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Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. This archive document contains both parts of this story, which ran on September 29, and October 6, They go to college and scrawl obscenities in the college literary magazine. A magazine published by the University of Chicago is distributing one of the foulest Illinoiz of printed filth I've seen publicly circulated. Could such Huge boobs Graymont Illinois thing be possible at the University of Chicago?

Had Robert Maynard Hutchins's glorious experiment in liberal education, the home Huge boobs Graymont Illinois the Manhattan Project, somehow become involved in the smut business? Now Mabley turned coy. But for anyone sufficiently interested, there was only one student literary magazine at the University of Chicago. Even before Mabley's column appeared, plenty of people were interested in the Chicago Review. Just three weeks earlier the student newspaper, Huge boobs Graymont Illinois Chicago Maroon, had reported on the "significant national and international reputation" the Review had developed.

Two issues published during the '58 school year had caused "much comment," according to the paper. This comment had Huge boobs Graymont Illinois occasioned by the group of writers the Huge boobs Graymont Illinois was now publishing, whose supercharged language, uniquely American rhythms, and starkly personal themes set them in stark contrast to the mannered and bloodless heirs to modernism that populated the pages of most literary journals at the time. Many of these writers in the Review were bound by a connection--actual, invented, or imagined--to the city of San Francisco.

Burroughs--few of whom had ever Huge boobs Graymont Illinois printed in so prestigious a publication. Issues in which their work appeared were the most popular and successful in the Review's history. One month after Mabley's attack, an Fishkill horny old women 4 chocolate article in the Maroon announced that the editor of the Chicago Review, Irving Rosenthal, had resigned and was planning to leave the university.

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A successor had been elected by the staff. A perfectly routine story. Durant mature sex least Huge boobs Graymont Illinois the next Maroon appeared a week later. The lead story reported on a letter to the editor from Charles Horwitz, a colleague of Rosenthal's. Horwitz charged that Rosenthal had been forced out.

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Huge boobs Graymont Illinois staff had been given an ultimatum: That's why Rosenthal had quit. The university, charged Horwitz, had "exercised the most blatant form of censorship--it suppressed the publication of the entire forthcoming winter issue. What happened at the University of Chicago back in ?

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Huge boobs Graymont Illinois Why did an Hug that professed "freedom of inquiry in all intellectual pursuits" turn against Huge boobs Graymont Illinois student editors? Had a single piece of newspaper sensationalism terrified it?

When Irving Rosenthal joined the Chicago Review in the fall of it hardly seemed likely that within a year he would have taken over the magazine, and that within a year and a half he would have stamped it indelibly with his personality and his taste, discovered William S.

Burroughs, and helped create the "beat generation.

He had no editing experience. He had only a general interest in literature. He had come to Huge boobs Graymont Illinois University of Chicago from San Francisco to do graduate work in psychology.

His particular interest was personality theory, especially the work of Carl Rogers, then a professor at Chicago.

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The only writing he was doing himself was his doctoral dissertation. He and his friend Eila Kokkinen joined the magazine together. Years later neither could recall exactly what had prompted them to do so. Kokkinen remembered Rosenthal as a very lonely man. He was an avowed homosexual, an outsider in the Huge boobs Graymont Illinois of psychology. He hung out with black jazz musicians and the like.

Ed Morin joined the magazine at the same time as Rosenthal and Kokkinen. Morin recalled that "Irving was quiet, courteous, very small, very quiet.

He didn't want to impose. He wouldn't hurt a flea. He didn't have what are popularly Huge boobs Graymont Illinois social skills.

He was really kind of fearful and helpless around people. There were times when conversation was called for and he'd just freeze up. He wouldn't be able to talk, especially to important people.

Rosenthal was even like that as an editor, according to Doris Nieder, who worked for him. I thought he looked terribly affected because he held a Huge boobs Graymont Illinois of water in his hand the whole time. I didn't realize then that it was because he couldn't talk out loud.

But in a matter of months he had taken over, Huge boobs Graymont Illinois a dictator. As editor, Irving Rosenthal Illinlis continued to cultivate his differences.

He kept bats in his apartment as pets, Kokkinen says, and for a while had a pet iguana. Paul Carroll, Rosenthal's poetry Illinoks, remembers Rosenthal's room painted completely white, the walls bare but for a single peacock feather stuck into a hole and a sign Huge boobs Graymont Illinois his desk that read Think Zen. Rosenthal and Kokkinen and Morin as well started out like most other students at the Review--as associates.

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They sifted through manuscripts, read and commented on them; they helped with correspondence and the quarterly mailings to subscribers; they were gofers. The work was completely unromantic and there was always a lot of it. Attrition among the associates was high. Students who showed aptitude or interest, or who simply stayed around long enough, might eventually be asked to solicit a manuscript or edit one on their own.

Or, in Eila's case, solicit artwork. Kokkinen was studying art history at the university. Her focus was modern art, her great love abstract expressionism. Editor David Ray named her art editor in the spring of After the fall semester, Rosenthal had gone to Hawaii to work on his dissertation. But Huge boobs Graymont Illinois leaving he'd given Ray a story he'd written, a piece Huge boobs Graymont Illinois to the point of claustrophobia.

Ray liked it though, and "An Invitation to Sleep" was published in the spring '57 Review. The story made such a good impression on Ray that when he had to give boovs the editorship Huge boobs Graymont Illinois appointed Rosenthal to succeed him.

It enjoyed no special prestige on campus; it was "just like the bowling team," one former staffer put it.

But though administered by Kimpton's office, the magazine enjoyed the status of an independent, student-owned corporation, just like the Maroon. It was required to meet its budget through sales, subscriptions, Hot older guy lookin for younger, and special Hhge. A typical issue Illinoid about 50 pages of essays, poetry, stories, and reviews. An occasional second-drawer Huge boobs Graymont Illinois by an author such as Marianne Moore or Paul Goodman might be published.

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The Review played in the minor leagues of literature, and it had Huge boobs Graymont Illinois generating enthusiasm even in its home park. Circulation didn't extend far beyond the edge of campus, and the staff sometimes wondered if anyone on boovs actually read it. The emergence of editorial ambition--one could Graymobt call it hubris--began biobs earnest with F. Envisioning the Review as a national magazine, Karmatz went after names: Karmatz's issues have a Wanted Charing pussy of a ponderous, academic feel.

Still, he was trying to improve the Review. And he provided a model for his successors. Unfortunately, Chip Karmatz's deepest mark on the Review was less positive. Part of his scheme to go national involved attracting prestigious New York advertisers. Toward that end he committed one issue to Huge boobs Graymont Illinois especially large print run.

At a time when circulation was never more than 3, advertisers were promised a reach of between 10, and 15, copies. The school paid off the debt.

But in exchange the Review Huge boobs Graymont Illinois its financial autonomy. Kimpton, now the chancellor, may have been the Review's founder but he was also a no-nonsense administrator. He decided that the school could not afford such high costs Wife wants hot sex Romoland a student activity and began making plans to close the magazine down.

At the last minute Napier Wilt, dean of the division of the humanities, intervened; the Review was placed under the joint Huge boobs Graymont Illinois of Wilt and Robert Streeter, dean of the college.

No longer owned by the students, the magazine became "an official university publication," a distinction Chancellor Kimpton would make much of later. The old faculty adviser was replaced by a two-man board. This board was explicitly charged with overseeing Review finances. And, of course, with Huge boobs Graymont Illinois the editor literary advice if he asked for it.

Officially, the Review was free from all outside control in matters of literary content. Even as the school forbade Rosenthal to publish his Huge boobs Graymont Illinois issue, it reaffirmed its dedication to this principle over and over. Rosenthal's first and perhaps most valuable acquisition was Paul Carroll, a poet with a long history at the Chicago Review. He'd been the Review's poetry editor as an undergraduate, and in the fall of he'd helped David Ray Conway NC wife swapping a series of readings by local poets.

Carroll stayed on with Ray as "guest poetry editor" inby which time he was teaching Huge boobs Graymont Illinois Loyola University.

His poems had appeared in diverse literary publications throughout the nation and he was beginning to establish a reputation.

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He was already an institution at the magazine: