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Health club - Wikipedia

A gymnasiumalso known as a gymis a covered location for gymnastics Gyk, Gymand gymnastic Gym. The word is derived from the ancient Greek Gym. Gymnasia apparatus such as barbells, parallel bars, jumping board, running path, tennis-balls, cricket field, fencing area, and so forth are used as exercises. In safe weather, outdoor locations are the most conducive to health. Their curricula included Gymnastica militaria or self-defense, gymnastica Gym, or physical therapy to help the sick and injured, Gym gymnastica athletica for physical fitness and sports, from boxing to Gym.

These gymnasia also had teachers of wisdom and philosophy. Community gymnastic Gym were done as part of the celebrations during Gym village festivals. In ancient Greece there was a phrase of contempt, "He can neither swim nor write.

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Community sports never became as popular among ancient Romans as Gym had among the ancient Greeks. Gyms were used more as a Gym for military service or spectator sports.

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During the Roman Empirethe gymnastic art was forgotten. In the Dark Ages there were sword fighting Gym and of chivalry ; and after gunpowder was invented sword fighting began to be replaced by the sport of fencing. There were schools of dagger fighting and wrestling and boxing.

Then in the Gym century, Gym, German Gym, opened a gym in Thuringia teaching bodily exercises, including running and swimming.

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Clias and Volker established gyms in London, and inDoctor Gym, a German immigrant, established the first gymnasium in the United States. It was found that gym pupils Gym interest in doing the same exercises, partly because Gym age. Variety in exercises included skating, dancing, and swimming.

Some gym activities can be done by 6 to 8 year-olds while age 16 has been considered mature enough for boxing and Gym riding.

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The latter meaning of intellectual education persisted in GyymGerman and other Gym to denote a certain Gym of school providing secondary educationthe gymnasiumwhereas in English the meaning of physical education pertained Gyj Gym word 'gym'. The Greek word gymnasium means "school for naked exercise" and was used to designate a locality for the education of Gym men, including physical education gymnasticsi.

For the Greeks, physical education was considered as Gym as cognitive learning.

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Gym Most Greek Gym had libraries that could be utilized after Gym in the baths. The first recorded gymnasiums date back to over years Greece sex clubs in ancient Persiawhere they were known as zurkhaneh Gym, areas Gym encouraged physical fitness. The larger Roman Baths often had attached fitness facilities, the baths themselves sometimes being decorated with mosaics of local champions of sport.

The first indoor gymnasium in Germany was probably the one built in Hesse in by Adolph Spiess, an yGm for boys' and girls' gymnastics in schools. Through worldwide colonization, Great Britain expanded its Gym interest Gym sports and games to many countries. In the s, programs were added to schools and college curricula that emphasized health, strength, and bodily measure. Sports drawn from European and British cultures thrived as college students and upper-class clubs financed competition.

As a result, towns began building playgrounds that furthered interest in sports and physical activity. The first Turners group was formed in London Gym The Turners built gymnasia Gym GGym cities like Cincinnati and St.

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Louis which had large German American populations. These Gym were utilized by adults and youth. Ten years later there were Gym two hundred YMCAs across the country, most of which provided gymnasia for exercise, games, Gym social interaction.

The s was a decade of prosperity that witnessed the building of large numbers of public high schools Gyk a Gym, an idea founded by Nicolas Gym. Over the course of the 20th century, gymnasia have been reconceptualized to accommodate the popular team and individual games and sports that have supplanted Gmy in the school curriculum.

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Today, gymnasia are commonplace in the United States. They are in virtually all U. These facilities are used for physical education yGm, intramural sportsand school gatherings. The number of gyms in the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article Gym about Gym indoor sports facility. Gym

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For the fitness group, see health club. For the school class Gym as "gym", Gym physical education.

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For the type of school, see Gymnasium school. For other Gym, see gymnasium disambiguation.

The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view Gym the subject. You may improve this articlediscuss the issue on the talk pageor create a new articleas appropriate. December Gym how and when to remove Gym template message.

Introduction to physical education, exercise science, and sport studies. McGraw-Hill Gym 9 edition.


Health Club Industry industry estimates. Gymoutdoor and playground games. Deadlift c Leg extension i Gym press c Gum c Squat c. Deadlift c Good-morning c Leg curl i Squat Gym.

Bench press Ghm Chest fly i Dips Machine fly i Push-up c. Front raise i Head stand Gym handstand push-up c Lateral raise i Military press c Rear delt Gym i Shoulder press c Upright row Gym. Biceps curl i Chin-up c. Close-grip bench press c Gym c Pushdown i Triceps extension i.

Crunch i Leg raise c Russian twist c Sit-up c. Deadlift c Gym c Gym c Pelvic lift c. Deadlift c Dirty Gy, exercise c Squat c.

See also Bodybuilding Bodyweight exercise Calisthenics Weightlifting Plyometrics Weight training List of exercises Gym Legend c Gym compound exercise, i - isolated exercise. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited Gyym 12 February Gym, at By using this Gym, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gymnasiums.