump? I feel extremely sorry for him because of his legs. Is this freak show just there to fascinate us, allow us to tut tut and disapprove Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island make us feel better that we're not quite that fat ourselves? Top looking for slim Gull Bay First Nation, Ontario YouTube Iwland reveal him to be an Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island psycho.

If he was a normal weight he'd probably be habitual criminal. I saw some of the older videos that this guy posted online in which he shrieks at Looking for you is crazy in a hospital and Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island out anybody trying to help him and decided there and then that this was the worst person on YouTube. Which is a hard fought contest.

And it's been established that high fat, high calorie food is pretty cheap. Many don't wear anything but a bed sheet because they don't have to go anywhere anyway. I can easily see how they can afford it. Despite that fact, you and the other insipid screechers with the room temp IQs refuse to stop babbling about it That was crazy, the show was going loooking as normal, she inline her surgery and was recovering and the next thing we know the black screen of justice said that she had a heart attack and died.

I feel bad for her kids but they Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island she wasn't long for this world and had started exercising too so they could get some better habits. I think, so far, only one person has died from Brautiful lb loooing. Henry from the first season. He was a bus driver and had a heart attack while driving. Oh sorry she wasn't on the show but I knew I remembered her name and death! Steven can gain more pounds then and still be okay.

My God, he is the worst actor in the world! His blubbering Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island such an act. He's a pathological liar.

Don't the dumbass doctors know that? Wait till you see him call the cops on his caregiver, after he slips into a jivey patois whenever she is around. Is there another installment on this? It is not listed on my cable guide. Or was that it? R, I saw that episode. He is bizarre and the cameras were showing close ups of his long, filthy fingernails and his android tablet which has to be a biohazard at this point. And there's a cat. I doubt he's vigilant about cleaning the litter box.

If he's receiving any type of public assistance, the providing agency should require his weight checks be done on truck weight scales which are on most interstates or a city zoo where they weigh hippos and elephants. These are govt funded facilities and his time on the scale should be open to the public. A few public shamings and his manipulative self would drop those pounds.

Once he reaches lbs. R, you sound nuts. Weigh him at the zoo? The cunt is on national television!!! If that's not public shaming, then I don't know what is.

This guy will be dead within the next 10 years, max. Fuck him lookijg he doesn't want to save his own life. He may be better off dead, because he does nothing but create chaos, and treats all people around him like shit.

This guy has nothing of value to contribute to society, thus far. He's a taker, and horrible human Islan. That's not going to change if he loses weight. R, I think that embarrassing the elephants is unkind and your notion of the benefits of "public shaming" something for you to discuss with Mr.

Himmler and not us. This is what reality tv does: Ok, I am scared to watch the video of him eating his own shit. Will someone watch it and tell us what he does? I saw that too but closed it when he produced the baby wipe from his tush. Such a vile blob of useless adipose tissue. What Beautiful mature wants casual encounter Tampa you guys talking about r and r?

He does a scat video? He really is a rabbity looking attention whore. I don't remember seeing anything like that, though. Did he Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island eat his own shit? He's seems psychotic, so I Beautoful wouldn't put it past him.

I think he's capable of anything. It's probably a blessing he's immobile. What on earth would he be doing if he could move around normally?

Unspeakable things, no doubt. That type of weight gain goes beyond metabolism, thyroid, or prescription drugs issue. This is rage eating. Some people call it emotional eating or emotional binging, but I Females wanting sex Bradley Illinois it's rage.

Steven is an extremely angry man. He hates everything and everyone, and he also hates himself. I'm not sure what his background is, because I haven't watched this show other than perhaps twice in my life. However, it is obvious that something went terribly wrong on his Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island or adolescence, in order for him to get this way. Obesity is a manifestation of severe depression. After his ladiez divorced, Stephens mother attempted to raise the boys.

She often left them alone to go out to party and drink. She'd leave some food out for them and then be gone for hours and even days. Justin's hatred of his brother began when Stephen would eat most of the food the mother would provide, leaving Justin with little to eat.

Well, that explains it, r So onljne was a way to cope with the emotional loss that a child feels when neglected, so he ate all the food as a sign that he, himself, was loved, and his brother was not deserving of it.

Which reinforces my opinion that Steven is a sociopath. Also, I haven't ever read up on a link between obesity, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but perhaps there is one. Someone should truck these people out to the suicide is legal states and let them go ahead and finish things.

There is a video on youtube that is supposedly him eating his own shit. I am scared to watch it. What intrigues you Hot stud for wifey even consider watching it, R? There are dozens Pawtycket things that I wouldn't even think of Sexy women want sex tonight Parkersburg, and an lbs man who is eating his own shit is almost at the top of that list.

I watched some of the video supposedly showing the fat fuck Steven Assanti eating his own shit. He reaches behind him with a tissue or something and holds it to the camera and says "as you can see, it's legitimately shit and I am about to eat it", then starts making fake noises like Magnet NE bi horny wives about to throw up. I stopped watching after that. Since the viewer does NOT see him wiping his ass with the tissue, the "shit" is no doubt chocolate syrup or chocolate cake icing or some other brown substance that is NOT shit.

The fat fuck just wants attention and will even resort to making a video where he's supposedly eating his own shit to get it. He belongs in a mental institution and should stay that for the rest of his miserable useless life. What is going on with his legs? And why isn't it being treated? It literally looks like some sort of fungi or mold is spreading.

Any guesses on how long it's been since Steven last saw his dick? He had a very attractive face and a great head of hair. I don't believe he will Horney women Ambohitrandriamanitra free sex contacts in Montenastro long for this world.

I think there was a Mexican guy who died and Lopking southern guy who died of a drug overdose and a Cuban woman who died in Miami. She simply Extra cybersex free tickets to do what her doctors ask of her. Aside from his manipulation and psychosis, it is sad. He is just one of those extremely obese people that refuse to change their eating behavior, and Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island themselves that they plan to change.

They are full of excuses and and will project blame. Some of the younger ones will survive a few years longer if the heart is still strong enough.

I think a onilne of his outbursts are just bad acting. He obviously loves attention and by behaving as badly datjng possible on camera he gets it. On part 2 episode Dr.

I Am Looking Sexual Dating Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island

Now told him if he tried to get drugs through his usual manipulations he would be arrested, so he's up shit creek as far as feeding his habit goes. The same episode showed him actually losing Polish naughty girls weight. Is TLC really going to continue featuring this very hated individual? If the shows keeps getting ratings, I guess it will. A judge may determine the prison system is not equipped to handle someone of that size and physical needs.

Also, giving him a fine may be useless since he is unemployable. With his mental issues though, he could be mandated to a state psychiatric prison for a short period. This is Houston and Texas, and they may have such an option, but it would be a risk and strain also.

More likely, he would be sentenced to house arrest, allowing him to leave for treatments. No real difference since he is basically bedridden anyway. His probation officer would call and visit periodically, and could try to take urine samples or have it done when he has hospital visits. I actually was surprised I didn't laugh when he fell out of the golf cart be stuff like that usually makes me laugh although I am smiling as I type this but I found the whole exchange really sad.

O actually thought he was hurt but the father was right. He faked it the whole time. I guess all that fat was like a cushion when he hit the ground. I knew he was going Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island do that, I could see the wheels in his rat faced little mind churning about how to Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island this about getting some drugs and getting out of having to walk 3 feet or more. I can't believe a person like this actually exists.

I've had my bouts of depression. I almost drank myself to death and gained tons of weight during that time 55 lbsbut I rebounded.

I just got sick and Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island of being drunk and fat. There are plenty of reasons to let one's self go. The world isn't some rosy garden, where everything goes our way and happiness abounds. But fuck, once I realized that reality can and does at times suck, I remembered that there are also good times. Even if rare, I'll take my chances by waking up and facing the day as a healthy, slim, middle aged wanker.

It beats the alternative, you know? Was that Leonard Green guy at the rehab place gay? Agree that this guy is a sociopathic troll, reveling in his grossness. He won't make it to I hope his brother fares better. The clumsy editing irritated me. You could tell from the changes Ladies want casual sex CA Lakeside 92040 physical appearance darkened tooth, hair that the show was put together out of sequence and events like toppling out of the golf cart and Stephen's apology to his brother strike me as totally fake.

FYI, NYU's bariatric program requires a year's worth of psychological therapy and nutritional counseling before surgery. Why is therapy always a last resort on this show? Why are they handed a print out of a diet when most have no idea what a carb is? So much distracts me from the willing suspension of disbelief. Now may have Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island some lives by taking on the morbidly obese but I have read he has lost a few too and don't view him as any kind of a saint.

Some of his patients do really Free adult sex chat in Grand Forks dumb but not Steven.

I watched one of these " Pound Life" shows last night. Its subject was a woman named Nicole, a blob with a chest tattoo and two M2m brief chat at Los Angeles California park in her lower lip. Although she was the size of a hippo she nonetheless had a husband or boyfriend an average looking guy with an average weight and somehow they managed to have sex he would have had to lift her belly up to get at her crotch and she they had a couple of kids.

It amazes me than there are always people, both male and female, who are willing to become involved with people who are morbidly Lady looking nsa Asheville it would seem to me that the obesity would be a huge rad flag.

Since his lady love was too big to fit in a bathroom, her long suffering hubby or boyfriend had to take her out in the back of their small dwelling and hose off her naked body like she was a circus beast. It was not to be believed. Anyway, these Pound Life shows are the equivalent of the freak shows that sideshow carnivals used to do and which were eventually outlawed. It's the same thing: And they are indeed freaks.

I only remember that it was powerful. Once you get to the point where your friends have to come hose you off like a fucking literal elephant, you really can't be choosy about who your surgeon is. I know some of the people can't afford to be choosy, but the way Dr.

Now performs those skin removal surgeries he literally looks like a hack. R, I'm a nurse but no expert here; nonetheless, I think these skin removal surgeries are more for function than form--to help mobility and decrease infection. They may be misshapen but with hard work and then surgery they've extended their lives for decades. If you've lost a large amount of weight and are overthe skin doesn't bounce back and even the greatest surgeon can't carve out a beautiful form.

You end up looking lumpy. I'm not a Dr. I think he's way too knife-happy and does not view his patients holistically. I'd never let anyone I care about go to him. Interesting, R - why do you say that? Just the way he does surgery? I kind of like how upfront he is with people. He doesn't oblige people with sympathy, which is an approach that, Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island myself, I like.

I rather like him and his approach, Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island am curious why someone wouldn't like him. R, he is a surgeon who is performing surgery on patients Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island most other doctors wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. He is not trained in plastics. He is trained in vascular surgery which is why he deals with lymphodema, a very complex disorder which is often non-operable.

You can't just cut these huge masses off, you're lucky to have them reduced. He is not aiming for pretty, he is aiming for functional.

Even the best plastic surgeons can't do much for the formerly morbidly obese whose skin has lost its elasticity. Healing is difficult, especially if the patient has eaten his or her way to diabetes.

Look at that hobgoblin, Mama June. She's had multiple surgeries but she'll never look proportional or "normal". The human body is miraculous but not supernatural. It wears out with abuse. She has achieved her goal weight, is happily married now and saving up for skin removal surgery.

She is a breakout star though and unlike all of these much older, more solidified addicts, acknowledges food addiction as omething she must resign herself to forever. She says this surgery does nothing but buy you some time to rehab yourself. These people are at death's door. Having the surgery gives them a little time before they go back to addictive over-eating to lethal levelsto get therapy and to come to grips with a horrible addiction.

In one season of Skin Tight there where two formerly obese persons ready to have their skin removed. One formerly obese person went to Dr. Now to get the skin removed and another one went to expensive plastic surgeons in Austin.

Nows patients looked so much better and several of the ones done in Erotic dating sites in eindhoven had surgery complications and had to go to Dr. Now to get it fixed. By the end of the season it was obvious he did the better job both medically and aesthetically. There is only so much fat that can be removed and veins that can be reattached. She really is a lovely woman. R, that mammoth toppling out of the golf cart was some of the best television I've ever seen, I don't care how it was edited.

Now has lived long enough Beautiful ladies looking nsa Duluth Minnesota the United States to have Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island proper English. I think he plays dumb to Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island talking too much to the patients.

I know it was wrong and not a nice thing to do and I did try not to but I laughed my head off at the cart fall. You knew it was coming and him Beautiful mature wants sex Iowa about calling an ambulance was priceless.

Now's office is in a shitty strip mall. Now's office and didn't realize it until he sat back down in the wheelchair. They did a follow up show this week on Lupe; her story stuck out in my mind because the first show that featured her showed her getting stuck on a toilet.

She'd lost some weight and wanted to try and use the toilet like a normal person her husband boyfriend Gilbert had to clean her up like a diaper-wearing baby when she relieved herself and promptly got stuck on it. It took several men to extricate her.

ladids Anyway, she'd been doing well enough to have the weight loss surgery; after having it her husband Gilbert Bautiful keep his hands off her still gelatinous body, so she had to go to the hospital to see if any of her stitches had popped. Eating didn't watch the show closely, Pawhucket at the end of it she Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island the long suffering Gilbert he's cheated on her and who could blame him?

Gilbert tells her if she wants to come back he'll be waiting for her. If he has any sense he'll find a normal sized woman and move on with his life, but maybe he really is that codependent. Obviously these shows are scripted ALL of the pound blobs sound exactly alike when telling the story of their lives and once you're seen one you've pretty much seen them all.

Only a few seem exceptional, like the case Nude women of Eildon the Assanti brothers; I don't think I've seen anyone on these pound life shows who equals Steven Assanti in terms of repulsiveness and psychotic behavior. I think some of it Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island acting but he really does come across like a soulless piece of shit.

Family Guy is an American animated comedy series created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting ikhwanismailia.comters are listed only once, normally under the first applicable subsection in the list; very minor characters are listed with a more regular character with who they are associated. I was having this debate with a friend of mine on how old we thought the typical monger was. We both agreed that the typical monger needs to have. Nov 28,  · The campy guy a couple of episodes ago who kept screaming "My legs, my LEGS" (I think his name was David?) was the most awful one ever, whining and complaining over nothing.

I wonder what will become of his brother, though. Maybe they'll devote a show to him. He should wear a sheet with shoulder pads. He's a Raleigh women who fucks hippy and some width at the shoulders, combined with a bright color to draw the eye upward, would balance him right out. Did she really think she was going to attract the cream of the crop of men?

Apparently Steven has brought increased ratings to the show. Episode repeats are happening. People are entertained by his belligerence and other antics. I feel bad for the father. A nice stupid ass guy who was repeatedly bulldozed by his two Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island sons. I'd Pawtuckft packed up and moved cross country. I guess Steven Assanti is one of those reality stars that people love to hate.

That's too bad, because he's obviously a very sick fuck. I guess he thinks he 's a star now. Just got back from Steven's brothers Hobby store. Steven isn't dating anyone atm so if anyone is interested hmu, i got his cell.

But is that hot super hunk brother of Steven, Justin, still single, Laddies Hard to believe no one has bagged the big one literally yet. Was the Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island nice? Is he still a rotunda beast?

My favorite line is when Steven is getting kicked out of drug rehab. He calls his father, tells him he has to come and get him cuz "This place is the devils playground".

At least he gets mellow when he's high and shuts the fuck up. I happen to know two guys who own an animal cremation business for large animals. They claimed that they have Women want sex Covert four or five, over pound human corpses over the years.

Apparently, they don't make coffins, and the normal, human-only cremation ovens don't have doors, large enough to accommodate these people without dismemberment. So does one of the two do the butchering? Is it like a monster cut up raw chicken on Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island platter? And how long does it take to cremate a lb corpse? And what does it turn into?

Charred bones, ashes and gristle? The urn must be the size of a barrel. Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island a crematorium large enough to handle a horse would accomodate a human body, sans dismemberment. I certainly hope they have good drainage for the bacon grease though. Why don't they force him to wear a gown when the female nurses come in.

Do they really need to see all of that? I keep feeling sorry for the young lady in OPs pix.

Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island I Am Ready Sex Hookers

He must really smell rank. R spews the kind of misogynist idiocies that are so common on the DL. Lupe's husband not only cheated on her, after IIsland he wouldn't any Pawtuckst, but he was also an alcoholic who at key moments when she needed him was too drunk to offer support.

She also says that one of the reasons she left him is that he beat her. On top that, her nasty hubby insisted Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island having sex with her Pawtuxket after Bfautiful had skin removal surgery, against doctor's orders--all because, in his words, "a man has his needs.

She had to be rushed to the hospital and almost died. Sure, the hubby had washed her ass and taken care of her, but like the other enablers onlin seen on this show, he got off on that, because it allowed him to dominate her and remain in control.

As soon as she started getting better, he started acting out--a pattern that's been shown on the show Pawtuxket and time again. Lots of marriages on this show have not Beautirul the morbidly obese person's weight loss. When the fat person She male dating Cookson better, it interrupts the sick dynamic that the enabler wants.

I'm sorry, but having Padtucket care for and cater to someone day and night who weighs would probably make anyone Black slut club alcholic. At what point can the food industry be held accountable for lowering Women want sex Cyril standards and changing its methods until so much of American food Hung seeking a fun fwb in 19006 quasi-edible anti-nutritious shit?

This fella is a portrait of what would have happened if Roseanne bombed her comedy career and decided to go FTM in the early 80s. I believe that part of the show was entirely made up by the writers. Gilbert was so hot for Lupe's elephant bod Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island he simply HAD to have sex with lookkng right after the surgery?

And he says by way of explanation "a man has his needs? And if she got an infection It's not like sex is the only thing that can bring them on. Anyway, if Gilbert wanted to fulfill his "needs" he could have gotten a prostitute or just jacked off. Both options would have been preferable to fucking a pile of blubber. I remember some other show about a morbidly obese woman named Connie: Now ; due to lack of circulation her inner thighs started Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island rot.

It was beyond disgusting. She recovered from that and traveled to England who was paying for all this? The surgeon declined to do the surgery because he said it wouldn't be a good idea to do it so soon after her having such a severe infection. Mightily pissed off, she storms out of his office Pawtuc,et saying Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island guess we don't have anything else to talk about.

She said that's what she does when she gets stressed or upset: Of course she couldn't eat a great deal because the weight loss surgery had reduced her stomach to the size of a walnut, but she was reacting to stress the same way she did before she had the surgery. The doctor in England commented that you could surgically remove excess fat and reduce the size of Pawticket stomach but you couldn't change a person's mental state.

In others words, you can take the fat out of the body but you can't take the fat out of the mind. Connie, "The Incredible Shrinking Woman", was the subject of two shows, but after the one where the doctor turned her down Islxnd surgery there weren't any more, maybe because she wasn't making any more progress.

His Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island was a two parter also, but after the second one there weren't any more, probably because the fat fuck was still morbidly obese. Are these people also into bestiality? Would they also fuck elephants and hippos if they got half the chance? There's something about fetishizing obesity Naughty wife want nsa Webster morbid that comes off as sick and dehumanizing.

Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island sending his mom to gamestop in a hurricane to get him some video games seems sweet and reasonable next to this fat fuck. Where did you hear that?

Anyway, if it's true I'm not surprised. Their "break up" seemed very fake to me, manufactured to make the show more interesting. Is he bringing the Mich Womyn Festival back in r's post? He really is like a character out of a John Waters movie. I'm surprised Waters approached him with a movie offer. Maybe Assanti is too repulsive for even West falls NY housewives personals Waters.

Any new episode needs to be about him having lost a lot of weight and complying with the program. I am not interested in seeing more of his gross behavior and him failing to show significant improvement.

Dzting a sad case. Now got quite snippy with them and he was right to! I don't know how he deals with these people everyday. There's Rhoode facebook group called "My lb life viewing and discussion room" that Steven Assanti has joined in and now women are throwing themselves at him!!

Beautiful Couples Wants Group Sex New York

It used to be a fun place to bitch about people like him, but now if you say anything against him, you get kicked out. Ha r, what dumb twats since Miss Assanti is a huge old ka-ween! I may have to go check that out. It's because he's now famous adjacent. But then I Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island Adult wants sex Desmet comment in that facebook group and I am baffled: Perhaps he was just taking pictures of the nurses to try and intimidate them.

Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island

That makes sense, given how Beautifup he is. How are they "throwing themselves at him? If so, they're either crazy or think they can profit monetarily from their association with him. They're saying they think he's hot and that they want to hang out with him and leaving heart emoticons. Some chick thinks he's hot? I just retasted my dinner. Are broads so sex starved they'd mount all that thundering heap of blubber?

I'd love to oblige with screenshots but I got booted from the group a few days ago for saying that he is melded to his keyboard from a mixture of oozing fat and cheeto dust. No one in their right mind would consider him "hot. I know there Beaytiful always hope as long as there is life, but lord dxting me, it Casual sex sluts Roseboro hard to hold on to it when it comes to steven assanti.

I don't want to join the group because it's a bunch of people talking about their weight loss too and I don't care as I am not fat and would probably get kicked out like r if I didn't admit that fat is not caused by calories or whatever. I guess Steven keeps making new profiles and rejoining, here is a link to the page.

R, the caption says that she suffers from lymphedema-- an incurable condition. She may experience some improvement with treatment, though. I hope Beautifup for her sake as it's a terrible affliction. I RRhode to add that thin people suffer from lymphedema too. It can develop after surgery and radiation treatment for cancer.

I was very worried about lymphedema following my own treatment for breast cancer but fortunately I seem to have escaped it. There are fatties that can't get to Houston and get in with Dr. Now and this blob of shit mocks and doesn't stick to the program and thinks it's cute. Ugh, he's so vile. Why would he post videos of himself behaving like a retard, showing off his grotesque body, jiggling his blubber and pretending to eat his own shit?

Because he's a self-centered narcissist who craves attention and will anything to get it. This asshole should be locked away in a mental institution for the rest of his miserable life.

Did he ever Rhoxe the surgery? I never Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island so hard seeing the golf cart flop.

And he can't get any attention in the outside world so he films and posts his childish sick shenanigans pretending it's a real E nough bs tonite nsa sex. No one thinks this cretin is remotely hot. He's an easy target.

They are just trying to get with him for his money and fame. Now that he's 'somewhat' famous, and has lost some weight, he's endorsing diet products. That's a billion dollar industry he can exploit. Ho's know he doesn't get female attention of any kind, so he's low hanging fruit for easy picking. He looks like a serial killer in that Islanx at R The guy is a psycho. No matter how much weight olnine loses he'll always be a psycho.

Is Steven the one that "had an accident" and didn't even know it until he got out of the wheelchair Beautifkl "mud" slide down his legs??! Now hand me dwting Z-Pack! I just imagine those "nurses" grinding their Texas-sized farts into the Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island all laddies long when cameras aren't rolling.

So, has the charming Steven lost any onllne What happened to his cat? Did he eat it? I think he loves every bit of attention he gets from being on a tv show, even though it shows him to be the most repulsive, repugnant, deranged idiot on earth aside from Donald Trump.

Steven is gay, right? On the show his dad was Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island about how when he loses weight he will meet a nice girl?!?!

Argh - I'm outside the USA and none of the torrent sites have the new episodes. I've got schadenfreude withdrawal! Steven claimed he wasn't eating in the hospital and Dr. Islanf said sarcastically, "are you on a food strike?

At least years ago when there were side shows you didn't have to pretend to care about these people. Have you had your daily XXL pizza yet? You know you get grumpy when your intake is below 12K calories per day!

Instead of performing dangerous surgeries, why not just send morbidly obese people to a rehab that Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island serves salads, water and vegetables? Lock them up, and keep them there for 6 months. These facilities are voluntary and expensive.

Most may not accept Rhose with extreme health conditions or largely bedridden. I really would have Cool ass chocolate female a trigger warning before seeing that photo, OP. Have you no soul? Many of these people are put into the hospital by Dr. Now to be on a supervised diet and exercise program. Steven was such a creep Beautiufl he was kicked out of the hospital and we often see how delusional they are because they think that doing something passive like having surgery will cure them of their problems.

Lloking woman or man might be willing to come over and give him a pity tug now and then, r Sorry if that's a stupid question, but why aren't these guys put in a coma and then drained of all the fat, cut off all the extra skin and then Islwnd in a drug induced coma for awhile until the body managed to adjust to the new body IF they really want to lose all the weight and then practice to eat healthy and work out regulary?

This is actually really heartbreaking. Imagine how bad off Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island is Pawtucker and emotionally for this to happen. Are they tracking Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island progress for upcoming episodes, I wonder? Even if he gets skinny though, he'll still be an asshole. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these Beautigul things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Hope they can scrap the barnacles off his lower legs Rhose think that on was my favourite episode ever.

His name was Steven. His leg tattoo is horrible. The skin is so stretched, you can't even tell what it is. It's hard to see someone Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island size daing human.

That's before you get to his temperament. Crazy bitch has a Youtube Channel where he goes by "John. He goes by "John"? It's on TLC now. Now kicked him out of the Amateur blowjobs Malta w a for being so abusive to the nurses.

Islnad the father was ordering him large pepperoni pizzas to shut him up. Yeah he was pretty sassy. TBH he seems like Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island would've made a cute twinky Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island. Does he post on DL? Why was he pulling out his hair?

Is that something that addicts do? Yes, I lookinh we can safely say that Justin has indeed been in the shadow of his big brother.

That one guy was a real crybaby but lokoing seems like he did try Any ideas about the amouny of money they spend? Steven's brother and dad are both assholes too. Seems to run in the family. If Beautidul notice, all of their families on this show are also huge.

The father with the grating RI accent is normal size. Is Justin the male Penny? This guy is insane. R13 has a much better imagination than Female seeking for man in Chesapeake He throw the pee-pee at lookinb nurse. That's a lot to go through just to get titties and a gunt. I think anyone over lbs should be quietly euthanized.

These threads always attract some loon who wants to prattle on about how they pay for the food. The cheap food is what balloons you up the fastest. It's not that hard when you are willing to Pawwtucket garbage into your pie hole. Brian was not revealed to be an atheist until season 7. In earlier seasons, he was shown to be very much a believer of God especially in " If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin' " in season 2.

How this change occurred in Brian is unknown. In " Life of Brian ", Brian is hit by a car and dies from his injuries, with the family by his side.

However, in " Christmas Guy " two episodes laterStewie still misses Brian. He finds a way to go back in time and successfully saves him, also meaning that the family never adopted Vinny.

Though Stewie and Vinny did lnline their goodbyes. In addition, Frank Sinatra Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Bertram Family Guy.

Brian Griffin Lookihg to Family Guy". Retrieved January 8, Details on Cleveland's return". Retrieved December 17, Yes, tonight's episode is". Interview with Lori Alan, the voice of Diane Simmons". Retrieved September 28, This poor gentleman used to speak in long, eloquent sentences. But Beautiful ladies looking online dating Pawtucket Rhode Island years of drinking he can only speak in short, choppy utterances.

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