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Soldier coming home and looking

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The letters, discovered in a shoe box in the attic of the Wicks family home in South Soldier coming home and looking, Pennsylvania, provide a look back at some of the most significant battles of the Civil War as well as what life was like for those family members left behind.

Wicks transformed the letters into a play, weaving the story of his family through the events of the Civil War, producing a moving, intimate view of history. The letters Lutak sexy girls the dialogue - conflict, humor and lookong completely take over the moment the play begins.

American Civil War training camps and battlefields, toand the parlor of the home of Mary and Philip Pringle, Armagh, Pennsylvania. Live or recorded music has been used in every production.

Soldier, Come Home | Samuel French

For the original production, actors stood on black platforms at three different levels. They wore formal clothes - tuxedos and an evening gown.

Five dark colored, plain wooden chairs were placed on the platforms. Lighting consisted of five front of house lights — one focused on each actor and each light on lookign separate dimmer.

Overhead were blue backlights to give actors enough light by which to read the letters. Good for this actor to have a strong, mature voice.

15 Soldiers Coming Home Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy

The play is performed by a cast of 5 playing 8 different characters plus a Prologue. However, you may expand the casting to 8 Soldifr. Casting may also be color blind.

Right after cmoing from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts he launched into the New York theater scene acting, directing, designin Wicks Get the script. Path Created with Sketch.

Samuel French Soldier, Come Home. Cast Size Cast Size 4m, 1f.

Soldier coming home and looking Want Sexy Chat

Had witnessed it several times before, but was deeply impressed, again, by the urgency and vitality of the voices. You will be be touched and grateful for having seen this. Cautions No Special Cautions.

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License details Minimum Fee: Production Details Time Period: Casting Notes The play is performed by a cast of 5 playing 8 different characters plus a Prologue. Sign In You'll have to sign in before you share your experience.

Sign in to your Samuel French account. A Piece of My Heart.

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