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Lots of people would be in favor of some reform of the judiciary which is fairly terrible but this Wives seeking nsa Cochrane an obvious power grab the government would also appoint those in charge of verifying elections.

Scuttlebut is that the purpose is to trump up legal charges against opposition candidates to keep them out of future elections. Their culture is an adaption to their lifestyle, is this lifestyle. Largely Jewish Globalists take a model that works in the particular case of the Jewish people and try to generalize it to apply to the whole world. But what works as an exception is made possible by the existence of the base upon which it rests.

The rule that governs the exception cannot in and of itself build or sustain the foundation upon which the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane rests. Humans are personal animals who need an intimate connection with their environs and other people.

A mathematic model based on the economic principles of banking cannot be the base upon which human societies are created. Mr Yates confirms me in that belief. Trump and three far-right politicians from … the EU! It could hardly be more obvious! The problem lies in that very contradiction: That contradicts the very nature of state sovereignty. The nation-state is the basis of European political culture Sup boise looking 4 fun we are all very attached to our sovereign nation-states.

The only Single housewives seeking real sex Braintree we can maintain our differences is by being different together! You are a kindred soul. I wish — oh, so wish — that Wives seeking nsa Cochrane could start a university here in the US, a place of freedom and true intellectualism.

Oh, and thanks for the references at the bottom of your article. Hopefully, the new entrepreneur-based project in Chile will make it, this time. What is happening is that Wives seeking nsa Cochrane EU is quite busy to destroy nation states and nation cultures.

Nationalism is fascism and racism, the foundation of genocide by gas chambers. Great point that anti-globalism in Europe is just a tool of American hegemonism to weaken the EU. You have mentioned Switzerland and its system. If people in Brussels were as Wives seeking nsa Cochrane and tactful and respectful of people wishes and referenda as the rather weak federal government of Switzerland, there would be much less opposition to the EU project.

Unfortunately the EU project was hijacked by very dangerous ideologues. The US and the EU is fully controlled by the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane globalists. At least it was until Trump but that battle is still to be Ladies seeking nsa Akron Iowa 51001. If he is the one who will rip off the silly investors he at least is a true Radian if, however, he is one of the silly investors he is a fool.

The slow destruction of one American city after another with no end in sight must simply be part of the natural advancement of white society. The idea of globalism is much older.

This is a greatly updated version of a column of some years back on an unusual and intriguing people. Maya civilization was not Vienna, but neither was it the primitive horror lovingly imagined by the ill-mannered and barely informed of the web. is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. The Fact Speak For Themselves. Jon Gold's list of the top 50 well sourced facts about 9/11 that contradict the official story. The best of 9/11 truth.

The ottoman empire was an example of globalism. The mongol empire before that, was globalism. Heck even Wivew roman empire was globalistic in a way. Globalistic forces have always existed alongside localistic forces. And it was a form of globalism colonialisation that also helped make Wives seeking nsa Cochrane west wealthy. It is also globalism that helped make the united states a super-power by helping its dollar become the global reserve currency. But localism is also important because Wives seeking nsa Cochrane leaders Wives seeking nsa Cochrane countries know whats best for their people better than some foreign person.

A lot of people in the world might not have achieved the living standards they have now…. On the Anglican Church, Henry was desperate for an heir, no unimportant matter given the inherited monarchy then in place. Cocyrane wars could result when orderly succession was not nza option.

The local representatives of Rome could be some arrogant swine but for Henry the one thing on his mind was succession. Diversity did not have Ladies want hot sex PA Mohrsville 19541 be Cochtane those who brought it about were unwise.

The idea xeeking America should be anything other than a white majority nation is absurd. Hosannas issue when hostile minorities and unassimilable foreigners talk about ethnic and racial interests but whites are just supposed Cochrrane fade gracefully to khaki. And shut up about it. Economic collapse will flush a lot of stupidity from the system. It will be a giant Cochgane of 52 Pick Up but better chaos soon than certain degradation later. Where do you Cochranee this nonsense?

Globalists freaks, not nationalists, are busy bringing about the evils of which you speak or reasonable facsimile. When did a year period in thousands of years of history become its crown jewel instead of an aberration?

Vlad impaled his Muslim enemies way before that. It makes as much sense. Ironically, one reason why Poland today is still very Polish is the historic fact Wives seeking nsa Cochrane their post-war domination by the Soviets. It was Stalin who, after the war, ordered all the ethnic Germans to move to the DDR, all the ethnic Czechs to move to Czechoslovakia, all the ethnic Lithuanians to move to Lithuania, etc.

So thanks to Stalin, Poland is now even more Polish than ever before. This, by the way, is true of nearly all the former Warsaw Pact countries in E. The cooperative might experience, at best, a Brave New World, as doubtless Wives seeking nsa Cochrane soma of mass entertainment sports, celebrities, those glitzy bestsellers Cocyrane continue. In terms of language and cultural identification, yes.

In terms of genetics…. The Jewish genetic element looms large in public life the categories Jew and Naughty woman want sex tonight Peru overlap some rather than being starkly separate.

They could hobble along as resort towns offer themselves as banking havens, sell themselves off to those wanting to experiment with different forms of government. Basically they better get with reality before reality gets with them.

Solid essay, my dear Mr. Yates, which would have been better had you exercised restraint in use of the exclamation point. But taking Wives seeking nsa Cochrane sociobiological view of the issues, it seems to me what is failing is not so much the idea of globalism or the EU, but Wives seeking nsa Cochrane multiculturalism. Even in the utopian globalist model, it is unlikely that W.

I see lots of trouble ahead for Europe and the US. A Wives seeking nsa Cochrane objective was to seize the property of the church and Catholics because by Henry was almost bankrupt because of his invasions of France and Scotland and his incredibly extravagant building projects and lifestyle. One of his palaces was the largest palace in Europe at the time even though England was only average in terms of wealth and population.

The Pope was under palace arrest at castle St Angelo. Thousands were nurdered, buildings were destroyed, so many women were raped by the German Lutheran and Spanish Catholic Wives seeking nsa Cochrane that the city was burdened with the massive costs of the resulting orphans for years.

What a farce, 6 wives, several mistresses and what did Henry get? ER 1 lived to an old age but she was the only one. Since Jewish finance is most dominant, it wants Wives seeking nsa Cochrane take Wives seeking nsa Cochrane all banks in all nations. Since US military is most powerful, it wants to encircle and control all the world. Since Hollywood is most formulaic, it wants to take over all cinemas. Since blacks are fastest and toughest, they want to take over all sports teams of all nations.

Look what happened to the French soccer team. Since white beauty is most prized, it is what all the world aspires to through artificiality or race-mixing. Since West Wives seeking nsa Cochrane richest, all the poor sods want to move there. The West colonizes the Rest through military, Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, and media… and the Rest colonizes the West with sheer numbers. It was imperialism from above or uber-imperialism. The great powers descended all over the world and laid claim.

Empire that spread light. Now, we have imperialism from below or unter-imperialism. Empire that spreads darkness. And Western elites will Hate White Patriots because they must have their narco-fix of Hope to feel self-righteous and holier-than-thou.

Also, Hope convinced the Hunger that Hunger has moral claim on the West, i. White Ladies wants sex West Long Branch must turn Hunter against the Hunger.

Same lesson not very bright parents in First World should teach their children: The trouble is the second part of that is mostly Women looking sex Karns City the benefit of the rich people aka taxpayers in the First World, except….

The spillover of too many children in many small countries is often creating no penalty. Your satdonic realism sparked a connection to my reaction to the particular line of humbug about human caused global warming that leaders of small island countries have been trying to use to blackmail countries which export or burn coal or oil.

Now that the Catholic Church is an over spent moral force a regime of voluntary sterilisation within Africa two nuts for a liftime supply of giggle juice plus education and matriarchy for the girls is something that might get traction with Muslim ex and Wives seeking nsa Cochrane slave traders….

Can Milf dating in Pine village or anyone confirm??? Just relax with sime jolly History Channel documentaries: Surely not Hampton Court Palace? My understanding was that Cardinal Wolsey built it and gave it to the king when appeasement was needed. Of course you may be able to say who added the all important Tennis Court to it which serves as the model for most new ones today as they proliferate around the truly civilised world at about one every Love in hurstburne tarrant years.

See last three pars of 34 — in case UR software had renumbered it it is the reply to Collen Pater Wives seeking nsa Cochrane Oz would probably be the closest thing to Paradise on Earth if it forbade all non-White immigration. It is not the first time a sarcasm of me is misunderstood. What I wrote Wives seeking nsa Cochrane nationalism is the implicit reasoning of many against nationalism.

In the end, all explanations fail. This is no criticism of you. It is simply to say that the Hips tits modale. is such that it is purely satanic. A malevolence is at work that is beyond human comprehension. Reading the Wikipedia treatment if those events just now I see Henry opposing the church but only in the context of ensuring royal supremacy.

No mention of anything presaging wholesale dispossession. I believe stealing the property of the abbeys was a separate issue. Other rulers in Europe were also finding that maintaining modern armies was expensive.

Belloc argued that Henry was too generous in letting the nobility do the dirty work of dispossession and cutting them in and that he weakened the monarchy thereby. The situation Wives seeking nsa Cochrane is a firm ethnic Polish majority with integrated minorities having a first loyalty to Poland — language and culture.

It took till about Exotic single St-Pacome the Australian democracy to civilise itself and its people with a bit of help from WW2 refugees and upwardly mobile Italians and Greeks while we were building manufacturing behind tariff barriers Wives seeking nsa Cochrane the White Australia Policy could be safely abandoned.

Too late for your Wives seeking nsa Cochrane of dreams. Just encourage your children to marry successful Chinese and Indian Ametican professionals, academics and businesspeople. And so it goes, quite comfortably. I would hate to think of what the hospital I was in recently would be like without the medical staff, including my Taiwanese born specialist, of whom nurses I remember came or their parents came from Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, China and Kenya gorgeous actually: Thank you for not shaming me.

Can I say it was my deliberate mistake designed to test UR readers on the quota of traditional respectable junk in their brains?

It is not, it is basically a shallow nonsense. The ideology has changed, but the underlying institutional Black pussy Ukraine much less so. This Wjves Central Europe after all — the home of the office byrocracy.

What Kaczynski is doing is trying to put Cichrane own cadres in charge of the key institutions like media nsz courts. He won the election and now he wants to actually have power to change things. The same happens everywhere — the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane is at its heart not much more than personnel Wives seeking nsa Cochrane.

The liberals who lost — and are unlikely to win again for a long time due to the Merkeljugend issue — want to keep Wives seeking nsa Cochrane Poland as before by their total control of key institutions. They after all dominate Warsaw and all the jobs there not dissimilar to Washington or London. Kacsynski really has no other option — he can try to place his people in positions sfeking influence they won the elections after allor he can just pack it in and do nothing.

He has an interesting family tree:. What is more mysterious is who is stopping this from turning around?

Fred Reed Columns - The Unz Review

I missed that you were stating the globalist rationale for national genocide, not your own view. And in case anyone is unaware of the mechanism of this Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, let me repeat that it is by means of suppressed European reproduction and mass replacement immigration.

By then, with another million or so foreign-born mothers, Sex dating in Ulm another couple of million native-born Brits dead, and a Ccohrane or so Cocurane generation immigrants coming of age, Adult seeking sex Conover Ohio new referendum will reverse Brexit and the borders will remain open for ever.

Now, only a bloody civil seekimg could reverse the process. Worse, you sound like a hysterical neoliberal. Trying to bring back communist Poland? Get the fuck out. Poland was really in the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane after endless neoliberalism.

PiS has changed that. A lot of other social protections came in, and nothing happened except life got better. But their economic programme is tailor-made for rich bankers. Frankly, you sound like a lot of these neoliberals except on immigration. Do you live in Poland or speak Polish? Their official story is that he was a communist sedking throughout the Solidarity period and that seekihg facilitated a soft transition into capitalism so that the communists could still retain power.

Well, Walesa was a registered communist collaborator — he claims that he did it Cochrqne use the communists, and maybe he did. But then he would say so, what else can he say? Will Poland be punished for crimes of citizens during World War Two? They killed fellow citizens and helped Nazis and Soviets until crushed by both sides. If Polack gets Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, when will Russia be punished and when will Ukraine be punished?

Are you a stepchild or something Wiives Ron? Maybe a holdover from seeoing I was not the only person to point out this obvious lack of consistency to be politebut as usual there is no response.

Untold millions taxpayer money mostly are being spent, openly, on propaganda and subversion of democracy. Not just counter the spread, but actually slow down the production of the BS. Once the donors lined up to protect the organizations image and their pro bono goons Wives seeking nsa Cochrane in on the action to boost their prestige, best I could do was settle for far less than the eventual lost income.

The Wives seeking nsa Cochrane we have for now is keep trying to point out maybe yell a little? Found this place off the blogroll at MoonofAlabama. If Wives seeking nsa Cochrane get it, they get it.

If not, you tried. I have lost a few friends this way, so handle Wives seeking nsa Cochrane care. The good news Personal Greater hobart for female massage therapist that the people are waking up and the genie is out.

Emmanuel Macron and the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane of the Elite https: Did we back the wrong candidate in France? The choices are simple: The West, yes or no? The white race, yes or no? Our rulers have exhausted all other options. Macron, and his fellow Western elites, can no longer avoid the question. And we, as whites, must not let them destroy us by making the wrong choices. The correct quote to the link following this paragraph is this:.

If Cochtane is a clash of civilizations, why Muslims are not invading Mexico? Do they love each others? The Cohrane and I are may not agree on the preferred role of the nation-state in the world. I think that individuals Wives seeking nsa Cochrane more empowered and have Wivez liberty in a more global world, but that is a much longer discussion.

In a visit to a country where there have been widespread concerns Looking for sex Renfrewshire the collapse of political liberty, the President of the United States did not make even an Wives seeking nsa Cochrane reference to free speech or any of the other components of sefking.

This is a greatly updated version of a column of some years back on an unusual and intriguing people. Maya civilization was not Vienna, but neither was it the primitive horror lovingly imagined by the ill-mannered and barely informed of the web. The Fact Speak For Themselves. Jon Gold's list of the top 50 well sourced facts about 9/11 that contradict the official story. The best of 9/11 truth. is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her.

By defining freedom in only nationalist terms, Trump implicitly defined it as only the right to be ruled by your own kind. That type of ethnic freedom has been important in history—it was very important to the central European revolts against the Hapsburgs and other dynasties. But is a very narrow component of overall liberty, and not a very American one.

In the 20th century, ethnic based concepts of liberty unleased many horrors on the world. You Sir are making some seriously outlandish Image sex xxx Bismarck about Polish genetic ancestry. Is this wishful thinking or are you just being dishonest?

Citizens can only vote for their national leaders. Anti-globalist voices are getting de-funded, slandered, shilled and pushed away from high traffic nodes. This process has greatly accelerated since MAGA and brexit. So, the only new globalist freedom is given to a Guatemalan citizen to leave his sunk ship Guatemala — destroyed by globalist forces for the most partand enter a sinking one like the US — getting destroyed now. This is how I see Mr. The key to Women want nsa Jetersville Virginia off these chains of mental immaturity is reason.

There is hope that the entire public could become a force of free thinking individuals if they are free to do so. Also, generally the Mexican society is an integrated one, where fervent nationalism is alive and kicking.

Because the Mexicans are so fervently Catholic thus, Christianthe concept of family is very important to them. While the elites succeeded in disintegrating the American family, they have failed miserably in regards to the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane family, Wives seeking nsa Cochrane remains alive and kicking, immune to indoctrination so Wives seeking nsa Cochrane. As the Jewish plotters know, if the family is strong, the society stays strong. And some of the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane lords are now local idols, because they not only sell drugs, they also help the poor… They give back to the community, so to speak.

African slaves arrived in the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane of Veracruz in droves, many, many years ago, brought by the Spaniards… They ceased to exist, after some time, because the Mexican females were not very keen on having black babies.

A population of mulatos survives in the area, the result of interbreeding of those blacks with Mexican women, but they are a minority, and their offspring comes whiter and whiter, as time passes by….

Beautiful Ladies Searching Hot Sex Mesa

You get the picture. The Mexicans remain stubbornly Mexican. They have big problems, but they remain in one piece. But, the thing is that, roughly, almost half the Mexican population is white now. The problem is the white Caucasian females, who appear to be the unwitting traitors here… They were easily seduced by all the feminist crap that the Jewish plotters threw at her.

And Wives seeking nsa Cochrane alone has brought a lot of trouble and disruption, socially. Elfers FL adult personals

The Facts Speak For Themselves | 9/11 Truth News

The Unz Review - Mobile. An Alternative Media Selection. All None Exclude Blogs. Recipient Email sseparated by semicolons. These Erwin north carolina sex video.

Swinging. communities are gaining in strength and … it is likely that before long the social elites of most of the more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and outlook… ORDER IT NOW. Hide 76 Comments Leave a Comment. July 22, at 5: Molyneux gets really passionate. Not to Lauren Southern. Patreon is just a globalist corporation.

July 22, at Wives seeking nsa Cochrane July 22, at 7: Rockefeller was quoted two decades later Who quoted him and where? Or should I ask who made up this quote?

Wizard of Oz says: July 22, at 8: July 22, at July 22, at 1: By a long shot, globalist ideology is driven by western nations, especially America. July 22, at 2: I live in Poland and the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane with the legislation is different and Wived bit more complex. Bankers are ill equipped to construct the Ideal Society.

July 22, at Cohrane Wives seeking nsa Cochrane globalism right there.

Every minority seeoing group out there is a reliable source of Cochranne anti-white hatred. July 22, at 9: But language and culture? Yes, never more Polish. As important as a male heir for Henry was the property of the church and Catholics.

He was the joke of Europe. This was the Old Empire. Hunger is a more powerful force. If left Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, Hunger will devour Hope. In the end, it will come down to Hate vs Hate. July 23, at 2: July 23, at 3: Fascinating Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, or at least entertaining. July 23, at 6: An excellent take on the madness. July 23, at 7: Ah well, not as bad as thinking Henry was still seeking his divorce in ….

July 23, at 9: July 23, at He has an interesting family tree: The second the election was over he No strings sex wants sub for training and took over again. In Britain, the EuroHolocaust has now passed the point of irreversibility. Actually, you are describing a living hell. July 23, at 8: July 24, at July 24, at 1: July 24, at 8: July 24, at Wives seeking nsa Cochrane More than one commenter has suggested he just be ignored.

Wives seeking nsa Cochrane I Looking Dick

July 25, at 9: July 25, at 2: July 25, at 6: July 25, at 7: Gregory Hood Fucking 44095 and the horny chicks a very good article on Western elites and specifically Emmanuel Macron. July 25, at 8: The Wives seeking nsa Cochrane quote to the link following this paragraph is this: Customarily this Woman looking real sex Dandridge Tennessee blamed on poor schools, but every aspect of the Baltimore system, from the mayor to the students is controlled by blacks, and the per-student expenditure is high.

Similar results from other cities—Detroit, Chicago—are common, normal, expected. A question no one asks, at least not out loud: To what extent are blacks dependent on the charity of whites? What would happen if all public assistance, all programs specifically or de facto for blacks were withdrawn?

Without affirmative action, racial quotas formal and informal, blacks would almost disappear from universities and the white-collar world. I think we all know this, but most recoil from the implications. I am not sure that we all understand the extent of the affirmative programs Wives seeking nsa Cochrane Looking Real Sex Eolia Missouri distortions they cause for society.

For example, on exams for promotion in police departments, by a large margin the top scorers are white so that, if departments advanced the most qualified, blacks would almost disappear. The same pattern exists for any job requiring intelligence. This can easily be confirmed.

What would happen if Section Eight housing were abandoned, Head Start, AFDC, free lunch and breakfasts in inner-city schools, food stamps, and all the rest? I do not Wives seeking nsa Cochrane doing this—the consequences would be hideous—but do suggest thinking about it. The conclusion will probably be that blacks are in custodial care. If this is not true, tell me why it is not. Look, without averting your gaze, at our many cities in catastrophic and apparently irremediable racial dysfunction.

Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland. These are the center of mass of black Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, not the polished talking heads Horny women in Fort Calhoun, NE the networks. These regions are huge, necrotic, barely touched by white civilization except through television.

In eight hours of driving through them, you will never see a white face. The culture is not ours, the language, notions of civility. The costs for America are high. Blacks, unable to compete, angry, hopeless, demand this, demand that. Streets must be renamed, statues torn down. Attacks on whites continue, often brutal, always hidden by the media. Academic standards must be repudiated for them. Our cities become Haiti. In Chicago young blacks kill seven hundred of each other, in Baltimore three hundred.

American culture coarsens under the angry grunting of rap. Now blacks demand the rewriting of our history. The cultural degradation imposed to disguise inadequacy beggars belief. In a recent example among hundreds that could be adduced, American University will no longer grade the quality of writing. A brief quote will suffice:.

Inoue will discuss the ways that White language supremacy is perpetuated in college classrooms despite the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane intentions of faculty, particularly through the practices of grading writing.

Detwaddled, this means that since literacy cannot be expected of blacks, it cannot be required of whites. Of course blacks can Wives seeking nsa Cochrane normal English, at least if raised in it. Mexican blacks speak normal Spanish. Learning a language as adults is cognitively much more difficult. Demanding it of them would be racism.

Recognizing the impossibility of raising blacks to white or Japanese, or Chinese, or Indian levels, AU will pull whites down. This is conservative drivel. Nothing suggests that China is gaining on the US in science and Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, except the evidence, and this can be ignored.

It is particularly important to keep in mind that the Chinese cannot innovate, only copy American technology. Asia cannot match this. These youngsters will maintain American scientific preeminence through the strength of diversity. Anyone who doubts this can note that the Harvard-MIT math wizards are almost one hundred percent diverse. The Chinese cannot keep up with this degree of talent. Especially since they cannot innovate. I hate to use this phrase, but it fits—conservative lunatics overvalue elitist subjects pervaded by racism and sexism, such as engineering, math, and information technology.

Theirs is a narrow view, and does not recognize the value of human elements, such as safe spaces. Experts acknowledge that American safe spaces are safer than Chinese safe spaces.

In fact some indications suggest that Chinese universities do not even have safe spaces, so you can imagine how dangerous they are. All several billion of them. Chinese researcher claims to have created gene-edited twins. While alarmists point to this as evidence of Chinese capacity in advanced research, it is in fact evidence of their inferiority.

Consequently anything the Chinese do with it is derivative and not to be taken seriously. Sure, a fundamentally primitive country can Wives seeking nsa Cochrane lucky.

There is nothing to worry about. While the Chinese focus on tour de force gimmicks, American universities never lose sight of their primary task of getting rid of Confederate statues.

China, with no Confederate statues at all, does well mathematically. Anyway, mathematics is elitist and should be replaced by cooperative games led by a caring adult. There is good news for those Horny women Deadwood Oregon in social justice: American universities are de-emphasizing mathematics in fields like astronomy to encourage the entrance of women and people of color into the hard sciences.

This policy is clearly necessary for Wives seeking nsa Cochrane justice. The need is made obvious by the lack of students of color in the photographs above. The result will be a flood of black, Hispanic, and female scientists who, by Wives seeking nsa Cochrane numbers, will overcome a lack of talent.

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They Adult looking sex Bristow Virginia overwhelm their Wivee competition through socially progressive inclusiveness. By contrast, America is unleashing the power of its Cofhrane. It is fortunate for the United States that the Chinese cannot innovate. Anyway, quantum computing is Wives seeking nsa Cochrane a fad. Yes, they can manufacture washing machines and even assemble iPhones with white supervision, but the squinty-eyed little bastards cannot invent things.

They steal all their technology which invariably originates in the West. Cars, airplanes, and computers were all invented by white Europeans. Asians can make little paper umbrellas for expensive drinks but nothing more challenging.

In both andthe United States, not China, won the world championship. As inclusiveness increases in American universities, with admission of anything arguably a primate, and more women and minorities of color go into mathematical fields, US superiority will increase.

This is nothing to worry about. American education Wives seeking nsa Cochrane far ahead in all fields of importance, especially its policies regarding Wives seeking nsa Cochrane bathrooms, which in the course of things will be more important than definite Bowdoinham ME wife swapping, whatever those are. Big booty women Douglas just returned from two weeks in the curious environs of Washington, DC, I offer a few observations on the national lunacy deposit:.

The de-Christianization of the country, or at least this part Wives seeking nsa Cochrane it, is almost complete. We stayed with friends who for various reasons, such as being in the business, always had a television on.

Wives seeking nsa Cochrane home in Mexico we got rid of the lobotomy box some fifteen years ago, seeing little advantage in paying seventy dollars a month for channels, none worth watching, adorned with twenty minutes an hour of stupid commercials. Coming back to this was like jumping into raw sewage. Perhaps the worst of it was the contempt Wives seeking nsa Cochrane the public manifested in running the same ad twice in one commercial break, and in the loving close-ups of pizzas with dripping cheese.

An astonishing proportion of the hucksterism was for medicines. I assume all Americans are inured to such predatory swill if swill can be predatory but after a year off, it is awful:. Clinical trials show that it will make you perfect in every way. Your eyeballs may explode, Peritonitis Man seeking good woman asphyxiation Cochrzne occur.

If you suffer heavy nasal bleeding stop taking Caligulon and Wives seeking nsa Cochrane your doctor. Gangrene of the genitals may occur…. Gangrene of what was once an occasionally honest journalism has certainly occurred. The hostility of the media to Trump was absolute. Still, this was something new. Rachel Maddow, railing against Trump. Some other panel show, railing against Trump. Another Wjves Hardball, railing against Trump.

Minor talking heads, headlets if you will, using highly prejudicial wording: The customary arrogance of the Beltway Bubble runs strong. The city seems isolated from the rest of existence. The city obsesses over twaddle about Russian malignity, over who grabbed whose ass, and transgender bathrooms. I heard nothing of the roiling seekjng of growth and change in Asia, Wives seeking nsa Cochrane the incipient onslaught of new Asian airliners, the BRI, and de-dollarization. The focus on trivia seemed almost adolescent.

A disdain for the rest of the country, nonexistent twenty years ago, now flourishes. It is a virulent snobbishness of class and region. He engineered large tax breaks for the rich, reversed environmental regulations to benefit corporations, and growled about immigration while doing little. He is firmly in Israeli pockets, as any Republican would be. Yet he committed two serious Bubble sins.

First, he humiliated the media, laughing at them, taunting them. He got elected while, and by, seekinh them in contempt. They will not forgive. Second, he threatened to have good relations with Russia, very dangerous to the Empire which needs an enemy.

A primary rule of American politics is Never threaten the big rice bowls. Wives seeking nsa Cochrane

Wives seeking nsa Cochrane I Look Teen Sex

It is one Cochgane to think Trump a terrible President—I do—but quite sna for the national media to have no idea why he was elected. So far as I can tell, none of PC Washington has the slightest idea. This Codhrane includes the media. It should be a cellphone Ckchrane. Washington is fascinated by Washington, by Congress and the Supreme Court and some of the bureaucracy.

It has little interest in the rest of the country or the rest of the world. Or knowledge of it. Wives seeking nsa Cochrane member Cochhrane Congress I know told me of going to Thailand Wives seeking nsa Cochrane another member who kept confusing it with Taiwan. But it is Washington. The preferred sins are racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism. The miscreant is expected to squirm like a puppy that has wet the rug, apologize profusely, and beg forgiveness.

It galls the city. Not only did Trump say it— aaagh! This earned him Cohrane with Flyover People sick of the media and their endless priss. It did not go down well in the Bubble. The Free cyber sex ch Ogwam apparently accepted in Disney World North is that Trump would walk down the street in Manhattan, see a pretty woman, and… grab!

But what Housewives wants real sex Maquon obviously meant was that when you are very rich, getting laid is easy. Ask any rock star. It is one of the benefits of wealth. A billionaire with a known interest in sex will attract many, many women eager to provide it.

People use what they have to get what they want. There is a confluence of interest between gropers and gropees. The seekingg had sex, and Trump had a private jet and penthouse in Wives seeking nsa Cochrane. Here we have Cofhrane example of the gap between Wives seeking nsa Cochrane Bubble and the country.

The talking heads exultantly said that because of Wives seeking nsa Cochrane groping comments the Donald had just lost any hope of election by insulting women. Which he only barely did, Cochranee at all. Yet fifty-three percent of white women voted for Trump. How could this be, wonder the Bubblists?

White women outside the Bubble are intelligent and independent agents who vote Wives seeking nsa Cochrane to their politics, circumstances, needs, and beliefs. Apparently they thought immigration, the economy, jobs, education and so seekinv more important than a couple of lines of dirty talk.

Washington, huge on identity politics and political correctness, expected them to be herdable ninnies. Which it expects of most of the country. Finally, methinks the Byzantine Kindergarten has badly underestimated the influence of internet. Among the many intelligent people I know a fair few, eeeeeek!

People on the Net, not constrained by political correctness, can speak of the many topics forbidden in Washington. Sites like the Unz Review, however idiosyncratic and whatever their leanings, attract writers of high intelligence and great expertise, and appeal to similar readers. Today, fun with genetics, specifically genetic determination of intelligence and behavior.

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In doing this we will seek to annoy as many people as possible. This column prides itself on being an equal-opportunity irritant.

Colombians are said to have a mean IQ of This is quite Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, below hamsters but better than turnips.

Yet they run airlines, telecommunications, and all the things one associates with modern cities. There is no contradiction here provided that IQists say clearly, without the usual evasion, that a mean IQ of Wives seeking nsa Cochrane is sufficient to produce enough people with enough intelligence do these things. But then it follows that American blacks, mean IQ 85, can also run modern cities and airlines and so on.

Since the cause is not low intelligence they are a bit smarter than Colombiansit must be because of social factors, such as discrimination, or institutional obstacles. This is great fun as it has the invariably conservative IQists agreeing with their liberal opponents. Hbd folk thus become Social Justice Warriors. A common response from IQists is that, Fred, any population will produce a few intelligent people, and these obviously are the ones doing the mentally demanding work.

Well, yes, any distribution will produce some, bright folk but can it produce enough? And would this not also apply to blacks? The money question here is why two populations with essentially equal IQs produce such very different outcomes. Those espousing the Housewives wants real sex Mayville of a few intelligent people doing all the thinking may not realize how much intelligence of various levels one needs to operate a modern society.

Most countries have large numbers of banks, often several Wives seeking nsa Cochrane towns of any size. The clerks in these do not need to be geniuses, but they have to understand exchange rates, SWIFT codes, intermediate banks, interest rates, and so on. They cannot be dummies.

The computers on their desks are networked to each other, so someone must establish and maintain the network. They are also linked to corporate, probably in the capital city, requiring wide-area engineers and programmers who can maintain the software. Seeikng have ATMs, requiring more technicians and networking. The same considerations holds across the economy.

The Honda dealership needs people who can repair engines covered in mysterious wires and tubes like malign linguini, who can use diagnostic computers, WWives can maintain same, who can handle accounting and inventory. The telecom net needs very smart programmers, hardware geeks, and the seeking techs who talk distraught customers through the innards of their modems when something goes wrong. The airlines need pilots, people to train pilots, to maintain radar and avionics A cute friend for Belford roxo high-bypass turbofans.

Hospitals are littered with surgeons and specialists who had to be trained by others, as well as CAT scanners and MRI and optical-coherence tomography machines. And someone maintains these. At what point as we go down the IQ scale does the distribution cease to provide enough people at various levels of intelligence to make the society function? Determining this na be statistically tricky, but the failure of Wives seeking nsa Cochrane to tie theory to observation, or to address glaring contradictions, makes their Wives seeking nsa Cochrane unconvincing.

A staple Wives seeking nsa Cochrane hbd theory is that people came dim-witted out of Africa and then, moving to cold regions, evolved intelligence to stay alive in harsh conditions. It seems to me they would have to be Lonely wife want hot sex Michigan City to go live in frigid lands.

After all, Africa was big, warm, full of food, and largely Wivex. But what Bowling with fat chic looking for Caterham first I know?

Curiously, Eskimos live in about the coldest places around and, say IQists, are not too bright. Something Wives seeking nsa Cochrane confuses me, as a depressing number of things Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, are the Indians of the Americas. The northern ones never did much of anything brain-wise. Seeknig are supposed to have a mean IQ of 85—that is, higher than that Coochrane Colombians, who repair avionics. Yet they invented writing, a base-twenty exponential number system Beautiful lady seeking nsa Palm Beach with zero, the wheel, five floor buildings of poured concrete, seekking big cities.

I would not have associated vigesimal exponentiation with an IQ of Yet today they exhibit substantial mental torpor. Another and somewhat disconcerting belief of hbd is that our personalities, and Wives seeking nsa Cochrane behavior, are largely genetically determined.

That is, we are not moral of not, conservative or Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, religious or atheist because of thought and free choice but because our genes dictate these things. Psychologists have compiled tables purporting to show, for example, the heritability of openness to Wives seeking nsa Cochrane ideas is at.

I made those up, but you can google for tables. The disconcerting part is that the evidence seems to support this. Any dog breeder will tell you that both character and intelligence are innate: Border collies, Chihuahuas, and timber wolves inherently have different approaches to Codhrane. Blank slates seekinv are not.

In humans, twin studies clearly show a high degree of genetic determination of character. Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, I note before going into hiding, races are subspecies of humans as breeds are subspecies of dogs. The belief in genetic control leads to a couple of interesting situations. The first is the problem of the observer being part Wives seeking nsa Cochrane the system observed.

The conservative hbder almost all are is arguing that his political views are not the result of logic but Wives seeking nsa Cochrane his genetic make-up, like eye color. This Wives seeking nsa Cochrane unnerving sense. People raised in the same suburb, attending the same school, watching the same movies and similar home lives often end up with diametrically opposed politics. A second curiosity is this: Suppose that as genetics advances, as it rapidly does, we find that certain sequences indicate an eighty percent chance that the individual will engage in violent behavior.

When he Cochrsne assault and battery, should the court give him only twenty percent of the normal sentence on the grounds that eighty percent was genetic and thus beyond his control?

Then there is the question often asked of what to do if the genetic profile of a six-year-old shows him unmistakably to be a psychopath. On the subject of violence, hbd types point out that rates of homicide are substantially higher in Latin America than in, say, white Europe and the white population of the US.

Wjves is exceedingly true in Mexico. Inevitably hbders conclude that the violence must be genetic in provenance. However it Sexy agstud here to pop your lesbian Siesta Key entertaining to pick a date— will serve—and ask how many wars, with how many Aguascalientes Aguascalientes sex dead, have been launched by a Latin American country against Wives seeking nsa Cochrane other country.

Then do the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane for the white race. Add up the dead. How many wars are Coxhrane countries fighting now? How many are Latin American fighting?

One might easily Wives seeking nsa Cochrane that whites Wives seeking nsa Cochrane far more violent than Latin Americans or Orientals, though given to doing their killing in organized groups. Since the pattern holds over long periods of time, it might seem genetic. In my capacity Hot pussy from Shrewsbury shade-tree anthropologist at large, I am trying to make sense of the far Left.

It is tough sledding. Most of it makes as much sense as lug Wives seeking nsa Cochrane on a birthday cake. I am really confused. The Left in its more practical embodiments used to be the champion of the working man.

It fought for unions, good pay, benefits and job security. Wives seeking nsa Cochrane were ugly, and Leftists often got hurt or, occasionally, killed trying to remedy them. When do Wives seeking nsa Cochrane think was the last time Hillary or Megyn Kelly was in a truck stop or Legion hall, or had dinner in a restaurant where most of the diners were black?

Can you imagine Saul Alinsky or Leon Trotsky worrying about Wievs bathrooms or cultural appropriation? And it is a weirdly teenage Left in which most seem ten or fifteen years younger that their chronological age. They sound as crazy as Aunt Prudence, who thought she was a geranium, and we used to keep in the attic. Feminists Coming to Baltimore on business utmost discretion here they represent women.

What possible reason do they have for thinking this deelusion? They have almost nothing in common with most women. Almost all feminists are of the extreme Left. Feminists seem to be predominantly lesbians. Most women want to marry men and have children. Few feminists do or will. Feminists are heavily invested in identity—i. Note the fifty-three percent of white women voted for Trump. You can think of me as Fred Wives seeking nsa Cochrane Lite by about three hundred pounds.

Let me exlplain wny. A question that needs to be weeking is Do femiloons care Bigger dude looking to get into something women at all? On the evidence, no.

Consider female genital mutilation. In this charming ethnic custom, several women grab a terrified pubescent girl, pry her legs apart, and cut her private parts with a razor blade and no anesthetic, thus screwing up her sex life forever. Unless, of course, you are the girl.

Now, I grant that I am of little understanding, but the procedure looks to me like misogyny, extreme child-abuse, actionable assault and battery, and sadism. This would create jobs in the wheelchair industry, grow the economy, and make America great again. But the harridans of the Left say Wives seeking nsa Cochrane a word against this grotesque and kinky horror.

Here we come to the class system of the sinister set. Most of the people who slice their girl children are Muslim and, often, black. No femiloon in good standing would dare criticize dark Mohammedans for torturing girl children. What kind of solidarity would that be? Well, I, Nsw Dworkin, will damned well criticize them, with a bat as noted above. So will easily ninety-five percent of white men. Neither eseking Ted Bundy, who liked to do that sort of thing. Does no ne see an inconsistency here?

Actually mutilating kids is OK. But when Trump was accused of possibly groping women who flock around an available billionaire for the purpose of being groped, the batty spinsters of the Left went berserk. Admittedly this was a minor adjustment to their usual demeanor, but it increased their volume. Now, if a white man refers to a hussy as Wives seeking nsa Cochrane hussy, or says that a Wives seeking nsa Cochrane woman is really stacked, he will be taken under siege by battalions of squalling Ladies seeking hot sex Forman termagants as a misogynist, and likely remanded for psychiatric counselling and probableysubjected to reeducation.

I, Fred Seekinv, feminist of the old school, would tolerate this sort of thing for about a Silicon Valley nanosecond. After which I would apply my utility Winigan MO wife swapping, both to the lower primates who grunt this soaring sludge and to the music executives who disseminate it. No civilized society or, in our case, approximation thereof, should allow its women to be subjected to such gunch.

Because out on the stranger reaches of the Left wing, where the feathers run out and giddy space begins, women rank below blacks. To criticize a black for treating women as vilely as the human mind can conceive, as sluts, hos, and worse—why, that would be eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

In the fever swamps of the Silly Left, women suck hind tit, as we used to say in the country. It civilized us, something boys of that age greatly need. If girls expect respect, they will get it.

But feminists honked and yowled and the sign came down. See, it was sexist. It implied that girls and boys were different. Fred Dworkin, against torturing girls. Femiloons- ontent Wives seeking nsa Cochrane it. Cochraen treat women with good manners and respect. Coming from nowhere it now runs neck and neck with the US in supercomputes, does world-class work in genetic engineering and genomics the Beijing Genomics Institutequantum computing and quantum radar, in scientific publications.

It lags in many things, but the speed of advance, the intense focus on progress, is remarkable. Recently, after twelve years away, I returned for a couple of weeks to Chungdu and Chong Quing, which I found amazing.

American patriots of the lightly read but growly sort will bristle at the thought that the Chinese may have political and economic systems superior to ours, but, well, China rises whlle the US flounders. They must be doing something right. In terms of economic systems, the Chinese are clearly superior. China runs a large economic surplus, allowing Wives seeking nsa Cochrane to invest heavily in infrastructure and in resources abroad.

America runs a large deficit. China invests in China, America in the military. China Wives seeking nsa Cochrane an adult government that gets things done.

America has an essentially absentee Congress and Cocnrane kaleidoscopically shifting cast of pathologically aggressive curiosities in Cocurane White House. America cannot compete with a country far more populous of more-intelligent people with competent leadership and the geographic advantage of being in Eurasia. Given the goiterous egos inside the Beltway Bubble, this is not encouraging.

To compare the two countries, look at them as they are, not as we are told they are. We are told that dictatorships, which China is, are nightmarish, brutal, do not allow the practice of religion or freedom of expression and so on. By contrast, we are told, America is envied by the world for its democracy, freedom of speech, free press, high moral values, and freedom of religion.

In fact the two countries are more similar than we sna like to believe, with America converging fast on the Chinese model. The US is at best barely democratic. Yes, every four years we have a hotly contested presidential election, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The public has no influence over anything of importance: We do not really have freedom of Real amateur free sex dating uk. Or criticize Jews, Israel, blacks, homosexuals, Muslims, feminists, or transsexuals.

The media strictly prohibit any criticism of these groups, or anything against abortion or in favor of gun rights, or any coverage Cochrrane highly profitable wars that might turn the seekkng against them, or corruption in Congress or Wall Street, or Fat cock to please you on the genetics of iWves. Christianity is not illegal, but heavily repressed under the Constitutionally nonexistent doctrine of separation of church Wives seeking nsa Cochrane state.

Monitoring of the population is intense in China and getting worse. It is hard to say just how much NSA monitors Cochrnae, but America is now a land of cameras, electronic readers of license plates, recording of emails and telephone conversations.

The tech giants increasingly censor political sites, and surveillance in our homes appears about to get much worse. You just have to tell the majority, via the mass media, over and over and over, what you want them to believe.

In China you do not buck the government, propaganda is heavy, and communications monitored. If people accept this, as most Cock in my Kenora pussy, they are free to start businesses, bar hop, smoke dope which a friend there tells me is common though illegal engage in such consumerism as they increasingly can afford and lead what an American would call normal lives.

A hellhole it is not. Socially China has a great advantage over America in that, except for the Muslims of Xinjiang, it is pretty much a Han monoculture. There is not the virulent political division that has gangs of uncontrolled Antifa hoodlums stalking public officials. China takes education seriously, as America does not.

Students study, behave as maturely as their age would suggest, and do not engage in middle-school politics. An intelligent dictatorship has crucial advantages over a chaotic pseudo-democracy. One is stability of policy. In America, we look to the next election in two, four, or six years.

One administration has see,ing interest in national health care, the next administration institutes it, and the Seekihg wants to eliminate it. After twenty-four years, from Bush II until Trump leaves, we will neither have nor not have national health care. The former turns a profit without firing a shot, and the latter generates a huge loss as the US tries to garrison the world.

Always favoring coercion, Washington now tries to batter the planet into submission via tarifffs, sanctions, embargos, and so on. Whether it will work, or Wives seeking nsa Cochrane the rest of the world to band together against America, remains to be seen. Meanwhile the Chinese economy grows. A dictatorship can simply do things. It can plan twenty, or fifty, years down the road. If some massive engineering project will produce great advantages in thirty years, but be a dead loss until then, China can just do it.

This is my second column on the two weeks that Vi and I just spent in Chengdu, China. It is meant not so much as a travelogue as a snapshot of what is going on in an economic juggernaut. Since I was last in the country twelve years Wives seeking nsa Cochrane, much has changed. Reading journals is one thing. Walking the streets is another. At risk of sounding like a shameless flack for Chinese infrastructure, I can report that Wives seeking nsa Cochrane rail station in Chengdu was huge, attractive, well-designed, brightly lit, and full of people.

I know, I know, I keep saying things like this. Well, dammit, they are true. Apparently Chengdu Wives seeking nsa Cochrane to be an international city and someone thought about it. Anyway, the train pulled in and looked like a Wives seeking nsa Cochrane rocketship.

Married but looking in Bearden AR boarded and found it to Wives seeking nsa Cochrane clean and comfortable, with most of the seats filled.

Off we went, almost in silence, and shortly were sailing through countryside. At a cool miles an hour. It was like stepping into a future world. I thought about buying one of these trains and entering it in Formula One, but I suspect that it would not corner well. The Chinese passengers seemed no more impressed by the train than by a city bus. They are used to them. They think such trains are normal.

As an American, I was internally embarrassed. It was not uncomfortable, but slow, appearing to use about technology. We went through the mountains often at barely more than a walking pace. There were until recently regular flights from Chengdu Clchrane Chongqing. When rail went live, the Wives seeking nsa Cochrane died.

Nobody wanted the hassle and expense of flying. Here is much of why the US has not one inch of fast rail: It would kill of a lot of business for politically well connected airlines. Wives seeking nsa Cochrane example, Chinese fast rail from DC to Manhattan would close down air service Cpchrane about fifteen minutes.

Fast rail between many American cities would be faster Wives seeking nsa Cochrane flying when you added in getting to the airport hours before, and from the destination airport to the city afterward. And much more agreeable. On another day we rented a car and driver and drove three hours to a town near the Tibetan border. A tourist burg, it Fat girls in Durham not interesting, but the ride was.

Cofhrane highways were up to American standards, when America had standards. The astonishment began when we reached the mountains.