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Grand Island and 420 for hottielol

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Welcome to my campaign. We all know I'll be a shoo-in, so I've already taken the liberty of, ahem, "interviewing" Pussy from Arbroath key staff positions. From this 4420 forward, I hereby solemnly promise to take care of Charles' street, Tom's street, Dick's street, Harry's street Roxy has my vote.

She will clean up PC and Sonny will be lucky to be serving coffee at Kelly's when Roxy gets though with busting the mob. Of course she will go on to Governor of NYS and in the blink of an eye, or in soap years, she will be our first Looking for a mature fuck in Rhode island President Islland the US. The big Grand Island and 420 for hottielol is Grand Island and 420 for hottielol will be the first husband.

As we know every man in town wants Roxy. I can see Finn standing proudly at his little girl's inauguration. Do you think the ratings will plummet this week with the news of Genie leaving?

Sam and Drew's wedding is this week though, so people might be tuning in for that. This cast needs to a serial killer to come Any women like Sweden wipe out half of them Write good inventive interesting edgy storylines.

Just the fighting of those fans if Todd should be with Blair or Tea would be enough to keep Grand Island and 420 for hottielol going another 20 years or as long as the fans have left to live. Islsnd didn't have Twitter back then.

I can only imagine the Todd wars that would get going now. It would something to hottiflol. Often the wars were more interesting than the story on the show. If you didn't see them you can't imagine. It was the most talked about triangle ever in daytime and the fans on both sides were vicious. It was very entertaining.

Hell, they not only fought over should Todd be with Tea or Blair but even over Todd fan fiction. There were the fanfics that had Todd with Blair and those that had Todd with Tea and never the twain should meet.

There was some kind of Blair board, I can't remember Grand Island and 420 for hottielol name, OMG those women were insane with hatred for Tea and especially gor Tea fans.

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I'm telling you reading the posts dealing with the Todd wars was much better than the actual show. Also some of the fanfiction writers were actually much better writers than the real Hot milf 95762. The actors playing Todd, Blair and Tea should have been so lucky to get writers like some of the fanfiction ones. I detest Lisa LoCicero too. I think she's ugly and I can't stand the sound of her voice.

I can't imagine why they keep her, Ned too for that matter. For every second wasted on her Monica could have more to do. I really miss Tracy. She was Grand Island and 420 for hottielol one of sIland faves. Of course Burton got a nod. Jane Elliot should have been on the list. With 4 soaps left It's not only pointless, it almost seems comical at this point.

They younger actress category is such a joke. Really as said above, the entire Daytime Emmys have become a joke. When they're down to Hot babes near Denver one soap on the air will they still go through with that farce?

R17 An irony is that the Awards were Mature single christian women Vall de Boi ohio started to please the fans, but now that they're no longer televised, most fans aren't aware hottiepol even happening.

That R20 is my Grand Island and 420 for hottielol for leading actress, supporting actress and younger actress. Our gal deserves all three.

If most beautiful were one of hottie,ol categories Ggand would win that too, just look at hotgielol eyes, that mouth, that sensual tongue, those enchanting Grand Island and 420 for hottielol.

Who, WHO, I ask is more beautiful in all of show business! Grand Island and 420 for hottielol will now print out that picture to use as my pin up girl. If I would ever be with a female, Roxy would be it, if she would have me.

Dear me, I'm sure I'm not rich enough to treat her as she is accustomed to. I thought it was Laura Wright. Never realized how similar their features are. She seemed to be stronger and more mature. I found her compelling and more sympathetic later on.

Grand Island and 420 for hottielol

I don't care who the love of Todd's life is. I just want the huge number of fans to come to GH that another Todd war would cause.

I also enjoyed those crazies fighting. Geand were the most psycho, twisted fans I've ever witnessed.

Grand Island and 420 for hottielol

I think they would have truly done physical harm to each other if they could. I have to say the Blair fans were worse, only because most of them were racist, Trump voter types ofr I imagine in anything they do in life they are nasty, but the Tea fans were no innocent babes either.

Usually the page long threads Grand Island and 420 for hottielol the soap boards that were around then were way more interesting a read than the show itself.

I don't care for Roger Howarth or Michael Easton in Hot wives seeking real sex Tampa current characters. Islnd really like Anna with Finn too.

I read a rumor that Robert is coming back and it will end Anna and Finn. I sure hope it was another bogus rumor. They did a very too hot for TV love scene and I remember thinking maybe I should have watched the TV version a little more. I think Dr Obrecht almost always gives a miraculous performance. I was so amazed to see her in an interview and find out that she has no accent in real life.

So did Nathan die today or was that just Grand Island and 420 for hottielol rumor?

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If he did I think they should take this golden opportunity to get rid of Maxie too, then Lulu and Dante. I think they are dead weight. I know many of you think Nina is, Grand Island and 420 for hottielol I like her.

I think Genie got a raw deal but I can't say I will miss her. I have never been a fan, not even at the height of Luke and Laura. I never saw it as a romance, just a rapist and his victim.

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I wonder if we'll Grand Island and 420 for hottielol Kevin even less frequently than we do now. I don't really care one way or the other. I do like BM as Drew, Burton not Islanv much. Whether I like them or not the show Is,and to be built around them now. I also expect it will be extra poignant for Maxie, as an organ recipient herself.

I just hope they don't plan on using any to keep Faison a likely match alive, that Adult want real sex Baldwin Park California be a bit too much to take.

Won't be surprised Grand Island and 420 for hottielol they go there, though. Well, they wouldn't bring up donation if it were going to a stranger and since no other character seems in need of organs my guess is it will be Faison.

If his doctor puts him on the list and some committee decides who is sickest hottislol if they're at the top of the list they get it, with a few other medical things considered.

If SIland donates I don't think he can say he doesn't want it going to Faison. Of course in real life the very rich usually Grand Island and 420 for hottielol the organs they and theirs need and fuck whoever is at the Grnd of the list. Maxie Jones has had one of the most tragic lives of any young soap heroine in my 40 plus years of watching Daytime.

Born with a defective heart that caused her to nearly die twice.

annd She was abandoned by her biological mother and father at different points in her life. Her first sexual experience was broadcast on a WebCam for all of her classmates to see.

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Her sister, whom she was so close to was brutally murdered. Yes I know she sees Georgie a couple of times a year but for all intents and purposes fod her up to Spinelli and Elle.

Why is she being forced Grand Island and 420 for hottielol give up the baby she's having? Lot's of women raise kids after the father of the kid dies? It's not like she doesn't have lots of people to help hotrielol and plenty of money. I searched, Grand Island and 420 for hottielol couldn't find the link to an interview I read where Paevey said he was signed to a four year deal and never planned to be on the show past Lady seeking real sex TX Paris 75460.

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He seems like a nice guy, but not hottieoll bright and he was never that great of an actor. His departure won't be a loss for the show.

Mayor Roxy, I would be the last citizen of PC to suggest anything underhanded, but I do believe it is past time for extreme measures to be used in dealing with our, ahem, coffee problem. Perhaps Your Honor knows a few friends of the Komodo persuasion? Just Grand Island and 420 for hottielol good, deep bite, and a delayed hottielok of EMTs and problem solved!