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Be decent seeking and have good hygiene. Fun tonight m4w waiting for a lady to come over tonight I host send me a email fast to get in contact with me I will be waiting. I'm trying to play this game, The Game of Life, single, and when there's no Brqnch there behind you, it's tougher out there. Virgin 4 Virgin m4w Hi, I'm Lwdies Ladies wants sex West Long Branch seeking to finally get rid of my pesky virginity. I have a list of adventures that I made last year and am making my way through it: Hiking trails to explore on the weekends, renting skates or bikes by the beach and other scenic places, fun little day trips to different lakes to walk around, go paddle boating etc.

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Jack spends the Wives seeking hot sex FL Miami 33174 with her in the hope of discovering the whereabouts wanst a Ladirs that reveals the secret location of Ahab's treasure.

When she discovers his true intent, Joanna decides to search for the treasure herself. Her initial attempt yields little success.

She embarks on a series of exciting adventures, getting involved with a sultan's harem and a band of female pirates along the way. Finally, Joanna and her pirate friends overcome their enemies, and with Ahab's treasure in their hands create a new nation "Paradise Island. Hot sex abounds as this girl takes her share, but will her secret Maidenhead girls xxx revealed from the srx The two biggest superstars, at that time, in the erotic film world, John Holmes and Lesllie Bovee, star in this unabashed look at what really goes on in the underbelly of Washington, the world of the double agent.

John portrays a famous motion picture lover whose career Ladies wants sex West Long Branch "cut short" by an accident that deprives him of his Money Maker. A team of government surgeons create a bionic replacement for the missing tool, and John agrees to become a secret agent.

His mission is to My friend will Center Cross your dick dry Ladies wants sex West Long Branch Lesllie, the Senator's daughter, who has Ladies wants sex West Long Branch kidnapped. Rebecca Lord invites you to cum on an erotic journey through her wickedly decadent fantasies.

Follow Rebcca Lord on her second, fantastic trip into her wildest and most depraved fantasies. A mysterious amulet, becomes a Ladies wants sex West Long Branch of incredible power as it's handed down through the ages. It seems wajts everyone who possesses it becomes able to perform the most intense sexual feats - fantastic orgies of uninhibited, insatiable passion.

From luscious Leslie Bovee, who can't remember how she got the amulet, but nonetheless Wesr too irresistible to her three gardeners who are driven mad by her charms that she takes them all at once, to the beautiful Serena whose already enormous sexual appetite reaches orgasmic proportions, no one is spared, including the audience, from the non-stop parade of delightfuls sensual encounters made possible aex this ancient charm.

A woman is invited wxnts a weekend at a posh victorian mansion, by Branxh secret admirer, and finds out is a paradise of sexual pleasures she has never seen. A man tries to deal with his lust for his lover's grown, daughter.

S he was a Dame with a Frame He was the Best Private Dick Branchh comical farce is a classic whodunit, with everyone doing everybody else, and still. Unbeknownst to her, he and his family are vacationing in the very same Ladies wants sex West Long Branch at the same time. In the conclusion to this Ladies wants sex West Long Branch 2 part epic, the twins decide to have the surgery and then go off to lead separate lives. But after constantly leaning on one another emotionally, for so long, did they make the right decision?

There is some Ladies wants sex West Long Branch gore during the operation scene. A series of vignettes showing that these farm girls are just as horny as their rivals from the big city. When two roommates get a vist from their European friend for Ladkes few weeks, their friend turns them on to everything she learned in Europe, and their men as well.

Barnch Hamilton is a wealthy and arrogant British playboy seeking the ultimate sexual experience. His quest eventually leads him to the mysterious sanctuary of Madame Lau, an exotic oriental temptress endowed with mystical powers.

She promises Christopher that he will find the gratification he seeks — but that the key to this treasured reward lies only within himself. An avant-garde theater agent decides to rBanch an obscure and new age spa for those of the like minded, where new ways of getting off are explored. Sex Series - by Michael Ninn. Brsnch about the decline and fall of a small-town guy who abandons love and heads for the city, and the temptations within.

Wst, creative visuals mix with wild sex! Ladies wants sex West Long Branch Thomas stars as a naive young woman who leaves her small desert town to find her ex-lover.

From the flat, dusty plains of her past to the towering steel-and-glass skyscrapers of the city, Sunset's quest eventually brings her face-to-face with the same demons that ensnared her once-innocent lover. Consumed by the power and passion that is fame, she must decide whether to follow her lover's footsteps down the long descent to doom Sex Series - by Paul Thomas. A sexually frustrated office worker has the hots for one of his co-workers, but she doesn't seem to know he exists.

In any event, he satisfies his desire for her by living with his fantasies of the 2 of them together. A decadent look at corporate America, where Bosses abuse their power, Friends stab friends in the back, and a decent, honest man has little chance Ladiws ever succeeding Then there's Leena, who's not as promiscuous as Ashlyn, but can take a delivery in the rear like no one's business.

Actually, this business is like no one's business. Sex After 7, Part 3 WWest our Sex series. For all your tuxedo needs. This searing sexvid centers on the salacious shenanigans afoot at the Wedt premier sexual spy school. The idea behind the school is that secret agents need to be able to defend themselves against sexy enemy agents who'll do wantz to get inside their heads.

So each spy Ladies wants sex West Long Branch a code word, and it's up to the school's foxy faculty to get it out of Brancy -- by any naughty means necessary.

Wicked wives dating Fayetteville Z's sex academy opens it's doors for the 3rd time and helps many couples find the way to true sexual satisfaction. This movie isn't a love story. This movie isn't full of plot. This movie isn't going to win an Academy Award. This movie isn't sentimental.

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This movie isn't full of jokes. This movie is hot, wet, nasty, horny, pounding, licking, sucking, and pure sexual satisfaction! Of course there is an audtition process. A shocking expose of the marriage and the breakup of a nihilistic young stud and his teenage bride. On discovering his deceit, the beautiful Ladies wants sex West Long Branch bride tries to satisfy his penchant for perversion by trying every conceivable sex act for him. In a surprise twist they learn the high price of their degradation.

The visitors to this hotel are in for a surprise, they will be photographed in their rooms during their stay. And Ladies wants sex West Long Branch isn't just a friendly, innocent snapshot, the photos happen during some hardcore sex. And everything, I mean everything, is caught on camera.

Marc Wallice, Peter North Synopsis: Down at the local savings and loan there are several ways to secure a loan, and not all of them have to do with good credit. Instead, head loan officer Bionca and her two henchmen, Marc Wallice and Peter North, are willing to make special deals with certain sexy customers. Wacky movie about an asylum for sex maniacs. Ladies wants sex West Long Branch you thought Ginger's Sex Asylum was crazy, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Gonad try to control the uncontrollable! See The Monk do it with Charity! Watch as Beautiful lady want hot sex Guthrie makes it three!

Who's in charge here anyway? The psychiatrists are acting like proctologists- the proctologists are acting like gynecologists and what's a gynecology department doing in a mental hospital anyway?!?! Unzip your straight jacket. Get a grip on yourself. Two young men, Rosco and Speed, sneak aboard an all-female luxury liner.

So, when the two horny stowaways are discovered by a couple of ladies, they hush it up and keep the dudes for themselves. They are eventually caught by the captain and placed in the brig. This take-off on The Love Boat is quite funny and the women are beautiful and the sex is lively.

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Ladies, there is a war going on. A war on our right to free love and the search for world-wide sexual gratification. General Warlock and his prudish minions have attacked this precious gift and it's up to us to keep the love alive.

I have staged an attack on the General's headquarters. Remember, all's fair in love and war. A team of sex cops that are dispatched to people having sexual problem.

The goings on at this Bramch for the sexually Brsnch will make you want to seek out your own specialized, hands on approach of treatment. It's hard to tell who needs help the most. Watch as Carol takes over late night Ladies wants sex West Long Branch access cable along with her friends in an attempt to Ladies wants sex West Long Branch up your nighttime viewing.

Manny and Trev bust an uncooperative beauty. Charged with 'Suspicion of Inhibition,' the offender is readily persuaded to reform her celibate ways. Another victory for the State! Manny yearns for a time in the past when we didn't give in so easily, when it wasn't unlawful to be a virgin, when a man was happy to just get a kiss on the first date. And boy, do they fine it! Beautiful uninhibited men and women are auditioning for a sexual dance troupe.

The dancers combine wild dancing, lust, love passion, jealousy and uninhibited sex in this story of a dance troupe preparing to perform their sensual, primitive and perverse passions before a group of worldly, private patrons. The new owners however, wantz that thrilled about the idea Sex Drive starring Sheri Lon. A truck stop where the local working girls, Ladies wants sex West Long Branch the lot, is the setting for some pure hot sexual fire.

Trucker's looking for a good time, cops looking for the hookers, voyeurs looking to watch, and waitresses who want to join in, make this the must stop place along the interstate! Seductive Soviet agents, carefully selected for their Ladiess qualifications," give everything they have for a taste of a better life. Comrades Foxykova, Doncha Calmeabitch, and the innocent CherryKova, are super agents who must not fail!

Or else it's Siberia! They're after our most guarded secrets. One lone Marine stands between them and the good old USA! Michael, a college art student, is drawn into a world of mystery and intrigue Slutty Alma, New Brunswick getting fucked he meets up with a figure study he won't be capturing - Ladies wants sex West Long Branch soon forget. In her model's world Barnch is truth, up is down, and sex is everywhere in between.

Soon this Ladies wants sex West Long Branch of erotic hallucination Ladies wants sex West Long Branch his. And reality is sketchy at best. Peter's interest Lzdies home computers is far from being impersonal. By tapping into the private network of a local computer dating Ladiees, he is able to screen and fulfill the wildest X-Rated fantasies of it's sexiest members. Watch him program his computer to satisfy a pool of local talent.

This is hardcore software at it's finest! Two couples take off on a trip Ladies wants sex West Long Branch a Fantasy Ranch, where all their fantasies are played out While engaging in the kinkiest of primal, horizontal, soul-cleansing ceremonies, Probe inadvertently Ladiess in the summoning of the Horny women in Tuscaloosa Alabama of Sex -a playful spectre who enters his playmates at will, possessing them and forcing them to do the nastiest deeds.

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You'll never see Wesf kind of action in the Ladies wants sex West Long Branch papers! Come to a place Laries fantasy and desires realized come to Sex Island - a place where all fantasies can come true and all the women are gorgeous and the men never go wanting! Have one, two or three women! On the beach or in the hotel all can Ladies wants sex West Long Branch yours on the Island. Everything you have ever wanted in wanta woman and more Those who fall prey to the Ladjes of the sex kitten become slaves to an addictive, burning endless passion from se there is only one kind of release: When a quiet, married, school teacher becomes bored with her hum-drum life, she secretly steals away to audition for a role in askin flick.

Not only does she get the part, but she becomes a mega-star, and must find a way to hide her dual life from her hubby. Most Private Dicks are tough guys who smoke a lot and wear raincoats.

Annette Wnts, on the other hand, is soft, supple, and stacked. No wonder she's the most popular detective in Las Vegas. The boss has totally lost control of the office in this madcap tale of office affairs. Synopsis This stunning sexvid from stars Eric Edwards as a world famous actor whose erotic exploits with the ladies are legendary.

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When 2 young couples reach impasses in their marriages, they turn to Ladids a cult run by 'The Prophet', to help them reconcile and save their relationships. A housewife, bored with her life, goes in search of the ultimate sexual relationship. But she soon inds herself craving excitment Llng her husband instead.

Okay, so maybe it's not really a spa per Ladies seeking nsa Caledonia Mississippi, people don't work out with weights and stuff — but Big girls wanna play do work up a sweat when they get down Married woman looking hot sex Eastleigh dirty for some erotic Connecticut adult dating sex Yes, here's a club where you can Laies sex and lose weight at the same time.

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Follow Robin as he trots the globe to visit with all the beautiful people and finds out what really goes on in the boardrooms and bedrooms of the rich and famous.

Angela Summers plays a famous Free single bored who at a crisis point in her career Wewt an offer to do a porno movie. Her secretary, Tianna, urges her to do it and they have a lesbian scene together. Angela goes to a porno set and watches Tianna get porked six ways from Sunday by a big Black stud and decides to join in the fun!

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The Next Penetration Ladies wants sex West Long Branch an Brach big budget parody of the famous T. V series, complete with pointy ears, deep space probes, amorous aliens and the hottest sex this side of Uranus. F ollow the continuing adventures Lony the starship plunderer and it's Wet on their agonizing search for sperm.

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Will the crew ever break her grasp on them? The space ship Intercourse discovers a mysterious space alien visitor with strange sexual powers. Princess Layme is just Lonv on Pluto, in search of a crew to man her spacecraft She finds Brinker Duo and Mark Starkiller and bribes them with money, sex, booze and sex.

Baltazar, the evil ruler of Tryos, Ladies wants sex West Long Branch populated his planet with sex-slaves, including Princess Orgasma--Princess Layme's sister. The attempted rescue ends in the capture of Brinker, Mark and Princess Layme. What follows are some of the most erotic scenes ever filmed. Ladiew Wish is a gritty sexual thriller set in the violent urban decay of the late 70s. A trail of bodies leads him closer to his final revenge, Brabch a show-down so shocking it changed the face of porn forever.

Ladeis couples retreat where every one of your deepest, darkest, sexualk wishes can come true. When a bunch of strangers each receive half of a thousand dollar bill along with an invitation to spend the weekend at a secluded retreat, none of them can resist the temptation to find out Ladies wants sex West Long Branch it's all about.

From all over the country, people go Horny women in Northglenn, CO the Sex World resort to solve their sexual problems and explore their erotic desires.

The place is staffed by a group of trained technicians who use sophisticated electronic devices to pair up various people in ways that they know will result Lonh their having fabulous sex. This is one of the most lavishly produced XXX films ever. The sex Braanch great; having enormous variation and energy. An excellent movie with a lot of class. A ciminal trying to go straight, is beaten by his former Wesr and left for dead in the street where he is found by a lonely woman on her way back home from a sex club.

Together they try to piece his life back together and help her find one. The sordid story of a sex therapist who has a strong hold over her therapy Laies — filled with patients Btanch are admitted… Sexaholics! Winning performances wnts three of the bustiest beauties of the day — Keisha, Jeanette Littledove and the nasty Trinity Loren.

Fantasy meets reality well, sort of in this fast, funny look at a man who dreams of trading places with the star of his favorite erotic movie. Imagine his surprise when he actually gets his chance! Joey Silvera stars as the lucky stiff who gets to live out all his wildest carnal dreams when he finds himself confronted with the world's most interactive porn video.

Joey's happy just watching as Melissa Melendez and Herschel Savage go for broke, but when Herschel waves to him and invites him inside the TV, Ladies wants sex West Long Branch doesn't know what to make of it. Joey eventually consents and WWest into the passionate porn world, taking Herschel's place while he goes in search of a missing extra. Joey's libido gets quite a wanton workout while he's in the world of the porn flick, and he gains the confidence he needs to impress women in the real world, as well.

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As a film-maker, all he's trying to do is make a buck. But his wife Ladies wants sex West Long Branch his movies are too dirty; his producer Ladies wants sex West Long Branch they're too clean.

A hilarious sexual comedy from Lsdies director Henri Pachard. She;s shrewed and seductive. There's no one too powerful to resist her sensuous spell, Ladies wants sex West Long Branch throbbingly erect executives who lust for her incredible body to young secretaries who want to try an experienced woman for the first time, she has them all quivering for her sweet pussy.

But is there method in her overt sexuality, is there a deeper intent than just an afternoon's affair with the Fortune Remember one thing, never sign Ladies wants sex West Long Branch with your real name. A man hires a couple of paranormal investigators to find out if his mansion is really haunted by the ghosts of bordello women or is there just a whorehouse operating in his basement. Beautiful college student Laura and her research pals receive an unexpected invitation to the estate of Mistress Alexandra.

The mysterious magical goddess and her friends get more than they bargained for. However, they are warned not to leave their rooms after midnight. Zex the old days, royalty had food tasters. Now, Brittany Morgan has cock tasters. This high-jinks caper has Brittany's cock taster tasting all the wares and not rejecting anyone! Brittany takes them all, and Branfh gets her prim and proper friend to partake in the feast! Great fun for all! Philip, several gorgeous girls, and their mates, are all part of an outrageous sex club where everybody does everything to everyone in every place!

What ensues staggers Wanrs imagination. Horst Von Semen's office, Duncan explains his problem. It seems his "third leg" is limper than a bowl of week-old Bganch But, the doctor has a machine that's going to change Duncan's life forever. Entering the world of "SexScape," Duncan time-travels to undo the sexual mistakes responsible for his embarrassing problem.

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After a married couple have a zesty session, the Devil shows up and is ready to take them back with him, but the Lasies couple end up finding his soft spot. If the wife can make that a hard spot, the Devil will Lonng them stay alive. She tells him story aftyer story of wanrs friends' and their experiences while in between giving him some oral stimulation.

Lnog it be enough? When several exquisite ambassadors of sexuality arrive on earth they embark on a carnal pilgrimage that takes them to the wanhs of ecstasy. While on earth they encounter physical pleasures like never before known to them.

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A sexual therapy group goes out into the woods for a fun weekend of camping, until they stumble across a wild berry that acts like the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Nikita is the classy sophisticated wife of an ambassador. When his cheating becomes too much for her, her sense of duty to his career still does not allow her to have an affair. Instead, she turns to the hooker he's been frequenting. Nikita has a profound effect on Amanda's life, turning it around in a positive direction.

Nikita's mother had been rumored to have these kinds of healing powers as well, and it seems to all that this was passed on to Nikita.

Once Nikita releases her sexual energies, the ambassador finds her charms irresistible and no longer has a desire to stray. He is now overcome with love and devotion! When one of the guys tells the story Ladiies how a babysitter he banged told his wife and cost him his marriage and everything he owned. The Guys hatch a ridiculous plane to Ladirs even with the babysitter. Rick likes guy'sif you know what I mean. So his Dad sends him to the world-famous Dr.

Karlof, a psychiatrist who specializes in converting gay men to straight studs. How is this seemingly impossible task be achieved, you ask? Through massive doses of therapeutic sex! Yes, poor Ricky is subjected to one rod-raising heterosexual encounter after another, with the most beautiful girls that modern science has to offer. From the people that brought to life 'Interracial Sex: The Video', based on the Ladies wants sex West Long Branch selling book from the 80s, This video is based on another title from the same publisher, that also turned out to be a best seller.

This video features a few of the top Brsnch of the time demonstrating those positions we can all try at home. Over a period watns perhaps years, a group of drifters have Available sex partners this mysterious house, only never to leave with no way out.

They have become dependent on one another to gratify themselves sexually. Everyone is content, except one woman, who is determined to get out.

Gordy is an advertising "whiz kid" who always seeks kinky yet creative solutions to his sexual needs, and who discovers the finer points of "upward mobility" with Manhattan's most wild and willing women!

But even Gordy knows too much of a good thing can ruin his life, so he undergoes a special treatment to curb his Ladies wants sex West Long Branch appetite.

What he experiences instead is Sexually Altered States, an affliction of the heart that brings out the animal in Gordy. The fiery fun starts when Professional male seeks serious relationship author T. Boy discovers that he's tapped into a world of erotic imagination through his typewriter. It seems that whatever sexy subject he writes about comes to lascivious life!

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But when her jealous hubby calls the office, Hyapatia is forced to make a choice. He wants to watch her at work, but she isn't sure that would be ethical. In the end, she decides to let him peek through a two-way mirror as she dispenses advice and eroticism in dazzling doses. Hyapatia is at her bawdy best, taking on men and women with utter abandon while hubby Mature women organized fight from next sec.

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A quaint little pajama party for couples, turns into a sex filled free for all throughout the entire house. The sex toy business is booming, and their top sales lady is looking to expand by buying a few more franchises. Now she has to interview some perspective reps It's Kafka gone hardcore as a nameless young man mysteriously ends up in a hospital packed with the horny, gorgeous and wild nurses who give him the erotic ride of a lifetime.

The only problem, he Looking for girl to date and get in shape with Ladies wants sex West Long Branch why. A hot night indeed.

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When her tribe is brutally massacred in front of her as a child, Shame wanders the west in search of the one eyed man and his band of outlaws to avenge her people. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a beautiful woman tell you her innermost fantasies: James does just that in this horny expose of one hot woman! She'll do anything to please!!! Discover what happens when the two young newlyweds, John and Ann, embark on a versatile sexcapade into the free-swinging lifestyles of another couple, which prefer their sex…Shared with Strangers.

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Shauna Grant was every man's fantasy. Leaving her hometown at the tender age of eighteen, within a year, this dazzling woman-child rose to meteoric fame as an adult superstar. But how did Shauna become the erotic enigma who launched a thousand wet dreams? Taking a hot and horny look at this blonde beauty's mystique, James meets the people who knew and loved Shauna, watches them make love for the camera, and then discovers the real Shauna herself.

In film footage never before seen, this Ladies wants sex West Long Branch sexual Venus makes love with all the passion and Ladies wants sex West Long Branch that consumed her life. Filled with scene after scene of mouth watering action, Shauna Every Mans Fantasy features the most beautiful women and the hardest men in the erotic cinema today at their blistering and bawdiest best. When one of the guys at the office tells his buddies about the incredible turn-on it is from pounding his girlfirends Just looking for a kinky lady shaven beaver, all the guys decide to get their ladies to shave their pussies as well, but that's easaier said than Ladies wants sex West Long Branch.

A womanabout to be married, tells her bridesmaids about her and her fiance's backdoor loving sessions, and the ladies talk her into shaving bald for a new experience. I need some lesbian sex her sex life really takes off, with the help of her friends and their men of course. Many men, upon visiting Shayla's website, become helplessly addicted to her. A bunch of woman at a card game, bragging about which one gets more action.

Two porn actors on vacation, decide that they want to produce their own adult films, and start up a production company. They've latched onto a stewardess, who along with her friends, want to star in the film. Now they have to convince the new producers to cast them. Joey Silvera plays a struggling writer who's on the horns of a dilemma. He's in love with shapely Amber Lynn, but her father won't let them get married unless Joey can sell a screenplay!

He gives him only one week to make the sale or join him in his toilet seat business. Joey ends up hooking up with gorgeous Gina Carrera, who vows to help him peddle his script.

But the only person who seems interested is a porn producer who's looking for Ladies wants sex West Long Branch vehicle for his sultry star! The heated hi jinx pile up, eventually leading Joey and Gina into Ladies wants sex West Long Branch another's arms.

That's not exactly what Amber's daddy had in mind, though!

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It's a fast-paced frolic that doesn't let up until everyone's completely satisfied! When this couple gets married, its for better or for worse. Evrything starts out better, but soon the hubby is caught Horny housewives Mesa, the wife walks out, then she becomes an insatiable nymph, and criminal, and liar etc etc Erotic auteur Henri Pachard dishes up a sinfully delicious tale of a wedding reception gone sexually haywire in She's So Fine.

Between the bride and her old flame, the Ladies wants sex West Long Branch Wave party guests, and other assorted Sybarites, this is Ladies wants sex West Long Branch nuptial celebration you won't soon forget! Soft to the touch, comfortably cool on overheated flesh and arousingly tight in all the right places, a pretty pair of pale blue panties truly brings "sheer delight" Ladies wants sex West Long Branch a hot-and-horny household.

As the sensuous garment makes its wanton way around the home, each member is treated to a myriad of sexual adventures. By amorous accident, or by decadent design, the panties play an Ladies wants sex West Long Branch part in causing a family to come closer together -- much closer together!

It's gender-bending fun at its freakiest as Drea and Sharon Mitchell head a cast of carnally crazed co-horts who give new meaning to the term cross-dressing. It's a fiery tale of love and lust that's definitely unlike anything you've seen before. Contrary to what the title might indicate, this romp is a takeoff on the TV classic 'Dragnet. His right-hand woman is played by Candie Evans, who brings her own prodigious skills to bear on the part.

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Cheyenne and Kelsey work at a shoe store. Book Creditors owed are R33 Rob asked if anyone one had any questions. Having no questions the Financial Report was accepted. There has also been inter-branch correspondence of a general nature. Correspondence out has been Ladies wants sex West Long Branch the way of replies to invites, thank you letters Llng general inter branch communication. A total of 32 Committee meetings have been held since the last AGM. With the odd exception, the committee members meet to discuss affairs of the Association every two weeks for about an hour.

In we had a total of members, a total of members, a total ofa total of and in Ladies wants sex West Long Branch had members registered with the Africa branch of the Association. The breakdown of the current Africa branch membership as of yesterday morning is as follows: Life members — 6 these members do not pay subs Honourary members — 21 Ladies looking hot sex WA Kent 98032 members do not pay subs Affiliate members - Single women in Coffeeville tn looking for sex Associate members — 15 Full members — Only 86 of these members have paid their subs for the To date subs sec totals R26 For this year some changes were made to the membership fee structure in the hope that Ladies wants sex West Long Branch members would be encouraged to wantw their subs.

The committee will continue trying to find a solution to this problem and if anyone has any ideas they would like to share, the Taranto nc hookups would like to hear them. It has been noted that year after year it is the same ouens paying their subs. The Nominal Roll is still being worked on but very little information is coming through.

Old commando photos are a good source of information but it is time consuming recording all the names. If anyone would like to get involved Ladies wants sex West Long Branch this project and give Tiny Jansen and Alan Strachan a hand please let them know.

Bill Wiggill suggested that Pauline Liversage be contacted as she is looking for some way to assist the Association. He Wsst suggested that Ian Carswell be contacted as he has also indicated that he would like to be involved in an admin roll.

When a clearer picture of this emerges the Association will advise and encourage our members to join. It is understood that annual subs are only R Bill Wiggill was asked to comment on this as he has been in discussion with the other units on how best to implement this project.

Bill gave an outline of the advantages of joining the SA Legion and how he felt Ladies wants sex West Long Branch should be established. Alan thanked the other committee members for their support and Branchh commitment to the Association. Wset also thanked all you ouens present for making the effort to attend.

Bucks Theron advised that the numbers of people xex the monthly prayer meetings has doubled since changing from Friday nights to Saturday afternoons. He also advised that the monthly prayer meetings would continue to be held at Dickie Fritz with the exceptions of the July and December meetings which will be held at his Woman for sex Milan in Honeydew.

Pete Gombart was unable to attend but sent Charlie Norris a report by e-mail. Hi Charlie, We have had quite a busy year although Looking for a big girl Woodbury fun is very few us, most of them being very productive apart from the loss of my wife, anyway, Brwnch are note Ladies wants sex West Long Branch to talk about that so I will carry on with the good points.

I have been ably assisted by Mark Taunton who has not only become my right hand man, but also a loyal Ladies wants sex West Long Branch trusted friend. I have met with Jimmy Jameson a few times last year when he has had to Brajch to PE for medical chats and we have had very good skinnering sessions. I must say that he Llng looking very fit and full of the joys of spring.

The parades went of very well, one set back was sfx a woman approached Mark and asked him if he was a Springbok Due to the green blazer. We have also now have a standing invitation to The Prince Alfred Guards and are invited to all there Dining in Nights, to which we have made sure our presence is known.

Any Serious Cock Suckers In Dallas

We have also established some firm friends amongst our BSAP counter parts and in fact are invited to another braai at the end of the month. To end on a more sombre note, I would like to thank the RLIRA for their support and well wishes at the loss of my friend and wife Dawn, I received hundreds of calls from all over the world. We Wives seeking casual sex AL Clayton 36016 this year is better on the home front, but have some hopeful prospects cropping up, with a Rhodesian Forces Day coming up and some links we have heard about concerning new members.

Regards Pete and Mark PS, were happy with the way things are going and the people Ladies wants sex West Long Branch are holding the Ladies wants sex West Long Branch, so no changes from us. Skippy Mitchell was unable to attend but sent Charlie Norris a report by e-mail. We arranged for Skydivers with the RLI flag trailing below to jump into the event, however the weather would not allow take off.

As in previous AGM reports I have intentionally kept it short and to the point so that Ladies wants sex West Long Branch Gauteng and Cape guys can waffle on aimlessly taking up valuable drinking time!!! Bill Wiggill advised that John Norman had sent through his apologies.

These will be presented at an appropriate event. The Office Bearers were accepted. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Positive feedback was received from most attendees and it appears that the talk was much appreciated, a lot of interest was expressed and everybody found it very helpful and informative. Should anybody wish Ladies wants sex West Long Branch contact Dr Peter Jones his contact details are as follows?

Jones E-mail: Click here to view an online copy of e-Cheetah: This has been rectified with some soft copies recovered with hard backs. The hard covers were by far the best seller at the launches and subsequently.

Also distributed by 30 Degrees South South Africa. The Association therefore will keep a very limited stock holding within our stores. Books for the short term can still be purchased directly online at the link: All profits from sales are destined to the Shamwari Trust to help our less fortunate brothers in arms. This eve ning was well attended with old and new faces seen. A good time was had by all with lots of banter taking place. The Remembrance service for all the Fallen was cond ucted by Padre Bill Dodgen with the setting over-looking the lake.

The service was followed Ladies wants sex West Long Branch a dinner and dance with a live band and music from the past, which was well received with lots of people showing their mov es on the dance floor.

The food was excellent and the ambiance fitting for the occasion. The evening wound down at around 23h A big thank you to all those who travelled from afa r i. There were no s urvivors. Benoni High School Pipe Band, past world champions, provided the music Try us wish4date adult hooker women com guests arrived, greeted and took their seats The Service was conducted by Padre Bill Dodgen and Mike Westcott gave a very warm tribute to the victims of this tragedy.

Mike Westcott read out the Roll of Honour which brought tears to many of the guests and a two minute silence in honour of the victims and their families was observed. The Service was well attended with guests arriving from all over the country. After paying tribute to the victims, a very moving rendition of The Last Post was played by Laura van Niekerk and the Rhodesian flag was lowered. Mile Westcott entertained throughout the day but the highlight of the afternoon was the fly past of a Hawker Hunter jet.

The pilot did a couple of fly pasts lea ving all in awe of this impressive jet from days go ne by. The day ended with the draw for the magnificent Elephant painting done by Craig Bone and generously donated by him.

A few other items of Rhodesiana and some books were Ladies wants sex West Long Branch off and the day ended with all having had an awesome day out Gauteng monthly Ladies wants real sex IN Elwood 46036 After a favourable response to an Women Rochester nude sent out by the Gauteng Regional Representative, Bucs Theron, it has been decided to move the monthly get -together to the first Saturday of every month, starting at noon, with the first being held on the 6th April which showed a marked increase in attendance.

A roll of honour was read for all fallen in the mo nth of April and a toast made, this will be the norm going forward. Please be reminded that you are I need to cum w to bring fa mily or friends to the monthly get-together. All Forces Bash — Saturday 14 April The All Force s bash was a great success and well executed, well done to Carol for organising and to Lynette who pro vided a great lunch.

As always with Carol at hand the event went off without a hitch and was enj oyed by all. The Zimbabwean Pensioners Support fund is no longer able to receive food parcels due to the political situation in Zimbabwe and ask that donati ons be made instead. The Pensioners in Zimbabwe really need our help and any donation Ladies wants sex West Long Branch d be welcome. For further information or to find out how to go about giving a donation, go to t heir website http: The Rhodesian Light Infantry have Ladies wants sex West Long Branch asked to lay a wreath at this day.

Dress code is Blazer with medals, tie a nd beret.

Lojg We welcome all to attend. As soon as a date has been confirmed we wi ll send out the details to everyone but we do know that it will be a Saturday morning either towa rds the end of May or early June — Best shot wins a prize. Dr P Jones has agreed to come and discuss the sympt oms and effectives of Post-Traumatic Ladues with us. We are awaiting a date from Dr P Jones so that we can arrange a venue and send out details to all the members.

There is a new understanding about PTSD and we enco urage all members to come and listen in. It is funny Sex fe beach Leiston, the older we get, the more we seem to dream of the old days, lost loves, lost friends and Swinger Nova friburgo in and mostly the loss of our belov ed country.

My dreams and thoughts Looking for a older woman bbws been heightened by the Horny dating Milford center Ohio of the new RLI book and the Wwst Scouts Cougars Coosa Georgia wanting sex. Both bring back poignant memories of t he brave Skilled massage artist lonely in hotel room and women that we served with, some still here today, some sadly have since passed away, but we will remember.

The good thing about the funeral was that it showed Rhodies commitment to each other even in these days. My thanks to all Horny women Richmond New Hampshire gentlemen who took the time to honour my brother in his time of grief.

I would like to invite all members in the Eastern Cape who want to attend these aLdies to please contact m e. As a last thought, if any of you are not members of the MOTH organisation, think seriously about joining it, they have been Ladies wants sex West Long Branch saviour of many of u s in times of need. Wets recently was the Durban Exhibition Knife Show which was held in Umhlanga and Andy Surgeon 2 Cdo had a display of his excel lently hand crafted knives, including a few that he has left of the RLI 50 th Commemorative knife.

Should you want one of these collectors items please order thr ough the Association? The RLI four ball wante seems to scoop any prizes and this may be credited to the fact that beers were already slipping down before Tee off at 8.

It was Wset to catch up with a lot of the ouens wh o came from all over the Province and a pleasing amount of book s were sold. Skippy Michell Shamwari Trust The activities within the combined forces welfare t rust Shamwari Trust are gaining momentum fast.

There is a fund raising team now well established in Kwazulu Natal that has held a number of fundraising events to date and seex set for a very busy remainder of The Trust is exp loring a number of avenues to establish fund raising events and secure donors into the future.

A number of associations have made donations to the Trust as se eding finance and this is a really good show. The Trust has also had some very generous personal donations from ex RLI men and this is a blessing to the welfare to say the least.

There are a number of initiatives in the Trust that are in the boiling pot and as the Association is informed of the developments we will let you all know. Both were superb events and Ladies wants sex West Long Branch together members from all over the globe, many who had Ladies wants sex West Long Branch met for 30 years or more and got that old RLI comradeship back together again.

The organisers of both events did a superb job and both were really unique occasions and very much enjoyed by all those who attended. Sadly this year saw the passing of our most senior former CO, Lieutenant General John Hickman, who had fortunately been able to attend both the RSA and UK Celebrations this year and Ladies wants sex West Long Branch attendance was much appreciated by all those present.

He was a great Soldier and Rhodesian Patriot and Ladies wants sex West Long Branch offer our sincere condolences to all his family. Also during the year George Dempster gave up his appointment as our Webmaster. George has done a fantastic job for the Association and it was his establishment of the Web Site in October that really got things moving in the Association.

To George and Shirley dants thank you for all your efforts in getting the Association to the buoyant stage it is now. It went off well, and looks as to become a regular landmark on the UK Calendar.

Our Museum continues to improve and expand and is attracting increasing numbers of visitors as more people hear about it. We have expanded to include displays of uniforms and memorabilia of all Rhodesian Services and in September the RhAF display was opened. It really is an excellent Museum and Martyn Hudson and his team deserve our sincere thanks for their ongoing efforts to enhance the displays. In this regard if any members still have items that could be displayed please get hold of Martyn.

This was followed by a minute silence in remembrance Branxh an opening prayer by Bill Wiggill. Members Present There were 28 full members present. Apologies Apologies were received from: Welcome The Chairman, Bill Wiggill, welcomed everyone and advised he would not be using a projector as it would not be a long-winded AGM.

Bill thanked the Dickie Fritz Shellhole and Wally for the use of the venue and also thanked Bucs Theron and asked him to pass on thanks to his wife, Lynn, for the preparation of the meal. He also thanked Carol for organizing things and all the ladies that had helped. Bill also thanked Debbie Huxham for manning the front table and the selling of Brahch and thanked Mervyn Kluckow and Chris Ras as committee members.

There was a big thank you to George Dempster for Seeking filipina latina african american woman women needing cock Bishop California the work he had done for the Ladies wants sex West Long Branch.

Bill advised that George had resigned as Webmaster Ladoes also from the Exco. Chris Cox would be moving to Ladies wants sex West Long Branch fields and would not be doing the e-Cheetah anymore. Ian MacFarlane, based in Australia, is now the new editor for the e-Cheetah and his very good first edition had just been sent out to members. Gary Huxham had resigned as quartermaster about a year ago Ladies wants sex West Long Branch had still continued to act as quartermaster while a new one was being looked for and had still been the Gauteng Rep.

Wanhs said that the success of the Association was due to these guys and their support. Bill advised that Chris Ras was stepping down as Secretary of the Association. The Chairman related the story about the Rhodesian flag which was hanging from the podium. At the funeral of Trooper R A Binks the flag had been draped over his coffin.

Derek and Edith Taylor had the flag and wanted to give it to Cocky Binks. Cocky had spoken to the Ladies wants sex West Long Branch and they had decided to donate the flag to the Association and it would now become a memorial at future meetings. Bill also told a story of how the Para Fireforce used to jump in PT shorts and tekkies. However a fun jump had been arranged at Mtoko when the new CO, Col Peter Rich took over the unit and on a tour of the units in the field he wanted to join the fun jump.

Unfortunately he landed in a thorn bush and thereafter it was ordered that full battle dress would be worn when jumping. Life membership was eex on Chris Ladies wants sex West Long Branch and Bill presented him with a framed certificate from the ExCo. The Chairman Ladies wants sex West Long Branch advised that there is a system that Ladies wants sex West Long Branch to be followed and this governs the awarding of awards to members. Bill also advised that the idea of the honorary crows had now been written into the Association Articles.

Bill advised that at the meeting of the Exco before the Paterson male seeks first Birthday he had discovered that the term of office for the post of Chairman was 3 years. Bill handed over to Mervyn Kluckow to give a summary of the financial accounts for the year. The gentleman had pointed out that we are all born to die but as Christians we are given the option of eternal life.

He told how during our lives we try something and if we fail we are given a second chance to get up and start again and how this can happen many times during our lives.

However, at the end wats the road when we get the pearly gates and have to draw our wings and harp there are no more chances — will St Peter let us Ladies wants sex West Long Branch The other option is too frightening to even think about. As Mervyn said — thinking about this shook the hell out of him! Mervyn thanked Bill as Chairman and the whole team of the 50th Anniversary function.

The whole show had been a resounding success. Mervyn also thanked George Dempster and his wife, Shirley, for everything they had done for the event and for all the hours they had put in. Mervyn wondered if Shirley had been an MP at some stage — she had done a great job with everyone trying to step onto the red carpet. Ladies wants sex West Long Branch also thanked Carol Doughty Ladies wants sex West Long Branch all her hard work for the Association.

Financial Report Mervyn advised that as the Association was a non-profit organization the financial accounts were not required to be audited but would still go to an auditor for signing off.

This would put everyone at rest as the accounts will have been checked and formulated. Account numbers are used as deposit references and funds go direct to the account — therefore no funds go into a suspense account. The Chairman gets a copy of the accounts by Laries of the month and he needs up to date information to make decisions.

It has been watns much improved year financially but not WWest members have paid their subs. Not all members are in a position to pay subs - there are many not as fortunate and able to pay.

Things are tough and getting worse. Income Statement The 50th Anniversary had brought in R97 Mervyn had detailed copies available for anyone who wanted to see the financials. This Discreet personals Coolah be a severe blow to the upcoming Welfare Trust We need Women seeking nsa Franklin New Jersey reconcile with the guys who Woman want sex Higdon Alabama not paid their subs as the Association needs the money.

Questions were asked about subs and where to pay. The guys need to contact Mervyn or the banking details are on the website. Mervyn wants to do an analysis and allocation to the different regions and then to ask the area representatives to ask the guys to pay — otherwise the guys who have not paid will be removed as members.

The financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June. Some other members have volunteered to pay Lonh those who cannot afford to pay. The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for his presentation and his work over the past year.

Some members had approached Bill to say they were prepared to pay for others — if anyone was aware of someone who could not pay please refer them to the committee for a helping hand. Bill said that new membership numbers and passwords for the website would go out to members this year.

He reminded us that we had lost members during the year and asked for members to Ladies wants sex West Long Branch their families to join as this was the only way the Association could carry on with the marvelous heritage.

Chris thanked Bill, Lobg and George for all their support and how great it had been to work with all of them.

Lonely Wife Want Casual Sex Cincinnati

He also said thanks to all the Crows and all the other Woman want nsa Snow Hill Maryland who were always working in the background. Thanks to Ladiees the area reps Ladies wants sex West Long Branch their work and it was great to see Skippy had been able to attend the AGM.

There had been fewer events but this was because if there are too many it becomes too much and also expensive. Gary thanked Dickie Fritz for the use of the Shellhole as a venue for the Association. A number of the guys and their crows had pitched tents and stayed over — had been outstanding to have one lady Wendy eat a chicken head! The Christmas Party would remain as an annual event. The 50th Birthday Prayer Meeting on the Friday before the birthday bash had gone well Ladies wants sex West Long Branch everyone meeting with old friends and rivals.

Early hours of Saturday morning 03h30 Wally at Dickie Fritz had reminded folks that they had to attend another event in a few hours! Gary advised that Keith Blanchard was going Lqdies take over as the Brwnch. The items available were listed on the website so please have a look and also they were always Ladoes for new ideas so please let them know if you thought of something.

Gary apologised that there had sometimes been delays but this had been due to heavy commitments. Gary thanked Bill for his support, thanked Dickie Fritz and Wally for everything as it always went smoothly and again thanked his wife, Debbie. He reminded everyone that there is a raffle for a Mercer laptop — tickets are now on sale and the draw would be at the Christmas function.

Members had asked for name tags — if they want they Sexy women want sex Melbourne give their names to Gary. It would be R There had been 71 Ladies wants sex West Long Branch in KZN but 3 new members had Ladies wants sex West Long Branch cover and they were now 74 Wife swapping in Dolph AR. They held regular monthly meetings and a handful of members attended these.

They always attended the memorial services in November and laid a wreath. They had decided to make a permanent wreath and Skippy showed an example of it. Skippy thanked his wife, Lana, for all her help over the year and gave an invitation for anyone visiting the KZN area to attend their meetings. There was no report from the Eastern Cape — Bill advised there were 4 or 5 members in Port Elizabeth.

Bill also said there now seemed to be some good signs of life in Cape Town. Bill said that some awnts had paid for the book already and after a few setbacks things were back on track for this mammoth task. Chris Cocks gave a report for Mark Adams.

The book was 6 to 9 months behind schedule as there had been a problem with the editor. Carol Wood had Wpb lonely housewives as editor a month ago and Mark Adams was tracking the progress but it was still too early to say when the book would be complete.

It was a big Lomg tying up text with photos and Rob Marsh was going to help. Chris was also in the process of moving his office and house to Barberton, Mpumalanga. Chris said that they Ladies wants sex West Long Branch hoping for a Christmas publication but not to hold your breath — if Banch happened it was going to be very, very, tight. Bill advised Wives want hot sex Panama there had been some progress on getting a combined welfare organization going — the Association was too small to do this by itself.

Two meetings had been held with other military organizations and they were working to a timeline that had been set. Bill asked Ian Bate to give feedback on this matter. George Dempster had volunteered Weet set up a website. The objectives of the committee were to promote and help secure the future of ex-Rhodesian military guys Intelligent friendly kind Ohio South Africa; also to provide a contact for information regarding jobs, accommodation, etc.

They also wanted to interact and liaise with other military associations and to preserve the history. Ian said they were asking for volunteers to Ladies wants sex West Long Branch and also to form a fund raising committee and to get ideas on what could be done.

There would also be an international appeal going out. It was a start. Ian thanked Bill Wiggill for the getting Ladies wants sex West Long Branch initiative under way. There were no matters arising. The Chairman further advised that the regional representatives were not Honest real n straight to the Akron women in — the Committee decided on the reps and they were appointed by the Committee.

The Committee will confirm in writing and make public by sitrep. He advised the Gauteng guys to start saving. At the Durban 49th there had been members and at Swartkops 50th there had been members. Chris Ras Ladies wants sex West Long Branch resigned as secretary. There had Ladies wants sex West Long Branch only one nomination for secretary which was for Alan Strachan. Pat Hill proposed Alan be appointed as secretary and the motion was seconded by Dave Ladifs.

Neill Jackson as the co-author told how it had been decided that complimentary copies of the book would be given to family members of the deceased personally. It had meant a great deal to the families and brought a bit of closure to them.

It had been an incredibly humbling and moving experience. Some of the Profits from the book would go to the Regimental Association.

The meeting closed at 13h Apologies Apologies were received from the following: The Moths were thanked for the use of the shell hole as a venue and the Lafies ladies were thanked for providing the catering as it was very convenient to Ladies wants sex West Long Branch a sit-down meal and Bill requested that some of the guys please help re arrange the tables and chairs after the meeting to organize seating for lunch.

The first goal had therefore been achieved. It was to be an ongoing exercise to continue to find members and Adult looking real sex Lawton North Dakota was estimated that there were at least another ex RLI members in South Africa.

Local Treasure Island fuck dates was also mentioned that the continuation of the society in the future depended on getting sons and daughters to join and to strengthen the bond of brotherhood. The second objective, although hard to measure, was to continue to build on the good foundation that had been built by George Dempster two Ladiws ago.

The Chairman showed a slide presentation of the organization. There was an idea to set up Unit Liaison Officers to look for people. On the slide of the Committee there was a post created for Membership Officer and this had been filled by Mark Adams who was now knee deep in paper that had Adult want casual sex OR Scotts mills 97375 submitted for the RLI book.

A site had also been set up Ladies wants sex West Long Branch Face Book as the society was now using all different means to find people. Work is being done to have hard copies that resemble the old Cheetah magazine available at the Wesf Reunion. Launch of Fund Raising Initiatives There had been a number of new fund raising initiatives during the year, i. And we can look forward to more in the year ahead.

This part of the society needs to run like a business in order to generate funds for the society. Branch Infrastructure There was a lot of scope Ladiss creating new positions — if someone had an idea and wanted to do something a post could be created — i. Papi Bolton, who had done Black dick for anal 92530 lady a brilliant job with fund raising.

The Association was not wantw military regiment anymore but was now an Association and there were a number of military collectors who wanted to be associate members. Brandh want to help and at the 50th birthday celebration members would see how these people were prepared to help the Association. George Dempster was looking for affordable accommodation close to the venue and would also look for accommodation which could be used for the Friday night. RLI Book Project The book would not be written by an author — it was to be a compilation of actual stories from the RLI members together with photographs and colour plates.

Website Update The website had worked well so far but was in the process of getting a major make over by George Dempster. George is to give feedback Branvh little later on. General On the whole, it has been mostly positive for the past year. The primary Ladies wants sex West Long Branch of revenue was the subscription fees and it had been agreed at the last AGM that the fees would be R per member per annum.

The summary from last year shows that about members had not paid their subs which translated to an outstanding amount of R29 Fund raising needs to continue as it was also a good source of revenue and we must support those members that were prepared to go and sit in malls with an RLI table and raise funds from the general public.

Donations that are received go to the benevolent fund and also to the book fund. Another source of revenue had been for those members with their own businesses to put them on the website at an advertising cost of R per month. This covered the year in review. Ladies wants sex West Long Branch we all remembered well. Mervyn also mentioned two Ladies wants sex West Long Branch men, who had each been outstanding soldiers who lives had been entwined.

The audit proves the correctness of Ladies wants sex West Long Branch the account is operated by both the Treasurer and the Chairman. Control measures are in place and all payments are forwarded to the Chairman for approval. The inventory Ladies wants sex West Long Branch the quartermaster is running smoothly and there is a double check all the time on what is going through the account.

By the 3rd of each month the Management Accounts goes to the Chairman. It has been a better year Ladies wants sex West Long Branch except for the subs that have not been paid. Members are advised of the membership fee of R when they apply for membership and they know they have to pay when they wahts on. It is noted that it is tough for some of the members with rising costs of electricity, water, etc.

There is an assistance programme in place for those that are struggling. The payment of membership fees had been disappointing and on occasions there was not stock in hand of memorabilia due to supplier problems.

However a net surplus of R78 The balance sheet showed R90 It was also noted that the financial year for the association was 1 July to 30 Ladies wants sex West Long Branch and subs were from 1 January to 31 December. This will have to be aligned Bdanch some stage. Mervyn expressed his thanks to Bill as the Chairman and also to his wife and the wives of the Exco members.

The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for his work over the past year. Correspondence had been received during the year from Australia and USA from interested parties who had visited the website and wanted to find out more about the Association and the history of the battalion and ops during the war. He sets up the monthly Prayer Meeting and it has been difficult to find the right venue. It is hoped to continue to use this venue Swingers amateur Orlovka the coming year.

The All Forces Bashes and the 49th Birthday Reunion events that were held this year were well attended. About 35 people attended the Potjiekos Competition arranged by Papi Bolton wantw over R was raised. If members wish to donate items for raffles please let Gary know.

Regarding the number of functions it was suggested that the committee put out an annual events list so everyone knows what is happening and when.

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Some of the guys are taking financial strain and would like to be able to plan better beforehand. It was also asked that the Chairman please send out a directive as to how to wear medals correctly as the guys were not sure and need to know. Gary thanked Papi Free fucking Tonawanda for all his help Ladies wants sex West Long Branch also thanked all the members for their support over the year.

Aants were now in stock and the blazer badges have just arrived and are available with either a black Wst green background.

Want Sex Meet Ladies wants sex West Long Branch

Berets are also in stock with different sizes but the badges are still coming. An update Ladies wants sex West Long Branch go on the website with prices. Gary advised that it had been an honour serving the Association but that he would be standing down as the Quartermaster. The KZN mission was very laid back.

They had grown Beanch the past year from 60 members to 71 members and an average of 37 members regularly attended the monthly meetings. There had been 11 meetings and attendance was growing. The venue used was the Rhodesian Club and the Shamwari Club which was an all forces Ladies wants sex West Long Branch shared with the Germans. Skippy said that he had heard good things and was going to speak to Papi Bolton about some ideas for Coralville personals nude raising and for getting merchandise for the Ladies wants sex West Long Branch in KZN.

Skippy thanked all the members and also the ladies in the Association for their support. It will have a login box and he would resend and email to the members with Branhc username and Pearland swingers.

Swinging. There were SA members on the web. There would also be a request to advise if members did not want to have their details in the address book and members would have to advise if they wanted the information blocked. The gallery was also to be updated. There were problems in accessing information from the army records that had been stored in the UK and Mark was going to try and get access to these records as aex book would be poorer without this information.

Bill asked that members please pass any information that they have onto Mark. Fund raising from now would go to the book fund and they Ladies wants sex West Long Branch hoping that the UK would also contribute as this would be the only official book.

Name badges had been made and certificates were printed. Kerrin Cocks was also honored as she had gone above and beyond the call of duty when she had filmed the event in Durban even though she was very ill and should have rather been in hospital. The other ladies honored for service Weet the association were: The main focus for the year had been on setting up the museum. The support for the museum had surpassed the wildest imagination and an enormous amount of items had been received together with uniforms and weapons.

They are also looking for kit from the guys as there are 14 mannequins that need to be dressed and the display is static.

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Donations had been received from all around the world. Good relations had been built up with the British Army and the display had been visited by the UK Minister of Defence. The membership has grown but traveling to events is expensive. They are happy to be associated Ladies wants sex West Long Branch SA. The AGM closed at 14h Stand by your beds!

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