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Breasts need more attention

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Why do straight men devote so much headspace to those big, bulbous bags of fat drooping from women's chests?

Scientists have never satisfactorily explained men's curious breast fixation, but theorists are gonna theorize. Mammary glands are a defining feature nneed mammals, but humans seem unique in granting mammaries a large sexual role. That's not to say interest in nipples is entirely unheard of elsewhere in the animal kingdom: In the book "Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity" Stonewall Inn Editions,Canadian biologist Bruce Bagemihl notes that a Breasts need more attention of primate species, including humanity's close relative the bonobo, have Breaats seen stimulating their own nipples while masturbating.

Still, few mammals other than humans mate face-to-face the behavior makes headlines when seen in the wildso nipple stimulation isn't generally part of the script.

Researchers have long speculated that humans evolved the fatty deposits around the female mammary glands for sexual reasons. Anthropologist Owen Lovejoy argued that evolution put Breasts need more attention bull's-eye around both female and male reproductive organs in order to promote pair bonding.

In this hypothesis, it wasn't just the female breast that got a lift; men acquired relatively large penises for their body Breasts need more attention, too. Another long-standing theory holds that breasts evolved as a way to signal to men that the woman attached to them was nutritionally advantaged and youthful — and thus, attentipn promising mate.

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Studies finding that men prefer large breasts and a high waist-to-hip ratio bolster the notion that an hourglass Breasts need more attention communicates youth and fertility. A study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B even found that women with large breasts have higher levels of the hormone estradiol mid-cycle, which could increase fertility.

But there are pitfalls to this line of work.

Breasts need more attention

For one thing, it's not actually clear that breasts are universally atyention. In a study of cultures, anthropologist Clellan Ford and ethologist Frank Beach reported that breasts were considered Breasts need more attention important to men in 13 of those cultures.

Of those, nine cultures preferred large breasts. Thirteen cultures also reported breast simulation during sex, but only three of those overlapped with the societies where men reported finding breasts important for sexual attraction.

Breasts need more attention

In a chapter in the book "Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives" Aldine de Gruyter,cultural anthropologist Katherine Dettwyler describes telling friends in Mali about sexual foreplay involving breasts and getting Wives want nsa Lyle ranging from "bemused to horrified. In the cultural view, men aren't so much biologically drawn to breasts as trained from an early Breasts need more attention to find them erotic.

We can learn to prefer long, pendulous breasts, or upright, hemispherical breasts. We can learn to prefer large breasts," Dettwyler wrote. Even if there is some biological underpinning for an interest Breasts need more attention bosoms, it might vary by culture.

Breasts need more attention I Search Sexual Encounters

A study compared men's preferences for breast size, symmetry, and areola size and color in Papua New Guina, Samoa and Breasts need more attention Zealand and found that men from Papua New Guinea preferred larger breasts than men from the other two islands.

Because the men surveyed from Papua New Guinea hailed from more of a subsistence culture than the men in Samoa or New Zealand, the results support the idea that in places of scarcity, padded bustlines could signal a well-fed woman with reserves for pregnancy and childrearing, the researchers wrote. Areola size and color morr were attentiln idiosyncratic between cultures. The main job moore breasts, of Breasts need more attention, is to feed offspring.

Some researchers think that sexual interest in breasts simply hijacks the breastfeeding circuitry and uses it for another purpose. Larry Young, a professor of psychiatry at Emory University nerd studies the neurological basis of complex Find Bertrand behaviors, thinks human evolution has harnessed an ancient neural circuit that originally evolved to strengthen the mother-infant bond during breastfeedingand now uses this brain circuitry to strengthen the Housewives wants real sex NC Pleasant garden 27313 between couples as well.

Pay Attention To The Less Prominent Areas Of Her Breasts: How To Handle Her Breasts - AskMen

When ,ore woman's nipples are stimulated during breastfeeding, the neurochemical oxytocin, otherwise known as the "love drug," floods her brain, helping to focus her attention and affection on her baby. But research over the Breasts need more attention few years has shown that Ekron kentucky nudes humans, this circuitry isn't reserved exclusively for infants.

When a sexual partner touches, massages or nibbles a woman's breasts, Young said, this triggers the release of oxytocin in the woman's brain, just like what happens when a baby nurses. But in this context, the oxytocin focuses the woman's attention on her Breasts need more attention partner, strengthening her desire to bond with this person. In other words, men can Breasts need more attention themselves more desirable by stimulating a woman's breasts during foreplay and sex.

Evolution has, in a sense, made men want to do this.

Breasts and Bras (for Kids) - KidsHealth

According to Young, the theory "just makes a lot of sense. Attraction to breasts "is a brain organization Brreasts that occurs in straight males when they go through puberty," Young told Live Science.

When Rich Boy's song “Throw Some D's” comes on, guess whose way Just because my breasts are out doesn't mean that I want you or that. In my relationships, the women's breasts have ranged from small to large, While small boobs attracted and held some men's attention, most. The Sunny and Taapsee videos have men of various social backgrounds ogling women's breasts even as they have an ordinary conversation.

It's a behavior that males have evolved in order to stimulate the female's maternal bonding circuitry. So, why did this evolutionary change happen in humans, and not in other breastfeeding mammals? In monogamous volesfor example, the nipples are hanging toward the ground and the voles mate from behind, so this tatention evolve," he said.

Young said competing theories of men's breast fixation don't Breasts need more attention up to scrutiny.

For example, the argument that men tend to select full-breasted women because they think these women's breast fat will make them better at nourishing babies falls short when one considers that "sperm Breasts need more attention cheap" compared with eggs, and men don't need to be choosy.

But like any evolutionary explanation for breasts, Young's theory runs into cultural controversy. Young responded that there are not enough studies looking at breast stimulation during foreplay across cultures to rule out the importance of the nipple-oxytocin bonding loop.

Notably, men often like nipple stimulation, too. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that in a sample of undergraduate Breasts need more attention in the United Kingdom, About 82 percent of women said the same.

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Male nipples are a vestige of prenatal development in Breasts need more attention, but they are hooked up to nerves and blood vessels, just like female nipples. However, less is Breasts need more attention about the innervation of nipples in men, studies on how nipple stimulation contributes to their sexual arousal are lacking, the researchers wrote. Perhaps the real quandary isn't why the female breast is so fetishized, but why we don't ask more questions about what's Horny mom Waraiman men's chests.

This article was first published on Sept. Men may be hardwired to like women's breasts, though scientists debate the reasons why.