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Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge

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Hell, just put I may be interested in the if you want. SEE WHAT HAPPENS 420SMOKERS, SOCIAL DRINKER R FINE SEND YOUR PIC, NUMBER AND GET MINE PLEASE BE SERIOUS. A man that is single, educated, can hold a conversation, honest and enjoys getting out to try new things. Looking for a special Sluts from Fort wayne I am a big old hippie type guy looking Wifr a very down to earth woman who likes Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge see the good things life has to offer.

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It started me thinking about him and the bitch he had fucked and my cock got really hard She didn't care who or where just as long as she got some hot male sausage to stuff into her aching pussy. FF-teens, youths, mast, beast Bonobo - by Yod Gimel Hen - Jane was tending to the Bonobo chimps in the zoo and had found them lovely and adorable, until one afternoon when she found them even more lovable than usual.

Boarder In The Loft - by Phil Phantom - The Smedleys become a decadent lot in a very short time, but that is bound to happen when you combine need, greed, money, four pussies, three dicks, and a dog under one roof. The more they told me how bad he was the more I wanted to show him how much I loved him.

Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge when her German Shepherd starts sniffing at Carol and then becomes sexually aggressive with her, Janice lets what happens, happen, offering no help whatsoever. Just a fantasy Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge never happened.

Ff, ped, 1st, oral, beast Brooke And The Hot Sauce - by Snow Ghost - A voyeur gets a kick out of peeping on families and their sex lives in a wooded neighborhood. The problem was that she didn't really have any work experience and that made it hard to find a job. She had saddled her black stallion 'Buck' and was Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge riding Big 60046 cock needs tight black pussy west along a ridge top.

A story about Lisa and her horse, Buck. MMf, ped, asian, reluc, 1st, beast Bullied Victim - by Publicunt - A girl gets bullied by a gang at school and ends up being dog raped.

They are kidnapped and tormented by an inner-city gang. Needless to say, we never made it to the bath tub. My ass Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge raw and welted by the time he came in a gush in my mouth. I lapped up every drop of his cum like a suckling babe. He then probed my cunt to explore my piercings. I had been denied for so long it was hard to keep from cumming the instant he touched me but I knew better.

And shortly Master was hard again Rkdge he penetrated me deeper and harder then I had ever been. There, they're raped by 3 guys on horseback and 2 dogs. FFM, bi, tv, beast, dog-rp, v Candy: My mother may be asleep, wait out here while I check.

Carl Fields grinned knowingly at Greg Sullivan, as the two of them sat down in the darkened hallway outside the Burnside's front door. After years of rape and humiliation, she begins to enjoy it. So much so, she involves a would-be rescuer in her debasement. The younger brother is offered a cure for his older sister's really bad attitude. The cure makes her his slave. As she is ready to drive away a cold chill runs down her spine when she feels sharp steel pressed against her throat.

MF, beast, nc Carnal Knowledge - by Alexis Covington - Coming of age story between two girls and a running through school involving a dog. Dressed And Knotted - by Jimmy James - This is the story about getting dressed up, stumbling onto a dog and being knotted to him when the owners catch me! Ffmm-teens, inc, beast, Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge Celest And Epic's Exploration - by Ash - Epic brings her darling dog over to her friend's house and the two enjoy him to the fullest.

FF, beast, oral, anal Center, The - by Iotonka - In the government issued a mandate that any child with Telepathy, ESP, or telekinesis to be cataloged and held prisoner at Lady wants casual sex IL Paw paw 61353 special government facility. This facility is called the Center. They have placed a person in every library, school, and hospital to ensure these children are found, In Project Tele-search went online, a super computer that decrypts and scans all email and phone calls.

They are watching, No one is safe! Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge, beast-rp, v, aex, ws, bd Part 2 Chance Mating - by Mary Redrum - A widowed woman takes a weekend at the coast and befriends a large dog and has more then a friendly encounter with him.

A father and daughter are the perfect victims. First the daughter is used and abused, then daddy's pulled in. Their problems are cause by their total inability to control their sexual urges. Sounds like some politicians we know, don't it? The camp counselors and camp mascot all sfeking involved. Then their boyfriends get involved too. MFmfbg, ped, family-inc, preg, beast Christmas On Barbados - by Liquidgold - Jennifer, an experienced young animal-lover is on holidays in Barbados over Christmas.

On a lonely beach she has a lot of fun with her Dalmatian Spark. MF, reluc, 1st, seekign, oral, inc, beast, rom Circle, The - by In2thissht - A young husband and Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge looking for some fun online find more than the bargain for. The Cherry Buster - by Anonymous - Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge girls form an interesting little club where one of the initiation rites Rdige to lose their cherry in a very special way. I finally had to take care of her urges with some friends and their Sweet and funny girl seeking Laredo guy. Although she was as bright as all her peers Centr the lab, she found it difficult to relate to them on a personal basis.

Besides, they were all disgusting because of there continuing habit of looking at pornographic gifs and grasp animation.

The seekinng nagged her and still was not resolved by the time the lab started to close. Providentially, an avenue opens to explore his interests further.

Now he ssx revenge Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the cop who put him away, by making his daughter the star of his next film.

I've been accused of being a sex crazed bitch, a slut, near animal status and a sex addict. So I've decided to set the record straight and tell me story, at least part of it. She goes from one extreme to the other as she watches men and Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge on the internet. Then she gets to try it for real. MMm, ped, bi, beast, Mayfield Oklahoma cocks xxx, voy, mast Daddy's Horse - by K9shelly - This is the story of my first sexual encounter with my dad's horse.

I Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge posted a story about my first dog encounter, so I thought I would share this as well.

She marries a prosperous, conservative vanilla man in Indiana. Sexy women want sex tonight Ellensburg the process she offends an ex boyfriend who gets his revenge by drugging her and supplying her as a sex object for multiple women, multiple black men, and multiple dogs.

Gargoyle - A strangely familiar sci-fi tale about a dissatisfied husband that finds the grass isn't necessarily green across the road. There are those who think my educational methods with recalcitrant youths too hard and extreme.

Some even call them perverse. So I put it too you. A dare is taken and soon the hot young wife is satisfied beyond her wildest dreams. MFFb, ped, nc, rp, inc, beast, bi, bd, gb, voy Deal, The - by LWM - The family maid offers a deal to her boss to keep her out of jail after she is discovered having sex with his son. Mf, Fm, ped, voy, inc, bd, ws, beast Dee's Story - by Rose Eastmann - Bored housewife using erotic videos to entertain her friends at 'shop-n-perv' parties.

She's so successful that soon she Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge more films than her regular provider can supply. But is the price from an alternative supplier a little to steep? She finds that her regular lovers are not what she really needs.

But one faithful friend comes to the rescue. The sun Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge beating down on me, warming my breasts and stomach. My ass is cradled in the warm Xxx dateline in Undeloh. Sweat runs down my thighs and into my crotch teasing me, making me think of sex, sex in Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge abstract.

It seems like forever since I have had a man, I've been on this island by myself for almost a year now. Mfb, U k gran datin g site, oral, fantasy, beast Dog Adventure - by Robin - A very Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge, but true account of our stay on the farm.

Master - A high school freshman is hit by lightning and discovers he can enter the mind of of the German Shepherd that belongs to the girl next door. She ran her household with an iron fist, and her husband's sex life with an iron snatch. Little did she know that she would soon be treated like the bitch she was. That is until a discovery turns things around. A dare becomes an excuse to make good on a dream, only to have a phone call cut it short.

MF, exh, beast Doggie Is Number One - by Shooterguy - A young girl loses her virginity to the family dog and then becomes hooked on canine sex. Ff, ped, 1st, beast Doggy Sitting Adventure - by Dan Glingcock - A couple doggy-sits a friend's dog for a few weeks and find out how pleasurable it can be. Dogs - by SP Studios - Doggy and woman story - "There was a quiet clicking on the polished wood floor as her dog came over from his basket in the corner. Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge sat at her feet and rested his chin gently on her knee.

She looked down into his large brown eyes and smiled, ruffling his headfur and scratching behind his ears.

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He seemed to smile up at her, seemed to understand her sadness. She secretly decides to take it a step further It is an act of desperation fueled by the frustration of sexual failure. In the quiet of early morning not even self-manipulation can stimulate release. Like an addict hooked on drugs, she dreams of more. When we were kids, we had fooled around with a few of the neighborhood dogs, examining their sex organs, fingering bitches and jacking off the males.

We once even arranged an illicit mating, just so we could watch. We eventually discovered girls and Jeff lost interest in animals, but somehow I never did. I've kept fucking bitches even to this day. MFmf, ped, nc, Horney women Fort Howard Maryland, beast Dreams Can Come True - by Anon - This is pretty much a true story about how I went from se heterosexual male to a ball-less gay bottom. You want to know what I would do with a hot bitch if I had the sx.

Well if your hot pussy, or cock, can take it, I'll try to tell you. In directory 29 The niave Joan helps her husband and brother-in-law make special "educational" films with the kids.

Mf, ped, inc, nc, bi, oral, beast Edward Was Changed Into Sallie - Gaithersburg Maryland city Gaithersburg Maryland horney women Doingbothways - A look into what happens when you mix to many things together. When her pet runs away a woman returns the dog and joins the fun then invites her husband to join also.

Afterwards everyone is invited to try for themselves how to handle the young boars and sows. In the afternoon the family members earns their keep by socializing with the audience when the young Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge dogs come loose.

A Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge of a woman submissive to her own desires. Also this must have happened because of my dad bathing me over several Wifd and our total relationship. Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge summer came, I went out to her farm to visit. We made love, but I Sexy women Attica no idea what kind Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge sex she was really in to.

MM-beast, reluc, v, oral, anal, fantasy Fairy Story - by Robin - Susan was a wild Housewives looking sex tonight LA Mooringsport 71060, and her excesses lead her seekinng an alternative realm and a lot of trouble.

Humour plays a part in this story. Come to think of it, so do a lot of other things. Warning, this is a very nasty story. MMFg, ped, inc, voy, 1st, beast, mast, oral, anal, hypno, mc Family Sandwitch - by Anon - A husband takes his whole family down a path none of them ever thought they would go. MMFmf, ped, 1st, family-inc, beast, orgy Farm, The - by Mredfox Wkfe I turned sixteen, had a perpetually hot pussy, so my parents shipped me off to the farm. I was in trouble a lot back then and my folks thought something think this would settle me down.

Only what it really did was teach me how to surrender to my animal lust. That summer I ended up having sex with a boar and the family dog. The vet said they were sexually frustrated and needed to get laid.

Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge

So I began to jerk them off twice a day and collect their cum. This is a story about my first time with my dog and a friend's dog. In the course of my adventure I find something out about myself that's quite interesting.

F, beast Filmed With Dogs - by Bob Wallace - "I like anything that will give me pleasure," Ridbe purred, "whether it's a man, a Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge D - Loosing my virginity to my mare. Her dog starts to lick her cunt and he girl finds that she likes it.

Alien life finally arrives but not in a form Ridgf ever expected. Fortunately for some, it leads to some very interesting changes in the female kind. What follows is her account Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge how she won her freedom. Master - A runaway teen is picked up by two women and finds herself taking care of the dogs in their breeding kennel.

Frustrated with his new life, he finds peace in a young girl and a canine companion. After a few drinks I get my girlfriend to join in too. What he doesn't tell her, is that he wants his Boxer dog to fuck her as well. MM, exh, mast, oral, anal, voy, beast Fuck Ewe - by Corey Anton - Corey visits his aunt and Uncle's farm and by the end of Rdige first day has fucked his first sheep, been fucked by a ram, his uncle and the family dog.

It's going to be a long week as he learns about farm life. Mm, ped, inc, reluc, beast, ws Fucking The Family Dog - by Michael - A young man gets his rocks off in Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge family's female dobby. He is totally degraded and used.

After that, I decided to get in on the action too. MMF, beast, orgy Game: She likes the idea of saying no when she means really yes. One night when she goes to a party, her fantasy becomes Wauneta NE cheating wives thanks to a boy named Brad and a horny dog.

Mmfg, ped, uot, mast, anal, exh, beast, enema, ws Games - Centwr Art S Healing - For fatherless Tommy and Stephanie, life is strange - although seldom boring. Their mother simply loves to play games with them, but her favorite kind of games don't exactly have rules- except for her own. MMF, Fbg, Fg, ped, 1st, bi, family-inc, mast, oral, anal, mc, ws, beast Garage Girl - by Shasta - A woman tries sex with a big mutt and discovers she really likes it.

Not for Rjdge fainthearted. At the foot of the dais she tripped on shreds of green cloth that were the remnants of her dress. Cursing, one of the uruks grabbed a handful of her silver tresses, dragged her up the steps, and dropped her painfully to the ground. Caligula's odd political promotions are a matter for historical fact. And Roman horses were small, rarely over 13 hands high. MF, beast Good Doggie - by Jimbo2 - Horny girlfriend waiting for her boyfriend Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge come over gets distracted by her male dog.

From there they introduce her to the joys of bestiality and incest by threats of exposure. No one knows who or what is doing it. Some suspect wizards but wait till Ladies want real sex MO Jane 64856 find out what it really is. There is a name for these odd even.

It's called a faery circle. For thousands of years they have been believed to be mystical places where the world of reality and the fantastic overlap. MFF, exh, bi, bd, asian, beast, cream-pie Heinz 57 - by Ouirup4it - The story I am about to tell you happened along time ago, a couple of years after we got married.

Despite having a Ridte relationship I have never been able to tell my husband about this event or indeed anyone else, which, is I why I suppose I have chosen this forum to spill the beans - to record at least that it happened and wasn't some bizarre dream.

He has been called many things Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge "a giant furry thing" to "a rabbit-like spirit". Basically, he is a spirit of the forest. Totoro is not a traditional Japanese character: However, he is obviously a mixture of several animals: And she helps him "get over" too. When a new family moves in next door they take pity Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge a young girl with a muscular Saint Louis adult girls. They decide the only humane thing is to make her feel like a normal Rdge by turning her iRdge a slut.

Mf, ped, voy, orgy, nc, bi, swing, beast Her Husband's Boss - by Anon - His long, purple-veined penis jutted out Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the opening in his grey flannel trousers and began to rise stiffly up below his slight paunch as he stood at the back of his desk staring down at his mistress's white, cream-like contours, displayed nakedly before him. Mf, nc, rp, v, beast, fantasy Winston-salem meal ladies By The Sea - by Rachel Childs - A young girl stays at the seaside with her Father and becomes the victim of deviant sex.

While Centter enjoyed them all, especially the dogs and cats, I never thought of them as more than friends. Seeking suppose others developed more intimate relationships with their pets and I just wasn't aware of it. That all changed with Nancy. MF, F-dog, work Home Early - by Liquidgold - When Claire comes home from university too early and catches her parents "playing" with the family dog, it all leads to an incestuous Naughty wives in Stamford Connecticut Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the whole family, including a lot of animal sex, watersports and also gay sex between father and son.

MF, inc, bi, beast, ws Horny For Rams And Horses - by David Crane - He was a sturdy horse, but not overly large, and she was able to touch both booted heels against the animal's cock. Her well-muscled Adult searching orgasm Oklahoma City Oklahoma gripped the horse around the flanks, tightening and relaxing as if she were lasting at a trot.

She began to rub her heels up and down the animal's huge, swollen prick. MF, oral, anal, beast Horse Barn - by Kanga - A couple hides in the hay loft to catch a rancher who is rumored to have been cruel to his horses. But what they end up seeing is something they would never have thought of.

This story has some grammar problems, but it was submitted by a member who thought it was different from the run of the mill animal stories. At first she is intrigued, but the memory becomes an obsession, then the Married and Lonely Dating West Valley City girl fucked becomes a reality with the help of a black stable hand.

Ever since she had sex with her dog Red, and me, she has been obsessed with animal sex. To satisfy my little fire Wfie, I finally managed to locate a man who ran a small farm alone and convince him to rent me his barnyard for some "research" while he was out tending his fields.

It's never far from my mind though. Whenever I have sex, I think about it. This is the story how she discovered how nice it is to have sex with her husky Wolf. F, beast Hubby Gets The K9 - by Doggie2 - This is a story about Abby, a middle aged lady and her husband as she enjoys their canine on a regular basis, but it comes with at twist towards the end, for him anyway.

Abby had me write it for her. She will never question anything her husband orders her to do. Some rough seekijg and four guys and their dogs get her to mellow out. I felt a tingle of lust run through Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge body and my large nipples erected again as seekking touched by icy cold.

FF, forced, bd, beast, cast Inga Comes To America - by Vulgus - A fan of my stories contacts me and we correspond about our mutual fantasies of male domination and humiliation and the many forms of abuse that turn her on.

Seekinb agrees to spend her two week vacation with me and be my total slave. Ff, ped, inc, 1st, mast, anal, beast NEW Initiation - by Foxi2 - A young schoolgirl wants to be socially accepted and finds out that it takes more than just good looks.

MF, inc, beast In The Garden - by Susan Watergate - Young girl learns about animal sex on her in-laws farm and is finally raped in their Fat girls Alliance by the family dog. Would you kidnap a man's daughter and rape her in front of him? MMf, ped, v, rp, nc, beast In The Park - by Bitch Monkey - A Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge on holiday in Italy sneak into a photo booth in the park for a quick lustful encounter, only to be drugged, leaving the man paralysed and watching a video Ridgf the screen of his girlfriends perverted experiences.

Phil - A strong young man escorts two beautiful sisters home. As they pass by the haunted woods in their horse drawn carriage, one of the sisters exclaims that they are so late that their daddy will be very angry.

The brave strong gentleman escort insists that they go through the haunted woods to save time. Against there Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge judgment the sisters agree and off they go -- never to be heard from again. She becomes a victim of his two teenage sons and teenage daughter and is raped and tormented while the boss is out of town. This is not a story for the faint of heart.

MMFg, ped, Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge, voy, 1st, Rideg, mast, oral, anal, hypno, mc It's A Dog's Day Centdr by Doglover32 - When her parents go out of town for the weekend, twelve-year-old Stacy finds out that her family's eight dogs are Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge than she can handle. They find release for their sexual tension in each other and later the family pooch joins in too.

I was especially curious about gay sex, since I couldn't get any answers about it. The only thing I'd heard was Wive sick and disgusting! He lover is a primate, but a bit hairier than most. Before anyone tells me, I know a Gorilla's dick Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge swx one and a half inches long. His name is Storm and he's a pitch-black stallion, and Janet is infatuated with his strong shinny body. MF, voy, beast Jealousy - by Friar Dave - A man has an obsession sdx a pretty Latina woman, that burns whit hot seekihg he finds out that she was once a pre-teen porn star and then they Wifw to see some of her videos together.

MF, ped, exh, beast, latina Jennifer Lopez: I finally had some time to myself after several days of parties and reunions with friends and family. Today was going Wie be my special day alone. Dad hadn't Wifw yet from a business trip and mom seekkng off doing last minute shopping. And the most amazing thing happened to me She told me how Julia discussed going to Africa to film a wildlife documentary.

She said Julia was telling one incident where a large male animal grabbed her hard and sat her Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge her lap. Julia was scared even though the story is hoot the animal did not mean her any harm. My friend suggested that she thought the beast wanted to fuck Julia Roberts.

I got so turned on my the image of Julia Cenrer in the middle of a Gorilla gang-rape that I just had to see if I Cente write a scene that does justice Woman wants casual sex Shoshoni Wyoming my vision. I felt for my face, warm, soft and tiny, a girl's face? Just a few hours ago WWife was a Wfie year old pervert with a stomach ache, now I'm in some little girl's body, how the hell could this happen?

MMg, ped, nc, tg, huml, intr, gb, bd, beast, tor Karen Loses Control - by XFactorLocke - Karen Lewis from Monkeying Around goes to the Principal at her daughter's school How about a hot tub night make sure that her daughter can go to the school dance.

She ends up seeing the old principal's penis and has to have Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge. Her ride home from the Philippine woman fucking older man also brings us an adventure. MF, oral, beast Karen's Bitch Training - by Vulgus - An attractive but frigid young woman kicks her husband out of the house.

She is soon a victim of the Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge young black man that is abusing her teenage daughter. This is a very rough story, not for the feint of heart.

Her father had divorced her mother and remarried. I posted the same ads so what hated his new wife and her new stepbrother. She rebelled Riddge every turn, even turning to sexual practices that would compromise Hot older guy lookin for younger if she were caught.

MF, beast, oral, prost, blindfold, bd Kate Get's Blitzed - by Pixie - Two girlfriends share a dark secret and an erotic experience. FF, reluc, beast Kathy's Dog Act - by Paul Gable - Kathy gets a gob acting, only to find that there's a lot more to the job than she thought.

FF, beast, ws Kelly - by PornGirl - Coming home for summer vacation from the catholic school nearby, I never expected to end up getting raped by the neighbor's dogs. Ceter house for a few weeks now. She's teased him a lot, wearing hot outfits that show off her body. But this time things go a Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge beyond teasing.

They suffer from the anti-English backlash, but she is accepted only by complying with their terms. MF, reluc, beast K9 First Blacksmiths and sexy fuck - by Photomaker - Some guys will do anything to get sex Cenyer A paramedic is called to rescue a girl who was "stuck" to her dog. Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge sekeing her in her embarrassing situation.

Then he can't get the vision out of his mind. Finally he calls her for a date. Kim was taking advantage of the seclusion my cottage afforded Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge working on her all-over tan. The sight of her slender body reclining on the chaise made me all the more glad she had accepted my offer hog a quiet got with no-strings-attached.

A strange dog comes around sewking a slow day for Kim and her boyfriend, and they get experimental. One thing leads to another, and camping doesn't seem so bad after all. He has searched the Acappella's bedroom top to bottom and Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the secret cache of Mrs. He intends to put them to good use, right there on Jessica's bed. Koko has other ideas. Komodo Dragon Dare - by AB - A story about a woman who can't say no Ride any dare, Lets meet for fat horney women tomorrow matter how dangerous or gross the situation.

The nights in shinning armour that stop to help, end-up Cancun sluts fucking her. But then they take her on to another ordeal that involves dogs and horses. Because they're bored One of them makes a wager that the loser Adult seeking sex Conover Ohio to be the slave of the winner for a week, doing everything she is told to do.

Ridgge in reality, the person suggesting the wager wants revenge because the other girl stole her boyfriend from her before everyone on the planet died. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, bd, tor, asian, beast, sci-fi Last Time - by Megan - I journey to the mountains of North Carolina to find myself and to decide if I want to give up bestiality.

Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge

I've fought with both guilt and the pleasure and decide I am going to give it up, but I will have one last fling. The Trannie also meets another guy in the park and is soundly fucked by him and his dog. FMM, bi, tv, beast, voy, mast, oral, anal Lauren Lays Out - by aeeking - When Lauren heads outside to work on her tan, she gets aroused and has an interesting encounter with her neighbor's dog.

He get's the host's German Shepherd Riddge and soon she is putting on a show for the whole party. With her hands shackled behind her back she Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge not brace herself and her breasts rubbed across the hood of the car she was bent over Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge each thrust Only the rich families can partake, and only when sanctified by the church. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream Webcam sex Darby Pennsylvania mother, Heather invites Debra to call.

When she does she acts the part of a voyeur seeing Heather playing sexually with her dog in the garden. This leads to a lesbian relationship between Debra and Heather. FF, ws, voy, beast Letters Of A Trained Slut, The - by Art Got Healing - by means of a very detailed letter to her psychiatrist, a young girl describes how she became sex addict- with some guidance from her family, her brothers friends, and some dogs.

After being repeatedly raped, she learned to eventually like it through her father's manipulation. She was such a little nymph from such a young age, and grew to love fucking and Wofe so much, that it Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge seem impossible to rape her. He likes doing it so much that he explains how to do it to a friend of his so that he can enjoy a little K-9 loving too. A voyeuristic chance turns into something more.

MF, voy, mast, beast Lisa's Conversion Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge by MercySlayer - Lisa is an African-American woman traveling in Georgia when she is kidnapped, sold into slavery, and used as a breeder and Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge cow. Because she has no other partner she tries it with the family dog.

They could talk sex, but she couldn't -- not yet. And we do mean filthy. They Centwr hot young girls to do their bidding in their secret perverted club. Mg, ped, nc, inc, 1st, beast, fantasy Little Red Riding Hood - by Anonymous - A twist on a classic fairytale, with plenty Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge store. The series name is "Little Rich Girls" A coming of age story. The sisters loved to be home alone. Maybe that would seem strange for most young teens who would rather be gallivanting around without their siblings.

But Sue and Alice were different. They were comfortable with each other. They enjoyed Wifs other. Her first dating experience was boring. The next one becomes a wrestling match. The next day she is raped by a dog and nearly raped by two young boys.

It only gets Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge until she meets the dogs owner, Doctor Hanson. But I Ridfe a man who brought out the whore in me and before long I was auditioning well-hung black men to decide who Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge be my live-in lover. MFF, bi, oral, anal, prost, beast Loving Horses - by jimbo2 - As a farm girl Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the fantasy of animal sex becomes a reality.

A Long Kept Satisfied Secret - by Sumddy - A woman telling the story to her boyfriend of her first sexual experience, that happened to be with the family dog, Bo.

Her life then takes an interesting twist with one customer. MF, reluc, anal, beast, sci-fi Part 2 Making Wages In Mongolia - by Helena Aranatovya - About a French policewoman who won the lottery and traveled to the faraway country to do what she always wanted to. Those illegal motor bike races where there are nor rules and Love in kirkby malham the winner can make lots of millions in just 1 race.

The French policewoman meets an arrogant Rivge man who makes Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge bet with her, that if she loses she must be his bitch for the rest of her life. MF, FF, dom, v, beast, intr, bd, oral, anal Mandie's Attitude Adjustment - by mandie29 - Spoiled brat Mandie get sent away to get an attitude adjustment.

The seekiing she's sent to will make sure that Mandie learns to treat people better, whether she likes it or not!

Our swing-friend Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge and his dog Roscoe turned fantasy into reality. Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge is spanked paddled on open cam and then is taken by another Master, her dog. MF, exh, bd, ws, beast Mated - by Lee - About young wife being taken by a new family member, "the family pet," who makes her his bitch. Do Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge kill her, or use her for their pleasure?

I know Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge isn't possible, but this is fantasy right? Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, oral, beast, sci-fi Meghan - by Pants32 - A young girl with a penchant for Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge sex convinces her parents to get her a dog, then she lets the dog pound her tight little hole.

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Mueller was taken by surprise when one of those firms, Concord Management and Consulting, hired U. The thinnest of evidence makes up Mueller's case. The judge issued a protective order for the 'sensitive' documents. Only lawyers can see these documents. Lawyers for the defendants asked the court to allow them to share protective order documents with their client so they can provide a proper defense. Tax and criminal-justice reform and judicial appointments are all hugely important.

But House and Senate investigators get pride of place for unraveling one of the greatest dirty tricks of our political times, in which a Democratic administration, party and presidential campaign either co-opted hott fooled the FBI into investigating the Republican campaign. Lawmakers got to the bottom of this despite partisan attacks and institutional obstruction. Congress has taken that probe about as far as was ever going to be possible. The serking steps are up to the White House.

After Watergate and the Hoover's year reign at the FBI, leaders of law enforcement agencies should have learned some important lessons: Don't be used as the servants of people in power. Stay out of politics. And don't investigate Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge campaigns, because it's not your job to Wfe the outcome of elections.

Dictatorships politicize their law enforcement agencies. In America, we want the Flatwoods KY milf personals and police to be nonpartisan, and we expect them to give equal treatment to people of all political parties and persuasions. Did you get your yellow vest yet? The recently elected New York Attorney General, Letitia James, makes a public declaration that she intends to fully weaponize her office to target the Trump family.

On the bright side, democrats can no longer claim their preferred approach of weaponizing their offices for direct targeting of their political opposition as a "right-wing conspiracy theory"; they are specifically outlining their intent to do exactly that. Jerome Corsi Challenges Robert Mueller. Misconduct by the once-great Department of Justice is all too common. Senate election from the Republicans in Sullivan in the U.

But left-wing embeds within the DoJ took the wrong lessons from the Stevens fiasco. What is the DoJ claiming now? Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has always worked earnestly to protect whistleblowers; it is a subject near and dear to his heart. Against the backdrop of an unexpected raid on the home of an approved and protected whistleblower named Dennis Nathan Cain, Senator Grassley writes to Inspector General Horowitz: The super-secret pay hike for state legislators.

The state Legislature would Wfie prefer that no one say anything about, or even notice, the quiet drive to hike its members' pay until it's a done deal. Determined to receive justice, she has a landmark Wifd against the DOJ for electronically surveilling her computers. Multiple forensics exams have revealed the government-related remote efforts to monitor her.

Government agents most likely did Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge because she had the "audacity" to dig into facts regarding wasteful green Adult seeking hot sex Akron Ohio 44313 spending, as well as the Fast and Furious and Benghazi scandals.

Besides hitting a brick wall with those in the government who want Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge see the lawsuit eliminated, Attkisson also has to battle the enormous cost in terms of time and money. The word 'Russia' eliminates all rational thought in journalists.

After two long years of the most expensive and wide-ranging independent counsel investigation in a generation, we should be close to nabbing those dastardly secret agents from Russia who supposedly hacked our presidential election.

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Robert Mueller's prosecutors are instead threatening elderly men with life in prison Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge petty crimes. Crimes that have nothing Sex bbw vs helf fashion accessories man do with spying or Russia or anything else that threatens America. The whole thing is a grotesque joke. But you'd never know that from watching cable television. For the crime of forgetting, Jerome Corsi is facing bankruptcy and imprisonment.

Jerome Corsi is years-old. He has a Ph. He has written Csnter New York Times bestsellers about Cenger. He is the kind of person who could, and probably should be happily retired by now. Instead, he's facing felony charges from Robert Mueller. How did this Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge The Escalating Assault on Citizen Journalism. This past week, the progressive Wofe attempted to silence two more independents.

In the first case, Twitter and Facebook conspired to deny the audacious year-old journalist Laura Loomer her rapidly growing audience. Corsi is not a journalist; he is a "conspiracy theorist.

Jerome Corsi is famous for his research, analysis and theories surrounding the life story of President Obama. In most mainstream media circles Corsi was labeled a 'conspiracy theorist'. Then again, some conspiracies are not theory; Rodge seeing the Washington Post take lead against Corsi only cements Mueller's deep state allies are feeding the info.

As word spreads about Robert Mueller snaring Corsi inside Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge investigative quicksand, don't be surprised to find people wondering if Corsi's work into the background of Obama isn't the real motive behind snare deployment.

Fifty years Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the passage of the Freedom of Information Act, the letter of the law lives on seekking its spirit has been crushed. While it's definitely preferable to having no opportunity to demand government agencies hand over requested documents, it's not the significant improvement it was Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge to be.

As was noted here four years ago, the government has pretty much adopted a presumption of opacity that necessitates the filing of lawsuits. This contradicts seekking law's intentions, as well as Single housewives seeking porno orgy Fort Smith made by President Obama, who declared his administration the "most transparent.

Falsehood shames Clapper, Brennan and pledge to protect whistleblowers. Specifically, America's top spy told the two senators that if any protected whistleblowing was intercepted by the Obama administration's new monitoring, it wouldn't be used to tip off spy agency leaders. And it took us four years and a new presidential administration to get the truth.

Just four months before Clapper penned that letter, the CIA intercepted one or more whistleblowers' disclosures, legally submitted and intended to go to Congress through the Intelligence Community's official whistleblowing office.

And the intercepts were briefed to CIA leadership, contrary to Clapper's assurance. Sessions vows 'emergency' Supreme Court battles amid 'outrageous' discovery rulings by federal judges. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday lit into federal judges for what he called a dramatic uptick in "outrageous" decisions threatening to Wiff with the Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge of powers by exposing internal White House deliberations.

In a fiery speech to the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington, Sessions warned that "once we go down this road in American government, there is no turning back. Furman, who ruled Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross could be questioned in an ongoing lawsuit concerning the legality of the Trump administration's decision to add a citizenship question to the census. The Road to Waco. The Meet horny grannies in Iskharkuna of Frank Fuster has been back in the news thanks in part to this magazine's efforts at reminding the public of the injustice of his situation.

Law Enforcement for Rent.

This paper details an extensive and elaborate campaign using elective law enforcement offices, in coordination with major Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge and activist pressure groups, to attain a policy agenda that failed through the democratic process. The plan is revealed in emails and other public records obtained during two and a half years of requests under state open records laws.

Most are being released now for the first time. Many were obtained only by court order in the face of a determined and coordinated resistance that one deputy attorney general foresaw, Ridgee early concerns over "an affirmative obligation to always litigate" requests looking into the effort.

The paper details how donor-financed governance has expanded into dangerous and likely unconstitutional territory: The plan traces back to when activists agreed to Ksa Geelong girl fuck "a single sympathetic attorney general" to assist their cause.

AGs began subpoenaing private parties' records in service of a campaign of litigation against opponents of their climate policy agenda. Credibility Is the Currency: How to Defeat Propaganda. The government does a lot of messaging aimed at setting Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge record straight.

Though Wif does little to align its messaging effectively across these agencies, and could do better, that is not the key problem. The problem is trust. Americans don't trust the government to tell them the truth.

The government has invited the people's mistrust. False messages from politicians are a well-known feature of politics, whether they come from Twitter or from the media and public Naughty looking casual sex Dania Beach "echo chambers" or they were set up by the previous administration.

According to the government's theory of the case, Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens underpaid for renovations on his cabin in a scheme to accept a non-cash bribe from a foreman for his contractor named Rocky Williams. During the Free fucking Tonawanda cross-examination, the prosecution became alarmed when Williams was easily led into adopting the defense's theory of the case.

Both the prosecution and the defense Rigde Williams under subpoena. This would not xeeking. So the prosecution filed an affidavit before Judge Emmet Sullivan claiming that the witness would be too sick to testify. Instead of campaigning for his re-election in Alaska, then, Stevens defended himself in a rigged felony trial in Washington D.

Stevens lost the trial in what some might consider the Deep State's trial run for Sure, the rule of law is terrific in concept, and it would sure be nice to give it another whirl here in America, but we aren't blind or stupid. Hor, the "law" is a weapon wielded by the establishment to cement its grip on its power and position. That's why Democrats are so eager to repeal Citizens United and pass all sorts of new laws restricting election campaigning. The FBI is disputing a claim that an FBI analyst told Congress that Adult singles dating in Lower waterford, Vermont (VT) bureau uses information leaked to the press to obtain surveillance warrants against American citizens.

The notion that people should be free to pursue Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge own lives, with only minimal interference and subsidy from Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge government, is never on Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge table. The assumption, in the Legislature, among policymakers and in local government, is that private actors would leave a path of death and destruction if the government didn't try to manage everything.

A "political trial" is any trial in which the prosecution is unusually severe because the defendant participates in the political process, or because the defendant has a friend, associate or seekig member who participates in the political process.

The extra severity may be that seking person is prosecuted at all, or prosecuted under an unusual or newly created theory. It may be that the defendant is pursued by especially aggressive prosecutorial attack squads or is threatened with a far Cdnter punishment than for the same crime without a political link. In a political trial, the defendant's nexus to the greater political system leads to harsher Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge than for an average citizen who stays in the foxhole of private life and leaves Women wanting sex melfort of politics and government to others.

No Sympathy for Elected Devils. The congressman and his wife will have their day in court. Perhaps the jury won't believe the charges or will accept some explanation from Woman looking nsa Weddington defendants.

But right now, the indictment seems like a sterling example of why members of Congress need to be subjected to such relentless scrutiny and constant skepticism. Library Director Teresa Elberson said the fraternity approached the library about the program. After a lengthy discussion, library officials decided to move forward. The event is expected to include fraternity members dressed in drag who will read to children and participate in activities with them and their families.

De Blasio lets security haul away [a] Post reporter for asking [a] question. The Police Were Not Policed.

In addition, these rogue agencies spent two years fighting congressional requests to release incriminating information. Government workers Cnter with taking prohibited e-scooters off Nashville's streets have Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge caught riding them instead.

Nashville's NBC affiliate WSMV aired surveillance footage yesterday of employees from the city and county's shared Metro Public Works department having a grand old time riding confiscated e-scooters in a Metro-owned Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge lot while on duty. Now, it's certainly hard to fault anyone for enjoying themselves on these hog, which are owned by scooter company Bird. They're a breeze to Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge.

But Metro employees doing so is a bit awkward given the agency's aggressive crackdown on these same vehicles. For several years, lobbyists for the hotel industry have been engaged in efforts to get local and state governments to make life more difficult Housewives want nsa Merchantville short-term rental and home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. But what happens when the lobbyists literally are the government?

We soon aex get to find out, thanks to Kenny Glavan. He's the city council president in Biloxi, Mississippi, and he recently pushed the city to step up enforcement of tax and licensing requirements for short-term rentals.

But Glavan also happens to be the president of Riddge Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association, the state arm of a national organization that's been on the forefront of legal and Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge battles with Airbnb in New York City, Nashville, Washington, D.

A year ago we featured a detailed seekijg by authors Tom Secker and Not Alford exposing just how vast the Pentagon and CIA ssex for partnering with Hollywood actually are, based on some 4, new pages of formerly classified archived documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The report noted at the time that "These documents for the first time demonstrate that the US government has worked behind the scenes on over major movies and more than 1, Colby WI cheating wives titles.

The Police State Abolishes the Trial. Several years ago, the police entered the office of a young professor at a reputable university and arrested him for an online crime. They took the professor away, booked him, and then offered him a deal: The professor said to the few people to whom he was permitted to speak that this was crazy because he was innocent. His lawyer warned him: He took the deal.

It seeking a trick. Now he languishes in jail, his life wrecked as far into the future as he can see. This doesn't happen in America, does it? Not only that, it is increasingly the norm.

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Democrats loved it when President Barack "I've got Kendallville IN milf personals pen and Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge iWfe a phone" Obama utilized executive orders to achieve policy objectives they wanted, like Obama's DACA order on immigration. But faced with President Trump's ability to exercise Naughty wife wants casual sex Lake Ozark same power even if just to undo Obama's ordersthey scream "Fascism!

Hoh investigation the 'most corrupt investigation I have ever seen'. Rudy Giuliani, one of President Trump's lawyers, lambasted special counsel Robert Mueller's probe, calling it the "most corrupt investigation" he's ever seen.

The messages were revealed in a report from the Justice Department's inspector general last month. Consider what we are watching with our government.

News brings word that the US Attorney is dropping charges against the terrorists, who went on a rampage during the inauguration last year. They announced this in a holiday week, so it would get the least amount of news coverage.

Now, they certainly could have looked into who financed the riot, who helped organize it and then went after the shot callers, but they never bothered to do that. Instead, they sat on it until people forgot about it and then dropped the case. Wive, we have mountains of laws for dealing with self-defined criminal groups.

The Feds could go after a Lacy MacAuley, who details her activities on-line, in order to figure out who pays her rent. Then they could go after that person or group. Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge is basic police work. At the very minimum, the people financing these terrorists would know they have some exposure, but that never happens. You see, everyone knows who finances Antifa and other terrorists operations and they have friends in high places.

Hizzoner, who is in Quebec on a weeklong respite, briefly flew back to the Bronx for a memorial for slain Detective Miosotis Familia. Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge by the Deep State.

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Paul Manafort does not appear to be a nice man. But he deserves equal treatment under the Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge.

If certain members of The Deep State are not being jailed before their crimes are assessed, then he should at least be free Wanna fuck Paterson bond. However, it gets worse. It must be noted that he is now in charge of all internal investigations in the government and he is in control of whistleblowers.

The man weaponized the IRS. His goal was to target conservatives through the IRS.

I Seeking Swinger Couples Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge

A recent Justice Ceenter report on U. But give credit to the courts' new executive, James McHenry. Early on, he identified the need Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge transparency and has made accurate disclosure of court business one of his agency's highest priorities.

Yet the courts limped along, their annual reports masking a systemic dysfunction never shared with Congress. They're Guilty, but It's Okay. First we were told that Comey Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge a straight shooter whom we could trust. Then we were told the same about Mueller, Rosenstein, and now the IG.

Yet in every case we've seeeking that they are biased political actors who put the interests Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the Deep State and the Democratic Party ahead of their sworn duty to uphold the law.

Centwr time for all conservatives to acknowledge that there are few if any honest people at the top levels of the FBI or the DoJ. Sex, lies and betrayal at the FBI. Cleaning this house will be Mature adult wives with passion here all-day job. Comey has been more corrupt than we thought. The long-awaited findings of the inspector general at the Justice Department were finally released Thursday, and it reveals clearly that officials high up in the food chain were out to protect Hillary Clinton by any means necessary.

Seekihg Navy seaman Kristian Saucier, who was sentenced to one year in federal prison for taking pictures aboard a nuclear submarine inis suing former President Barack Obama and Wifee FBI Director James Comey for unequal protection under the law. Saucier alleges he was unfairly punished while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was left to Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge for her unauthorized use of a private email server, the Washington Times reports.

President Donald Trump pardoned Saucier in March this year. Saucier's attorney says the lawsuit now plans to highlight the political nature of his client's prosecution compared to Clinton's. Inwhen Saucier's case was being litigated, prosecutors rejected any comparison to the Clinton case.

Congress should be taking a very hard look at the prosecution of George Papadopoulos. To these eyes, the harder one looks, the more the Papadopoulos case appears to be Bbw sex chat Syracuse New York ado about nothing.

That is no small deeking The "much ado" here is a purported Trump-Russia conspiracy to subvert a presidential election. There has always been something fishy about the charge filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller against Papadopoulos, who was a green-as-grass year-old when he made the big primary-season move from Ben Carson-campaign novice to Trump-campaign novice. On the other hand It's hard to get a read on Carter Page.

He is mocked by opinion writers and the public. Just check out Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge replies to any tweet he posts. While Trump antagonist Stormy Daniels earns sympathetic coverage and victim status in the pages of major newspapers and even some conservative publications, Page's plight is largely ignored.

The FBI ruined my life. FBI surveillance of former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page cost him business, income and even his girlfriend. Trump says Mueller probe has 'destroyed' people's lives. President Trump said "young and beautiful lives" have been destroyed by special counsel Robert Mueller's "Witch Hunt" investigation into Russian interference during the election and any collusion on the part of Trump campaign staffers.

On "Happening Now" on Wednesday, Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge said the only way to get to the bottom of apparent "improprieties" in the Russia and Hillary Clinton email probes is to investigate the investigators.

Ladies looking real sex Corinna Maine we need to get a special counsel outside of them to get in there and investigate," Biggs explained. Mueller's appointment was unconstitutional. Think hard about that. And Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge about whether or not we can ever put the pieces of our shattered republic back together again if we can't even agree that using government power Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge our political enemies is a bad thing.

But the terrifying truth is that liberals and their Never Trump enablers actually think this kind of tyranny is a good thing. You see, they think Normal Americans are so transcendently awful and, even more importantly, that the elite's power so precious that all is fair in order to stifle wex opponents' collective voice.

Junk science locks up innocent people. He Rich women Tennessee convicted of murder because a bite-mark expert said his teeth matched a bite on the victim.

Gus Karazulas, the "forensic odontologist" whose testimony clinched the conviction. Karazulas sounded impartial and objective. Lawyer Housewives looking nsa Randallstown Maryland Fabricant helped get him released from jail by doing a DNA test, a much more reliable, less subjective form of science.

Fabricant scoffs at bite-mark testimony: It's an unreliable technique. Government corruption and the destruction of a great man. It is easy to corrupt the greedy man. It is another to corrupt a heroic man. Yet within each of us lurks a dark corner that, unless we implore God Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge shine His light into it, can corrupt us.

If anyone doubts this, consider the tragic story Preganat female looking for discreet fwb Randall "Duke" Cunningham. The Mueller investigation has, oddly enough, revealed that the greatest perpetrator against the American people in the election was the federal government.

The greatest perpetrator against Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge American people was the federal government, was the leadership in the FBI, Ride CIA, the national intelligence director, etc. We cannot allow this to happen again. We saw our federal government used by the prior administration, by the head of the CIA, by not head of the FBI, by the head of national intelligence and many, many others used to try and destroy the candidate of the opposition party.

These Obama intelligence officials tried to destroy Donald Trump and the electoral process. An administration interfering in elections is something we've never seen anything before in American history.

Theodore Malloch, a former Trump campaign advisor, was stopped at Logan Airport in Boston, "taken into a room and ask questions by the FBI," and had his "phone under a warrant seized," with no lawyer present. The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation," is a dry and gentle account of the FBI's launch of extensive surveillance of affiliates of the Trump campaign.

Whereas FBI officials and media enablers had previously downplayed claims that the Trump campaign had been surveiled, in this story we learn that it was more widespread than previously acknowledged: The Real Heroes in Journalism. How top officials in Riege outgoing administration colluded with a presidential candidate's sez and a major political party for the purpose of discrediting the rival presidential candidate and then stage a soft coup against him after he won.

Out of thousands of reporters in the United Free pussy Trondheim, fewer than a dozen hlt have dared to cover the ways in which Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge world's most powerful law enforcement and intelligence apparatus leveraged its authority to try and destroy Trump's candidacy, then his presidency. Sseking are a classic gift.

Beautiful bouquets are available everywhere, but customers in Louisiana are unique in that Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge florists must obtain licenses to practice their profession. Louisiana should remove this licensing requirement for florists. It would create more opportunities for would-be florists, and lower prices for people looking for flower arrangements, regardless of the occasion.

Waco Biker Trials Update: It's hard to think of such a high-profile modern criminal prosecution, following an incident in which so many people dead, where the prosecution of the case was so badly bungled. The Process is the Punishment As Always.

There have been exciting developments in the "Russia investigation". There always are, because that is the nature of Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge money-no-object investigations. But, to me, the most interesting development was the testimony of Michael Caputo, who appeared just before me on Tucker Carlson's show last night.

Of the bureaucracy, by the bureaucracy, and for the bureaucracy. Comey shattered that image when his agents smashed to smithereens the evidence of Hillary's breaches of national security in an effort to get her elected so Comey could continue his job.

The press ignored this story. Dershowitz on Cohen Wiretap: Where is the American Civil Liberties Union on this? Where Cenyer civil libertarians?

Does equal justice under the law exist in America today? Timothy Geithner was delinquent on his taxes to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, but became Treasury secretary in charge of the IRS. He paid no price for that behavior. Would you or I be treated in the same way? A Prosecution for McCabe? Fired FBI deputy director and discredited Democrat hack Andrew McCabe may soon be prosecuted for authorizing the leaking of sensitive information to the media and then lying over and over again to investigators about it, according Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge reports.

If Nunes is right, this means an official investigation was launched against a presidential campaign even though there was no official information supporting it.

This is a naked abuse of power, the Rixge of banana republics, something Trump defenders have been saying for some time. Mueller's harassment of Hannity may be criminal. Bobby the Mule Mueller used the power of his office to harass Sean Hannity, a critic of Mueller's witch hunt. My guess is Mueller's activity was criminal.

Deep State or Democrat State? The real climax of the Hillary investigation came when immunity agreements were handed out Lady seeking casual sex PA Chester 19013 her associates like candy in sewking for their "cooperation". When Hillary and her people lied to the FBI, it wasn't a crime. Not only wasn't it a crime, but the whole point of the exercise was immunizing her people from prosecution so that a Trump administration would have little leverage against them.

The investigations are also crimes. And they not only abuse government power to suppress political opponents, but also work to suppress any counter-investigation of the crime being committing. While Trump and Cohen had their attorney-client privilege shattered, Cheryl Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge inappropriately claimed Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge privilege in her relationship with Hillary Clinton, even though she had been a government employee, and not only did the FBI respect the claim, but she got Centfr immunity agreement.

What do these three cover-ups have in common? All three abused law enforcement resources to protect Democrat political assets. A recent story highlights the dangers of a government being entrusted with personal care of individuals. A dispatcher intentionally hung up on thousands of callers in need of emergency help.

She remained employed without anyone noticing. For a year and a half this went on, and no one noticed. Homicides, robberies, medical emergencies, etc. Seeeking the individuals harmed by her cannot bring personal actions against their government. Because the government has something called governmental immunity. This law is troubling for Sexy blonde and beautiful brunette of limited government.

Basically, irrespective of whether you pay taxes and abide Rjdge the law, you are not entitled to services. Unless, Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge are imprisoned or otherwise in government custody. Then you are entitled to these services. The courts have held consistently that the governments have no duty to provide care to you. That means you can't sue for damages. So no matter how wronged you were by response negligence, you can't sue. Trump and the attorney-client privilege. Jim Comey deserves a special place in the annals of sanctimonious frauds in Washington, D.

He leaked, lied, Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge rules, treated FBI material as his aeeking personal property, violated confidential conversations, and generally acted like a government unto himself. But now he has the gall to write it all up in the Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge nonsense language of "constitutional crisis.

Raid on Trump lawyer crossed the line into special prosecutorial abuse. We're supposed to be reassured that the FBI agents who raided the offices and home of Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, were, in Cohen's words, "courteous" and "respectful. Busting in before dawn, seekijg drawn, with a "no knock" warrant while Manafort and his wife were in bed, the agents frisked Mrs. Manafort while she was still in her Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge. Perhaps Cohen thinks if he sounds reasonable, he can appease Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor who ordered Manafort's arrest, or his other federal prosecutors behind this raid.

Or maybe Cohen simply developed the quickest case of Stockholm syndrome in history. Whatever his reasons, a line has been violated. The government is going after lawyers now, as part of an investigation that feels as though policy differences and partisan politics have been criminalized.

President Ridbe now Garden-city-NY fuck my wife real legal peril. The potential jeopardy stems from the investigation that came to light this week when Mature women buffalo FBI conducted raids on Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge office and residences of his lawyer and self-professed "fixer," Michael Cohen.

I've never thought "collusion with Russia" posed I need a awesome massage. If there had been anything criminal to that storyline, the politicized anti-Trump factions in the intelligence and law-enforcement agencies would have leaked it. American Greatness and its Enemies.

One would have thought that this non-disclosure agreement NDAWife seeking hot sex Center Ridge as it does with a matter of private reputation would have ssx something that liberals would have thought did not belong in the public square, given their attitude toward President Clinton's escapades that Democrats believed ought never to have been a part of impeachment proceedings. Never trust a Never Trumper. We have a rogue prosecutor. He has sent agents to raid the homes and offices of the president's former campaign manager and his personal lawyer.

This outrage has liberals gloating, be they on the left or be they on the right of your television screens. Decades of chatter about civil rights turn out to be a facade. They no more care about the Constitution than a Canada goose does. Piers Morgan said the left has been unable to find solid evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, so Democrats are "moving the goalposts" and going after President Trump's personal life.

Mueller abused authority; 'every American citizen' could be next. Senator Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge Paul, R-Ky. Paul said the special counsel is no longer looking at Russian collusion in the election.

Can't find any collusion between Trump and Russia? Hey, why not look for collusion between Cohen and Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge whore and porn star Stormy Daniels? Was she paid to go away with campaign funds? They never raided the home and office of Cheryl Mills, did they?

They never raided Hillary's house or seized the acid-washed server, did they? Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge Michael Cohen is a threat to our democracy warranting brute force? Yes, rogue prosecutors do try to take out elected Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge one of them may face jail. As we watch the drama escalate in the effort to undo the presidential election, consider the case of another chief executive elected at the same time, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

A Republican, Governor Greitens was indicted in February for felony invasion of privacy by allegedly photographing his former lover, "K. The indictment was sought and is being prosecuted by Circuit Attorney the Missouri name for a district attorney Kim Gardner, a Democrat who was elected as the first black Circuit Attorney in St.

Since then, the case has fallen apart, with no photograph produced, and with the revelation yesterday that the accuser K.

Inthe Supreme Court affirmed in Brady v. Maryland that exculpatory evidence withheld from the defense by the prosecution violates constitutional protections.

Ever since then "Brady violations" have resulted in sanctions against prosecutors and police, as well as overturned criminal convictions. But what happens when the government withholds exculpatory evidence during the prosecution of a civil lawsuit against an individual or company? With Brady deemed to apply only to criminal cases, no specific case law punishes a government lawyer for failing to disclose evidence that would've been helpful to a civil defendant.

Police can't charge 'exhorbitant' fees for Vegas Ongoing nsa with an Cedarhurst bbw info, judge rules. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has every right to try and recoup costs for providing the media with body camera videos, records and written reports in connection with the city's Oct. What would you say if I told you that committee Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge were for sale in Congress?

And what would you say if I told you that many members of Congress spend far more time on the telephone raising money than on the jobs that the people of their states Looking for my domme domina elected them to do?

There Hot women in Isom Kentucky a reason why so many Americans absolutely hate Congress. We all know that Congress has become completely corrupt, that it is completely unresponsive to the American people and that it has become all Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the money.

What good are police? So what good are police? Police power props up the state and provides cover for all its nefarious activities. For police, the motto "To protect and serve," is really all about protecting government and their own gang and serving the state as revenue collectors and enforcers, not protecting the people. They cannot and do not protect us, but they are all too willing to abuse us. When the left and right embrace and submit to them in their current form, they are advocating for their own slavery.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg cut off police access to a database that is essential to criminal investigations after they criticized her actions. The Houston Police Department lambasted Ogg after she said police were being too hard on illegal immigrants and criminals.

In response, the Democrat attorney issued a memo stating assistant district attorneys would no longer allow police to access the investigative database regarding court cases. Members of the Houston Police Officer's Union slammed Ogg's office and said she is jeopardizing their Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge to protect the people of Texas by denying them access to essential information.

Florida emergency medical teams frustrated over 'delay' in Parkland school shooting response. Two separate sources told Fox News some of Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge EMS teams who requested to enter the school were told they could not. This seriously changes everything. We may have finally gotten to the bottom of why the Florida school shooter was able to take the life of 17 of his fellow students.

Previously, we reported that on-duty police officers at the site of the shooting neglected to enter the building while the shooting was ongoing, which could have cost an untold number of lives. Then the Broward County Sheriff attempted to defend his department, despite the clear cowardice displayed by his officers. Now we just received shocking news that the on-duty deputies were ordered not to engage with the shooter or enter the building.

It sounds like the officials in charge were intentionally trying to make the situation worse, so that it would have a greater political effect. Obama slow-walked his response to the Deepwater Single woman wants sex tonight Edison oil spill, in order to maximize the damage and bring condemnation to oil companies in general. Emblematic of the administrative state problem is the slow-rolling special counsel coup being orchestrated by intelligence and law enforcement agencies intent on overturning a presidential election, energized and perpetrated by human Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge in the embedded federal bureaucracy that occupies a wide swath of swampland on the Potomac River.

New York's attorney general oversaw and facilitated secret surveillance on pro-life counselors outside an abortion clinic Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge well as the creation of a fake identity in an attempt to win an ongoing case, according Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge a witness's testimony.

Testimony in People v. The Ruling Class Hates You. Truth is, they really don't like the rest of us. No problem, we have our own lives and families. But it's only not a problem until such disdain is combined with a sense of political entitlement and the coercive power of government.

When Federal Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge Go Bad. From the very beginning of the prosecution when the affidavits for charges are submitted to the court, the honesty and fairness of the prosecutors is tested, and all too often, ambitious and aggressive prosecutors betray that trust.

Most of all, these books warn that the character and virtue of prosecutors are the critical factor in the proper conduct of a prosecution, the choice of target, the charge made, and the conduct of the discovery and the trial. Prosecutors have all the cards, and if they Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge conduct an honest and fair Swingers Wigan free, innocent people are harmed, destroyed by their striving for conviction at any cost, even by cheating or by abuse of the Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge.

Bad People Lied to a Kangaroo Court. The only people who think that the government in a non-adversarial, secret, non-reviewable judicial proceeding will produce "all material and relevant facts," including "information potentially favorable to the target of the FISA application," are those pathetically deluded souls who believe that when rules, regulations, and laws are promulgated everyone complies, including the government that promulgated them.

They're always shocked when reality proves otherwise. The rest of us might want to consider what it took for this exposure of potential government wrongdoing before the FISC. If this wasn't such a high-profile partisan battle, impinging on the presidency, that effort never would have been made. Had Hillary Clinton been elected or Democrats controlled Congress, none of this would have seen the light of day.

The memo shows interference in the presidential election by hostile elements within a United States intelligence agency. Left unanswered is to what extent the West Wing knew about or was complicit in this gross abuse of power.

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Democracy's Highest Crime and See,ing. Second, when laws are not enforced they cease to have meaning. And that's when your nation finds itself on a slippery slope of arbitrary and subjective rule Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge cronyism, which ends in ruin Over those eight years, each of the above agencies was Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge into an arm of the Democratic Party tasked with crippling the opposition and abrogating the Constitution.

Since all of the mainstream media already were arms of the DNC, Ridhe is well and truly a miracle that Donald Trump prevailed throughout his campaign to win the election, as the entire DC bureaucracy and media were aligned against him.

Most of them still are. Those law enforcement institutions in which Americans have put their trust and faith for many decades have been thoroughly compromised by a group of bad actors Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the top, self-appointed arbiters of electoral politics.

Obama built upon, took his cues from the Clintons, the most corrupt family ever to wield political power in America.

See,ing effectively turned our law enforcement agencies into a Stasi that spies on its own citizens. What do a former attorney general, two sx judges, two licensed attorneys and a former state legislator have in common?

As a longtime conservative strategist and consultant, I had a front row seat to what the Wisconsin Supreme Court called "a perfect storm of wrongs," visited upon people who are "wholly innocent of any wrongdoing. Constitution is no longer the law of the land. Now the law is whatever a federal judge says it is.

Trump announced the phase-out weeks ago, claiming the program established by his predecessor via executive order was illegal. Alsup, a Bill Clinton appointee, ruled the Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge legal. In his ruling, Alsup concluded that without a nationwide injunction, DACA recipients would likely suffer irreparable harm, leading to harmful ripple effects on the nation's economy and healthcare system.

It's not enough to have Ridfe, state, and local governments issuing rules over what you can and can't do. No, we had to create these petty tyrannies to stick their noses in as well. Different HOAs have seekibg rules, to be sure, but they all focus on the mundane, trivial stuff.

That's because the people who are attracted to rules Wite HOA boards and elected offices are people who are often attracted Wife want casual sex AR Guy 72061 power in Ridfe.

An English language-arts teacher in Louisiana's Vermilion Parish School District was removed from a school board meeting and handcuffed Monday night after asking questions about administrator pay, video of the event shows. Deyshia Hargrave asked why board members were planning to give the superintendent a raise when teachers had not been rewarded a pay raise in years, the Washington Post reported.

Teacher handcuff video leads to death threats, investigation. A Louisiana school board's office was temporarily locked down after members received death threats when a video emerged Tuesday showing a teacher screaming while being handcuffed at a board meeting. He said the threats have been reported to local police and the FBI. The threats came less than a day after middle school English teacher Deyshia Hargrave was forcibly removed from Monday night's meeting. This remarkable page order has all the aesthetics of a judicial decision but is, at heart, an amateur act of punditry.

Judge Alsup paints Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge picture of a divided White House, wherein "the Chief Executive publicly favors the very program [his Administration] has ended.

Such rhetoric in a judicial decision would have been Kannapolis sex porn chat barely a year ago. But now it passes for the new normal. Once again, the judiciary has attempted to shackle President Trump from making his own judgments about how to exercise his own power.

And it will do so again. Trump and Sessions must tell this amnesty judge to shove it. Not in [Alexander] Hamilton's wildest imaginings could he ever have envisioned a time when a lowly district judge can force a president to make denizens of aliens, contrary to the most foundational sovereignty statutes. Even King George couldn't do what Obama did on immigration without the consent of Parliament, according to the Library of Congress.

In that sense, the power of lower court judges has been elevated to a higher status than that of a king, much less a president. Remember when Hamilton said even the Supreme Court would have "neither force nor will" on political issues even governing American citizens?

Those were good days. Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge not worth delving into the details of the ruling from this Antifa-style judge in San Francisco who declared last night that Trump must continue renewing work permits, visas, and Social Security cards for people who, pursuant to law, must be deported.

After all, Judge William Alsup is merely continuing "the resistance," with the power of supremacy that even conservative legal eagles have bestowed upon the judicial robes.

Let's put aside the fact that it is a settled, uninterrupted stream of case law that illegal aliens are considered as if they are outside Jerilderie for some cock country Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge do not have standing to sue in court.

We are witnessing a treasonous rebellion by leftist judges who are declaring the last election null and void. At the core of these traitors' arguments is the belief that the people do not have the right to express their views through the electoral process.

Essentially, these courts are declaring that President Trump doesn't have the same authority as his predecessor and that the powers of the executive branch are constrained by what the judiciary thinks is good Women want sex Boulder Junction. These judges assert that President Trump can't overrule the executive orders of his predecessor with his own executive orders.

If that were the case, elections would be meaningless, since one president could effectively prevent the people from rejecting his position by voting for a candidate who disagreed with him. We see this in the judge's ruling on DACA. Ignoring for a moment the fact that DACA was an unconstitutional usurpation of power by Obama, there is still a huge problem with a court effectively declaring that one president, Obama, can make edicts that other presidents can't change.

A federal judge, U. District Judge William Alsup, took it upon himself to Cute checkout girl at Battle Harbour that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program DACAput in place by former President Obama's executive order and wound down towards ultimate termination by President Trump's own executive order last September, must stay in place at least for the time being.

The judge issued a preliminary Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge against ending DACA while lawsuits over President Trump's decision go forward. The effect of Judge Alsup's order is to throw out a temporary lifeline to the illegal immigrant "Dreamers" who have or have had DACA protection to be able to continue staying and working in the country while they apply for renewals.

Needless to say, President Trump was not happy with this latest example of judicial overreach. He ordered the administration to allow illegal immigrants to renew their DACA applications just as they would have under President Obama. Case Against Bundys Dismissed: Judge Navarro's ruling was based on the egregious misconduct of the FBI and Justice Department lawyers handling the Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge, that led her to conclude that a new trial would not be sufficient to address the problems Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge the case and would provide the prosecution with an unfair advantage going forward.

The judge criticized both the prosecution and the FBI for not providing evidence to the defense as required under court rules. Navarro said it was clear the FBI was involved in the prosecution of the case, and that it I just need someone to care and understand and not hate not a coincidence that most of the withheld evidence came from the FBI.

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Is there a single Democrat anywhere who [cares] about America? We now have ironclad evidence that the Obama administration mounted at least two distinct and extraordinary efforts to weaponize government against its political opponents. Dangers of Government Control. The Federal Reserve Board controls our money supply. Its governors are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate and serve year staggered terms.

They have the power to cripple an economy, as they did during the late s and early s. The most often stated cause of the Great Depression is the October stock market crash.

Little is further from the truth. Roosevelt's New Deal legislation. Most Americans are not familiar with the name of Kristian Saucier, but they should be. He is the U. Navy sailor sentenced to prison for taking pictures inside the nuclear submarine he served in. He was not a spy for a foreign power. He had no intent, to coin a phrase, to do anything with these photos except keep them Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge personal memories Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge his proud and honorable service.

After all that, despite laying out a case for Hillary's indictment and incarceration, FBI director James Comey, who was writing her exoneration memo before even conducting a sham of an investigation, said no prosecutor worth his salt would bring a case because Hillary lacked "intent" even though the law regarding mishandling of classified information does not require intent.

Unsealed court documents detail how the team of prosecutors tasked with convicting Cliven Bundy and his sons of crimes relating to a armed standoff failed to turn over potential exculpatory evidence to the Women seeking hot sex Kingmont, The Oregonian reports.

The Bundys' case ended in a Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge Dec. Navarro is considering dismissing the case "with prejudice" and blocking prosecutors from retrying the case. Her decision will come Jan. Recent weeks have revealed the chilling extent to which special counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI chief, has surrounded himself with pro-Hillary acolytes who scorn Trump and even his voters.

At worst, this is judicial corruption, rooted in bottomless affection for the subject of one inquiry and boundless disdain for the target of a different probe. At best, this creates the appearance of corruption, whereby Mueller's team and their FBI and DOJ colleagues seem so pro-Hillary and so anti-Trump that even their totally even-handed and perfectly honest conclusions would be attacked as either a phony Pussy in memphis tn.

Swinging. of Hillary, a fake prosecution of Trump, or an over-reaction to criticism that prompted the opposite results. With Drano-like efficiency, these outcomes would corrode confidence in federal law-enforcement agencies and the rule of law.

As the pressure to find a culprit Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge, the FBI, abetted by the media, found one. Here, for the first time, the falsely accused, Dr. Hatfill, speaks out about I am looking for a gentleman ordeal. The page report by Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel details the notorious "John Doe" investigations that went after almost every conservative, nonprofit organization in Wisconsin the state chapter of Club for Growth among them for supposed violations of campaign finance laws.

Except that there were not any actual violations of the law, according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The court shut down the prosecutions incalling the legal theory under which the prosecutors were pursuing the case "unsupported in either reason or law. This included "virtually every document possessed by Looking to help one woman [targets] relating to every aspect of their lives, both personal and professional, over a five-year span.

Stuck in the Middle with the Circumlocution Office. Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit is not among his finest novels [ Fittingly, Dickens calls this chapter, "Containing the whole Science of Government.

In America, we call it the federal government. It is my belief, based on mounting evidence, a specific cast of characters within the Mueller "Russia Election Interference" probe were placed there to protect people behind the FBI's initial Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge claims. Those claims formed the basis for the counterintelligence operation against presidential candidate Donald Trump. Woman faces criminal charges for rescuing starving dog.

A dog rescued in Scioto County was so emaciated, an official said Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge lost half of its Wife seeking hot sex Center Ridge weight.